1. It will dissipate very quickly, diluted into harmlessness by the volume of the ocean. Even if released as a single, massive slug of radioactive water, it would only cause harm briefly in the spot where it’s released.

  2. Welcome to the future…. Your land is small so you need to go to war with others for more space and resources… Start of the next World War and a new World has begun.

  3. It’s sad to know most of the people commenting here doesn’t even know what releasing radioactive waters on Pacific Ocean can do. It will directly n indirectly affect us humans. Most importantly marine lives will be affected which you guys enjoy so much eating. No one has to be a physicist, chemist, biologist or a scientist to know it’s effect.

  4. The water was used to cool the reactor cores
    It does not contain the radiation that people imagine, it will not kill the sea life or mutate them like how people imagine radiation to act. Unfortunately many people only think there is one type of radiation and now they are misinformed.
    I support my government as I always have.

  5. the question would be whether the radioactivity decreases as the stuff is stored in Japan, with repairs over time. If so then, store it as long as possible.


  7. Most people get a fuss when talk about environmental radiation. But sometimes we forget that our phone emites radiation. And so does banana!
    As long as japanese authority can keep the radioactivity level of their waste water under control and respecting the safety limit, I think it’s fine if they want to dispose it to the sea.

  8. The count of people which watched way to many movies in this comment section is way to high.

    You better go research a bit to figure out, that it wouldn’t afftect the whole ocean. The only bad thing would be, if they released it all at once.

  9. Since Fukusima nuclear meltdown I cut down my seafood intake a lot. If they dump radioactive water into Pacific ocean I should cut down more. This is quite frustrating.

  10. Of course all the westerners are saying to not do it, because they’re not gonna be the ones finding and financing another way to solve this. From Japan’s point of view, thay have no choice.

  11. Imma play the devil’s advocate here. What is Japan supposed to do then?? They can’t just keep the contamination. We need some sort of a solution and not people just disagreeing with the decision and saying how bad it will be for the environment. Yeah it is horrible, but idk what the solution is.

  12. Not only Fukushima, but many nuclear plants in the world are pouring contaminated water into the sea.
    For example, the La Hague site in France has been found to contain water contaminated with a concentration 102 times greater than the annual tritium release from Fukushima
    The Wolseong Nuclear Power Plant in South Korea has so far released 6,000TBq of tritium into the Sea of Japan, which is six times more than what Fukushima has in storage.
    Unlike many other nuclear power plants that are just dripping, Japan has been experimenting and debating and trying to make their water safe to treat. In fact, the regulations for treated water in Japan are much stricter than in the EU.
    I don’t understand why so many people only complain about Japan.

  13. Transuranic and radionuclide evaporation equilibrium coefficients show water soluble elements and isotopes bond with molecules and travel around the planet with tritium being the worst as its radioactive hydrogen and a half-life of 12 years.  This gives it 12 years to get inside each one of us and every single water cooled reactors release tritium normally. The inverse square law ASSUMES a singular point source in a vacuum that emits isotropically.  ANYTHING outside of these parameters, such as an ATTENUATING SOURCE, EXTENDED SOURCE, DISTRIBUTED SOURCE will not yield the same 4*pi*R2 principles needed for any radiation detection device.  The only device that shows us what making the ionizing events to occur is a mass spectrometer and it to also has the same issue and why we don’t know the proper levels. Every cause of cancer is unknown billions of cases.  Since every cause of every cancer is unknown than any and all points trying to be made with cancer are null and void.  Until a list with every different cause with the totals in those categories then no debate can be made for using nuclear materials. Shut them down

  14. 1 Word: NO!

    10:26 she is national treasure
    9:45 this guy can go to hell

    my boyfriend is from Fukushima. I was there one and a half years ago and I also ate the products. I think Japanese people pay attention to products they put in stores.

  15. Why doesn’t Asian Boss interviews professionals with informed opinions about this matter? Sound like this is another street interview with cherry picked opinions. These Interviews are sometimes good because they are informative but sometimes can be misleading.

