Should Korea Give Out Second COVID-19 Stimulus Checks? | STREET DEBATE

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  1. In Australia, everyone was given some extra money.Unemployed students, were given 500$A extra per fortnight during partial lockdown. Now it’s 250$A because our state has been cleared from C-19 diagnosis for a while now & open as normal with safety practices still being used. At first, I’d thought this is good of the government to do this. But as time progressed, I found that I, personally wasn’t financially affected too much, as I do ok with my budget & spending. (I was even able to save & buy extra non essential items). I did feel bad when I heard business owners, employees & families were struggling & I was surviving ok. I’ve thought about how the government could better cope with this, but I can’t come up with anything better. So my thoughts are, the government are doing ok with what they know of this difficult unknown situation & for what they are doing.

  2. Better use than money because it’s yours than the government using it to cover their corruption and funding churches instead of hospitals healthcare schools and roads.

  3. Thank Allah that the Situation in Pakistan is So Good Right Now & things are back to Normal & We are Doing Far Better than any Country in the World right Now Regarding Covid-19

  4. Top 10 affected states of India due to Corona virus are 1.(Maharashtra)1.4m 2.(Andhra Pradesh)728k 3.Tamilnadu(688k) 4.karnatak(655k) 5.utter Pradesh (482k) 6.Delhi(309k) 7.west Bengal(305k) 8.odisa(289k) 9.Telengana(234k) 10.keral(205k)and India has 6.2m cases and 101k deaths so sad😥😥😥

  5. As a European, I can easily say that Korean authorities did a much better job in dealing with this pandemic than 99% of Western countries: no complete lockdown, no dramatic spread of the virus, serious and quite honest approach from the beginning.

  6. Damn… I still have a hard time grasping all of this even though we are eight months into the year. And as pessimistic as this sounds and as much as I want to be positive, I feel like things will only get worse….

  7. Atleast their government’s focus is the shrinkage of economy here government is focusing on election,Bollywood and everything but not on economy,farm Bill and covid

  8. In contrast to other countries dealing with Covid-19 to a similar degree, Korea has done very well in managing and containing the virus. However, comparing to other countries that have also taken the measure of providing stimulus checks to it’s citizens, Korea has been much more conservative with funds. The payouts of US$90 to $180 aren’t exactly going to take care of a single person for more than a month in regards to food and other basic necessities as one interviewee remarked. Countries like Canada who are in a comparable situation gave a stimulus check each month over a course of six months where each payment was more than both the first and second Korean Government stimulus checks combined. So for the Korean Government’s Stimulus plan to truly be effective, there needs to be a higher payout. Otherwise the stimulus payments are only going to serve as a token donation rather than a truly effective means of keeping the economy functioning.

  9. No matter what the situation is turn your heart to Jesus. He is the answer. People wake up the rapture is coming very quick. Do not be left behind. I live in Vancouver, Canada things are getting very worse. Non-Christians do not understand. There will be a second lockdown coming around October 15. There is no NHL, NBA, or MLB. People are being paid by George Soros to raise anarchy in the USA and Canada. I think many young South Koreans will take to the streets and smash cars and businesses with weapons. It is called No Justice and No Peace. BLM and Antifa is strong. The antichrist will appear soon. Do not listen to lukewarm Christians they do not want Jesus to come back. The rapture could happen around May 2021. Blow the Shofar and buy much food. There will be famine next year the rider of the black horse Elul 5781 that is 2021. I heard that many countries in Asia will have no food next year. The price of rice will jump dramatically. The beginning was nothing. These are the end of the last days. We are living on Revelation Chapter 13. The false prophet is Pope Francis. Wake up and repent!

  10. Hello asianboss thanks so much for the information, is My from 🇦🇷 Argentina la situación have bastante complicada, estamos en la face uno… Pero estamos muy bien de salud My family, y otras people’s on cuarentena e aisladas… Hay que tener paciencia y no aflojar los brazos…. Bendition for You and familiy support alywas a su canal

  11. I’m so pis**d off. I live in the US and I cannot stand our current president. He is such an arshole, and look where we are right now! I’m so happy to be a Korean-American, but sad about the 2nd part!

  12. @3:16 if only every single person shared this mentality.

    I’m Korean American and I can say without a doubt that the way S.Korea has handled the pandemic is incomparable. I can’t stand to go on social media anymore because I’m flooded with conspiracy theories, pictures of people at parties and gatherings without masks on, and so many more things that are simply beyond my imagination. We still have people who say that masks don’t work and that their constitutional rights are being violated by state mandates and quarantine orders. The insurmountable number of ignorant people confounds me.

    Seeing the people of S. Korea fight through this pandemic as a country makes me feel incredibly proud but also extremely frustrated. The U.S. is handing out thousands of dollars in stimulus checks to so many people that do not deserve it, and yet we as a people are doing very little together to combat the virus. Meanwhile, S. Korea chose to deal with this pandemic as one united country for the sake of the greater good, and they have to make up for their checks through taxes. The difference between an individualistic vs. collectivistic society is stark. I wish the U.S. would start thinking before acting instead of doing for the sake of doing something.

    The political, social, humane, and civil climate makes me fear for our future…

  13. Do this interview in Japan too PLEASE!!!

    A lot of people here are still very pissed off with how it’s being managed. And how slow it was to get the stimulus. There is even an actor who created his own political group saying he wants to get rid of the consumption tax in Japan and aid people who got effected because of the shut down and the Corona virus.

    The actor is called Tarō Yamamoto (山本 太郎) Reiwa Shinsengumi (れいわ新選組).
    He has been doing A LOT of presentations recently. I hope he gets more coverage from foreigners too.