  16. Well how are they gonna keep it stored forever? There is no way humans can dispose their garbage without contaminating the Earth. Our soil, water and air is already polluted and we are already exposed to it everyday. Scientists need to tell people the facts, whether its actually safe for the environment if gets diluted in ocean water. So I don’t get why people in the comments think they are scientists and keep using the same argument about contaminating the rest of the water. If it’s reasonably safe, why shouldn’t they be able to do it?

  17. Japanese media and government is so good! Convincing a modern and educated population that dumping toxic waste into the ocean is a good idea. Not even american climate change deniers would go that far.

  18. I guess it’s another way to stop the whole world from eating fish, and increasing world wide cancer rates (that’s what they mean by affecting human DNA)….

    The fact that this is acceptable internationally, is pretty gross. Everyone knows it will affect future generations, so they probably figure it will be next century’s problem when something happens.

    Diluting pollutants (like the waste from the billions of chickens on the planet, which is also toxic and has been done for decades) does not make them disappear; they hurt people.

    There is no planet B.

  19. That water is treated one, lowered to safe level based on international rule and law, not radioactive one. Except for SKorea, no countries made complaint in the last international conference and related organization stands with Japan. Our govt. must do that the same way of dumping as other countries are doing regardless of how much KOREANS bark and are doing propaganda as if Japan dumps not-treated water.

  20. It’s so safe they should use it to make Tokyo tap water. These people are bred to be selfish and ignorant. They enjoy the convenience of dangerous energy technology and when it failed, they are willing to let others suffer from their unsolved disaster.

  21. Short answer: no. This amount of radioactive material is bound to cause damage, no matter how slow they release it into the ocean, just like all the material that’s leaked from the plant has in the past few years. Reminder also that the company pushing for this plan to happen is none other than TEPCO, the company responsible for the crisis in the first place… the ones that lied to the government’s face about the safety of the nuclear plant before the disaster happened… lied about the extent of the disaster… lied about the measures they were taking to solved it… And now they’re being put in charge of this extremely dangerous operation? Do people really have such short memory? Smh.

  22. I’m not agreeing to this as well but i hope you’re just trolling when you say ppl should drink it if they think it’s safe 🙃

    It’s safe to dispose septic tank-treated waste water into the river but you shouldn’t drink it

    Fish tank water is safe for the fish but you shouldn’t drink it

    You shouldn’t even drink ocean water

    We clear now, children? 😆

  23. Keep the people unaware, will allow their government to not be accountable to the people and when the effects are felt from around the world then Japan better be ready for the backlash as China is feeling the affects of Covid 19 backlash

  24. some following blindly without questioning their government, it is blind trust this is not logical, sensible and it is not thinking of the future consequences

  25. Hell no! you end up spreading the crap to other parts of the world and kill the sea life creating food shortages to other places around the world, so use your science, common sense and money to find a environmental solution.

  26. Japan have very cool looking masks. I want one.

    A possible solution would require some trolling by building a man made island in SCS and store the water on that island.

  27. That’s why in the Georgian Stones , the Illuminati’s wrote Humanity are like cancer on Earth and should be reduced to 500 million people… what a mess. The water should be thrown inside Japan land . Not to the ocean where will affect other countries… don’t act like China spreading Corona

  28. Not if they want to kill fishing, in the South Pacific and surrounding areas. They still had seaweed that was tested to be radioactive from the last issue with the reactor. It would kill fishing for South, and North Korea and affect so many other countries in the area. I wonder if there is something that can neutralize it but they aren’t aware of it. There must be Maybe sent it to the North Pole and freeze it if they can.

  29. This is why education is important. Is it ideal? No. Is it safe? Yes. The vast majority of radioactive chemicals have already been removed from about 30% of the water. They are only drip-feeding it into the ocean at safe amounts where it can dissipate, meanwhile the rest of the water can be processed before release.

    The alternative is to sit on billions of liters of water in one of the most geologically active countries in the world, waiting for an earthquake to release it all in one go. I know what I would prefer.

  30. Japan should really consider other country’s opinions before taking action. If they believe that the water is safe, why don’t they use it for agriculture instead of involving the ocean?

  31. I think Japan is selfish, why would they release the radioactive waste into the sea when this radioactive wastes were used by Japanese themselves?Why dont they just build a big hole in their land and store it there? Just because its filtered or purified and will dilute doesnt mean it will not affect the sea slightest bit. Just because no one owns the sea doesnt mean, one can dump their wastes in it. Thats too irresponsible as dwellers of this planet.

  32. I’m dubious about how the Japanese government actually got the radiation level down to an “acceptable” level, I know very little about radiation but I have seen the mini-series ‘Chernobyl’ and in it they’ve said that some of the radioactive isotopes wouldn’t stop firing for hundreds if not thousands of years, with very long half-lives. Releasing water that has been contaminated into the world is very different from the situation in Chernobyl because this could turn out to affect more people through ocean currents whereas the nuclear plant in Chernobyl is being contained. This could be a catastrophe in the making here.

  33. If the nuclear cleansing water is treated, does it mean it’s clean to be reused on the land? Then why release into the sea and spread the “treated” water? Test the water first before dirty the sea and beaches or will cause big impact to the fishing villages worldwide. I don’t want to see mutated crocodiles or komodo or moths few decades later due to one terrible judgement from a government who chooses the easy way out by justifying other countries have done them already with year Long consequences of mutated sea animals and skin allergies for the future generations.

  34. Your friendly reminder that the world’s number 1 polluters of the ocean when it comes to plastic waste and other contaminants are China and India. That said, just because other people are doing, doesn’t give you an excuse to do so to Japan. Your “omg if there’s a line to this restaurant, it must be good, let’s line up as well” mentality does not apply here japan. Instead, apply your mendokusai mentality. I know you have a culture where it’s shameful to be a burden on society and on others as a whole. Believe that by doing this, you are being a burden to other nations that are in the pacific ocean as well.

  35. Also coming from country that produces stories of Godzilla and the huge monsters, aren’t they concern the toxic they release into water might produce mutated creatures out to the world? Cox the sea is an endless gateless entree to all countries?

  36. アジアンボスお得意の動画。問題の背景を説明せずに、街中から選ばれた(ということになってる)人にインタビューをする。ぱっと見公平っぽくさせるのが汚い。

  37. Please provide more information next time you do this sort of video. The whole idea of dumping radioactive water is not nearly as bad as it sounds if you consider that there is only of 16 grams of tritium, a weakly radioactive substance, that is diluted into the more than 1 million tons of water they are dumping. This decision should be up to scientists and experts, there is no reason to consult average people with not much knowledge on the issue. It is also pointless to have a street debate if people don’t have all the information about the issue they are debating. Namely, what is actually in the water they are dumping, and how harmful it is.

  38. No way. We need to preserve the ocean just as anything else. It effects a lot of living things and no telling how far this water will travel. Even though it maybe processed you still never know what type of after effects it will have on the oven life.

  39. This is how Godzilla gonna appear…….anyways in all seriousness, this is a bad bad bad idea……….. I can’t imagine what the fishing industry is feeling right now D:

  40. 60% of the interviewee is either ignorance or just pure stupid. I didn’t expect someone saying radiation can be filter. Lol. This interview also shows that the woman in younger generation are well educated compared to man.

  41. This title: Should Japan release radioactive water into the ocean?


  42. Seems like Japanese government wants to repeat Minamata disease. People can‘t just release contaminated water into ocean. Unexpected things could happen anytime

  43. What’s bad about the Koreans is that they themselves are releasing tritium into the ocean and they are making a lot of noise to spread bad rumours about Japan (and Fukushima). Incidentally, Seoul’s air radiation levels are more than three times higher than Tokyo’s, almost the same as Fukushima’s.

  44. japans government doesn’t allow the treated water to be tested by anyone else. so nobody exept for japan knows the true concentration levels of all radionuclides.
    according to internal tepco documents that were leaked tepco fails to eleminate numerous radioactive elements below detectable levels including dangerous elements such as strontium 90.

  45. 1) how does the government explain ‘how they cleaned the water”? 2) Radiation does not sink, its stays in the same area as fish do, the first 200 meters. 3) it follows the flow of the ocean and will end up in the California kelp beds where the fish rest and eat and where people eat the fish.