  14. The situation is kinda similar in the Philippines, except the fact that S. Korea is already more advanced in technology and infrastructures, which are beneficial to the economy and population.
    In S. Korea, cashless payments alone already plays a big role in controlling the spread of a virus compared to handling dirty money during a commute or shopping.

    I think giving out US$90 to US$180 won’t be enough and the right to do is to just open the economy so everyone can work, make the private companies follow the health and safety guidelines for their employees, limit working hours that require physical meet up, and everyone must try their best to protect themselves and others from the virus. Discipline also plays a big role in this pandemic.

  15. Atleast some of small medium enterprise got money
    Here in INDIA A package Of 20000cr was announced but god knows where money went
    INDIA is the only country where there wont be second wave…. because first wave itself is not getting over

  16. I would say everyone. My husband is Korean and my visa was left out of all the relief for foreign workers. We did get some cash for supporting small businesses for having 1 child under 7 years old. However, I had a second baby in April that is ignored for relief funds. A lot of people fall through the cracks.

  17. Wealth redistribution doesn’t work. The government can continue to print money, but eventually, the party will end. Products still need to be manufactured and shipped. Government cheese won’t be able to pay for goods if the store shelves are barren. Look at Zimbabwe. Their inflation rose so astronomically that their currency is now obsolete.

  18. Korean should start giving their citizens a universal base income of $1000 a month. That would really show the world that Korea truly cares for their people. The only thing to be concern about is if the conservative, old fashion mindset would be against such thing. However I am optimistic that the younger generation and the intellectuals would embrace it!

  19. where does all the money go when people cant go out and spend it like normal? rent, groceries, delivery food, online shopping, gas, internet, phone bills, heating/electricity, hospitals, PPE manufacturers… r those people becoming rich? or more well off?

  20. Give out many stimulus checks to the whole world -that paper is a general consensus idea and construct that can be reprinted anytime for the corrupted 24/7 while the middle and lower class get treated like cattle.

  21. S. Korea imo is doing better than other countries. In the U.S, we went backwards. Everything was open up until March 2020, then lockdowns & places were restricted to open. Things opened back up in August, then limited restrictions were put in place. S. Korea people, listen to your government this time, we wish we had better leadership that took care of the people quickly instead of waiting for thousands to die before setting restrictions or lockdowns. If I had a choice, I would move to S. Korea right this minute…

  22. Timely & relevant topic!
    There were cash assistance given to selected sectors and food dole-out to everyone during the lockdown here in the Philippines 🇵🇭!
    But I strongly doubt the distribution was honestly done. From the community level elected officials up to the national level, there’s is strong suspicion they benefited unfairly from the funds. Corruption is so rampant here because elected officials can buy votes to get elected or while in office, they manipulate the voting process to their favor.

  23. Oh wow that just wrong, why do they have to pay it back in tax. Also it so low on how much they get. One lady got 600 and the other just got 200. The only good thing in the US is that we got $1,200 and that was still not enough. Trump didn’t take the COVID-19 to seriously and now 200,000 people are dead.

  24. With the holidays coming and all the work Christmas parties being canceled all over the world a usually busy time for restaurants and other service industries are in for some more pain.

  25. Well it definitely not good for me i came to Korea for a visit for one month and i get stuck cause of coronavirus now i can’t leave . At my country now i have missed 8 months of work and also my studies.

  26. How is this even a topic. Yes they should. Many businesses & people have suffered due to covid that have not had it but suffered because of it. If a government can afford & encourage people to spend money…yes support is needed.

  27. In Indonesia, especially in my city i see a lot of people wearing no mask like it was nothing & people didn’t want to do rapid test or even swab test. They didn’t believe the government anymore because there are a lot of issue that telling hospital are lying about the diagnosis of people. I dont want to say it’s true but my father’s friend has experienced that ‘LYING DIAGNOSIS’ from hospital.

    For all the government, please stop sacrifying innocent people by faking the diagnosis, or corrupted our money, or even use us as a biological weapon if its true. please protect us! Dont you see?! We are killing each other!

  28. I feel like in comparison to other countries, Korea is doing relatively better. I don’t feel like work has stopped her, but businesses have obviously come to a standstill – mainly in the busier cities, Seoul, Daegu and Busan…because Military have been banned from going out too. So a lot of the bars and restaurants seem to have suffered. But walking around it’s still busy

  29. Almost 10 or 20 million people gonna lose their jobs around the world .maybe numbers can be much larger .I hope everything will be alright after 4 years .

  30. The situation in Korea is relatively good if you compare with my country(Brazil). Only the state of Acre (who have the less COVID-19 cases in Brazil) have more cases than all South Korea…
    Also there’s over 140 k deaths here.
    Stay safe Koreans,and take care of yourself🇰🇷❤

  31. Please interview the other korean about another issue
    In South Korea
    If you’re from US or Europe, you would be treated very nicely. On the contrary, people who are from Southeast Asia may be not treated really well because of their dark tan brown skin
    They don’t like South East Asian country because of the skin color, uneducated and poor. Not all but most of them
    That’s what i hear about.

  32. Yes!! My husband is self employed and isn’t getting much work right now and I still can’t work in korea because we got married in December right before the virus hit, so we can’t apply for my marriage visa yet. So korea just keeps extending my tourist visa until we can travel. I’m so to keep mentally busy I started making YouTube videos lol but we definitely need the cash!

  33. Hi Asian Boss, can you please interview Indonesian kids or college students about how they deal with their education things since all schools, campuses, institutes, etc in Indonesia are being closed due to COVID-19?

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