  46. Even tho the processed water wouldn’t be too bad for humans’ health, the influence on ecosystems and wild animals should still be concerned. If human don’t want 1 drop of that radioactive water in their bathtub, then why would marine animals want. If humans are really the most intelligent creatures in the world, please try to find an alternative instead of dumping it into other animals’ home.

  47. Why is it not possible to established some circular system. Use the processed water to cool the plants, process it again and use it again.
    I am confused that this water cannot be used for cooling anymore but is save to be released into nature…

  48. Tritium concentrations in the treated water meet WHO standards, and ocean discharge is one of the IAEA’s recommended methods.
    So why is it still unconvincing?

  49. I thought Jpn was smart. *Once it contaminates the ocean, it will literally contaminate all their food sources.*

    What foreigner will come as a tourist knowing all the food is radioactive?

    Why not just drink it already instead? Same difference. This is why really elderly people shouldnt have positions of power as they’re very backed up on science and information in general.

  50. Throwing it into the ocean is obviously not good. But then again what are they going to do with the water? Would anyone that disagree have a better idea? Are you willing to store them at your house? There isn’t much options. But what I hope that we would stop using nuclear power. Haven’t we learn anything yet? It takes a long time to shut down a nuclear power plant. I suggest we do it now.

  51. I love how Japan listens to the government and they are mostly like do what the government says society but in some instances they need to wake up and not be blinded and always do what the government says 😻they need to be more independent in some ways! Don’t get me wring sometimes being a society that is uniform is nice for example it helped with the corona virus but it also makes people more scared to be independent or it pushes them away from being independent and different as they are so homogenous

  52. Have the people who agreed to the disposal ever heard of the precautionary principle? “One should not proceed if there are doubts on the outcome of the experiment” Even scientists use this principle when they conduct their studies, no one knows if the water where they claim “the radiation has been sufficiently lowered” to not have any effects on the environment and humans would actually have a large impact ?? And its not just their problem, it’ll affect everyone on earth, We’re already causing the ocean to become acidic and its still ongoing and now you wanna put more pressure onto the oceans??

  53. i think its not only japan that has the right to decide. its a global issue. since the ocean waters connect all countries. a special UN committee should decide.

  54. I am amazed that many people believe what the Japanese government is saying the safety of the contaminated water. They lied about the radiation level in fukushima land, what will keep them from lying about the water. Besides, they are dumping into an Ocean that is shared by all people. Contaminated water will travel all over the world…. and radiation will do what radiation does best…. hope I am wrong…

  55. They shouldn’t be that irresponsible. Surely they can figure out how to safely store this radioactive water.

    Its like a bath full of dirty water. Instead of pulling the plug, transfer the water into massive water kegs until its drained then safely store the kegs until the radioactive material exhausts itself in like a million years.

    Build a monument to safely store it and use it as a testament to those who sacrificed their lives to save the many and a reminder to always treat nuclear power with the respect it deserves.

  56. In America, when somebody says that “others” or “everybody” is doing it – we usually respond with – “but we’re different – that’s why we’re special”. In Japan, their response is that it is “ok” because others are doing it. I think that’s a cultural difference between Asian countries and Western countries. We really do value individuality and if *everybody* is doing it – that’s a motivation for us to not do it or do it differently.

  57. This what had happened when constructed a nuclear power plant. . .

    Near the coast line
    On earthquake zone
    In the ring of fire
    With high chances of tsunami

    Who was the fool / fools who thought it was a good idea ? And why some young Japanese people thought it’s an efficient way to get energy?

    I am still asking this questions since march 11, 2011 🙄

  58. No Americans deserve to have a say on this, especially with the US constantly testing their nuclear bombs in the ocean

    Pure concentrated nuclear bombs, not even contaminated

  59. Well why can’t they go to antartica or something like that? No one wants to go there or live there, they can safely put it there no problem

  60. Nobody seems to care because it won’t effect them personally but wait until your children and grandchildren have to wear radiation suite just to go walking at the beach.

    People are very selfish and future generations will have to suffer for it.

  61. The radioactive matter is Tritium. Tritium appears in nature when cosmic rays strike the athmosphere. In nuclear testing 650 grams of Tritium was released to the nature between 45 and 63. Currently there’s around 3,5 kg of Tritium on earth, mostly in the oceans. All the water Fukushima is planning to release contains only 2,4 g (GRAMS).
    It is not damaging to humans or animals since the radiation it emits is extremely weak and can’t even penetrate human skin.
    The half life is only 12 years, meaning in 12 years it will break down and lose it’s radioactivity.

  62. Watching this video makes me feel malicious.
    I saw that some country was using this matter for politics and elections.
    Currently, the fishermen in Fukushima are suffering the most, and even if they pass the inspection, other countries do not recognize it.

    I saw in the news that there is a nuclear power plant in my country and it is leaking a small amount of radiation. However, he criticizes only Japan.
    The country with the nuclear power plant may have the same thing, but there are no demonstrations and no sense of crisis. I oppose nuclear power plants in all countries. Don’t take it seriously, if it’s just money, it’s your country’s turn. You and your country are brainwashed too.

  63. If the current Japan’s govt will try this reckless act without the related nations or the UN’s allow, many nations like the US, Australia, Canada would suggest huge rages against Japan. At least one year later, the radioactive seawater will make unknown medical problems like the case of Fukushima in those nations. And then Japan’s govt will face a catch-22 no matter what it takes.

  64. I don’t think they should release the water into the Pacific Ocean. And here we are with Canadians thinking we need nuclear power and I’m like… seriously… Some people clearly haven’t thought about it.

  65. The Japanese government isn’t like the Chinese or Korean government. This is a government that’s willing to bend facts to suit their interests. The fact that their history books are heavily edited to get rid of the unthinkable crimes that the Japanese did back then is a proof of this. This is also why you can’t trust their words when it comes to things like this. There are still chemicals that are still in that “processed” water and there is no way that won’t affect anyone’s health. In fact, before the earthquake and tsunami that happened back in March 2011, they have reported about the defects and problems of these nuclear power plants but no one did anything about it. The world simply turned a blind eye and kept praising them even though it’s their fault and that the disaster could’ve been prevented. They kept saying Fukushima is safe but the radiation readings can’t lie. If they dump this water back to the sea, we will all have to suffer from their reckless action. It’s funny how people are quick to point at China for air pollution (which has improved a lot over the years with the use of electric cars and tree planting) but there’s little to no awareness AND attention on this issue which will definitely affect the world in negative ways.

  66. Almost all active nuclear powerplants around the world release “contaminated” water into seas or rivers nearby after sufficiently diluted. They (have to) do so regularly, and some release much larger amount than Fukushima is planning. Whether you can accept or not, that is a hard fact. It’s lamentable that so many people interviewed and posters here are unreasonable or science-iletarate.

  67. If they release that water, the radiation will inevitably be absorbed by the very fish they depend on to support their food supply. Not only that but if word gets around to tourists about this possible future practice, people will be a lot more reluctant to eat fish, which in turn will hurt businesses large and small that depend on tourism. I was already cautious about eating fish when I visited Japan due to knowing about radiation leakage from the plant but count me out entirely if they go through with this. Nature is a circle of life and whatever goes into the ocean will show up on our plates, much like microplastics and forever chemicals.

  68. I can’t believe some people actually support it and trust the government that even allows hunting dolphins..
    when it comes to the decision between economy and human/animal lives, they will always prioritize economy – look at the GoTo campaign during covid pandemic that they launched

  69. Off topic but how come the majority in this video, including passerby are wearing white face masks? Nothing significant about that but it seems to be a large portion. Here most wear black or the blue medical face masks.

  70. 専門知識を持っていれば理解できる事でも一般の人が理解するのは難しい。だから皆は処理水を怖がるし、COVID19に罹患する。

  71. It’s an interesting thing. I suppose as long as it is within a managable amount of radiation, it’s understandable they would bring it back into the ocean. Tgey can only bring it back to such and such managable amounts of radiation and if they don’t do it in the ocean, there will be a lake or other containers. Is that any better? Keeping it concentrated when it will likely dillute to even more manageable levels in the ocean at large?

  72. Japanese government needs to find a alternative for this if they will dump all these into ocean it will effect marine life very badly do you guys can suggest some alternative ideas ╮(╯_╰)╭

  73. ummm no !!! Wtf , why would you do that ???!? They need to figure out not polluting the Pacific Ocean! As a Polynesian I feel like that’s selfish !

  74. They should all drink that radiated water if they are so confident that it’s safe. Fukushima has worse radiation than Chernobyl. Nuclear radiation does not magically disappear and will remain for at least a century. It will affect the water and the food you eat and your children and grandchildren will consume it and get sick. This is why education is so important.

  75. No matter how right they are, opinions on science should not be left to the lay people but to the Scientists. Of course not only the potentially biased Japanese scientists (even with the bias, if they don’t have scientific evidence, it shouldn’t matter), but maybe foreign scientist intervention as well. As an undergraduate biology student, I agree with the lady that says “we don’t know the actual consequences and human prediction is generally inaccurate” which is true. Transparency and foreign intervention is key when it comes to science that’s done in relation with the economy.

  76. From what I understand, there is not one permanent nuclear reactor waste container on the planet. They all decay and require constant maintenance or abatement and relocation. I would be interested to learn more about the de-toxifying process that is being used here and the levels used to measure whether the materials are no longer harmful or not.

  77. They can filter out most radioactive contaminants so that the waste water mainly consists of tritium which is an isotope of Hydrogen and It is a low energy beta emitter with a half life of around 12 years. It can be created naturally in the atmosphere as cosmic ray interact with the nitrogen in the upper atmosphere of the earth, so basically it is everywhere and fall down upon us, so right now you are most likely to have some tritium in your body as well. It’s all about dosage!

    If they dump the water bit by bit, one potential risk will be radionuclides building up in shellfish near the dumping site, but the risk is not that high according to marine scientists around the world, and to say this one million ton tritium will contaminate the “Pacific ocean” is massively exaggerated because it is estimated that the pacific ocean contain roughly 7×10^17 metric tons of water, this one million tons will be diluted into almost nothing.

    Personally I don’t worry much about the ocean as a whole but I would avoid eating the seafood near that dumping site, especially shell fish. That’s it!

  78. People in the US, Canada, China, Korea, Taiwan and others “Japan must stop releasing treated water into the ocean.”
    Japanese “So what about your country?”

  79. There is only one country in the world that everything against what Japan does, is KOREA.
    The only authority that can decide is the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
    They have approved and rated as “Based on Scientific Analysis”.
    That means NO PROBLEM !!

  80. Knowledge is a bad thing that’s why Adam and Eve were prevent to eat that fruit . This how humans got knowledge people started to become bad , dirty thoughts , greed , and made things to comfort their life now I can see the end is near why can’t people be normal, because of over smart, I don’t like how the world is going right now.

  81. As long as they can dispose of the water safely, and maybe do it slowly over a period of years, I don’t think it will be that big of an environmental/health related problem. Regardless of the Japanese government’s claim, until they can get the approval from the international community, I think they should keep it stored. At the very least, Japan shouldn’t do anything until they can get the approval from scientists & researchers from _at least_ the nearby nations like South Korea, China, etc. Those countries are the ones that would be potentially the most impacted in terms of environmental and health related issues like consumption of sea life, the polluted waters getting into people’s water systems & soil, etc.

    The thing is, when people think of Japan and radiation, many people think about the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.
    That’s only 75 years ago and the half life of nuclear radiation.
    The Hiroshima bomb was Uranium-235 which has a half-life of 700 million years.
    It’s going to take 1,400 million years to decay.
    The Nagasaki bomb was Plutonium-239 has a half-life of 24,100 years.
    It’s going to take 48,200 years to decay.
    So if you think about it, the human race is likely to be extinct by the time the radiation from those are decayed completely.
    So I guess in a sense it won’t matter much?

    I believe the Fukushima incident released Iodine and Cesium.
    Caesium-137 has a half-life of about 30.17 years so it would decay 60.34 years.
    Iodine-131 has a half life of about 8 days so it would decay in 16 days.
    The Fukushima disaster was on March 11, 2011.
    It’s only been 9 years and it will be 10 years in about 4 months from now.
    Of course it would be ideal to hold it off for another 60 years but is it really feasible to do something like that?

    Regardless, I’m not a chemist, biologist, environmentalist, or anything like that. So all I can say as long as the international community can come up with a unanimous decision, they should do what needs to be done. I mean if they kept just storing i and it overfills & overflows, the immediate vincinity in Japan I presume will be directly & noticeably, negatively impacted so that’d be a very past scenario.

  82. Asian Boss is such an important source of Asian, especially young Asian opinion for those of us in the West, especially the US.

    Releasing radioactive waste into the oceans of the world is unconscionable. The fact that Japan chose to build nuclear reactors in a tsunami zone means that the Japanese government needs to figure out how to dispose of the water in Japan.

  83. Have they done it before, no they should not do it.They need to build a facility to house it. but I have always questioned which idiot decide to build a nuke station on the coastline with a history of THE GREAT WAVE. !!!!

  84. 1. if it is harmless, for an island, i guess these water could be used as irrigation? Spend some money, keep the risk in Japan for the whole world. That will be something… 2. Can an organization composed of independent and other countries’ experts work with Japanese experts to decide the safety factor?

  85. Why do those who appear on this video want to go to Fukushima? Is there anything or anywhere fascinating there? I don’t think that Fukushima is a popular prefecture which has famous sightseeing spots.

  86. Why is this even a question 🤦‍♀️ I don’t recall Ukrainians discussing whether they should grow vegetables in Pripyat and sell them to citizens or even other countries. I assume the space it takes up to store the radioactive waste water is much smaller than the abandoned cities near Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

  87. So a better question is, is said water safe to release to public for consumption? If not, why would you release it into the ocean to contaminate it and for a country depending on sea for food is a moronic idea.

  88. Jubilee: Where did Mutants come from?
    Professor Xavier: Through Genetics.
    Magneto: What utter nonsense. The child is old enough to know where the origins of our superior mutant race comes from.
    Jubilee: So…?
    Magneto: The mutant race emerged after Japan dumped radioactive water from the nuclear powerplant Fukushima into the ocean.
    Jubilee: *Enters Midlife Crisis*

  89. Seriously don’t! Shouldn’t there be some way to purify or at least decontaminate the water? I get that they’re running out of space, and who knows when the next earthquake is.. but to release radioactive water on the pacific ocean? That would do so much harm not only to the environment but other neighboring countries as well 🙁

  90. For REAL. TEPCO already releases that water, continuously, as they’re pumping a million gallons of salt water, which becomes HIGHLY irradiated, on contact – they’re pumping that onto those destroyed plants, every minute of everyday. If they were collecting it? Then why hasn’t the reported number of tanks changed in all these years? They said they had a million gallons back in 2014! And they still have the same amount? Plus, the number of tanks fluctuates, as these dudes pull the numbers out of their booty holes.

    Educate yourself about this ongoing disaster, about which the media is lying. Manmade radiation does NOT dilute, nor disperse in the ocean. It gets concentrated in the life cycle, getting more deadly the higher up the food chain any organism is, while it kills the phytoplankton that produces the Earth’s oxygen. The average person, even Japanese person, doesn’t know any of this, so on the street interviews are truly a sad testament of how ignorance is no excuse for entrusting all living species’ existence into the hands of truly despicable persons.

    There’s much more I could say, but the world has been talked into behaving more like farm animals than independently thinking Human Beings. So Be It. This is The Pouring of The Cups, and most won’t make it.

  91. What do you mean “Running out of space”?
    There is a ton of unused space in Japan. What is stopping them from building more storage tanks exactly? This is THEIR problem. They decided to make a nuclear power plant next to the ocean in an extremely volatile tectonic area like idiots, now they can fix it without destroying the ocean to save some money.

    Make use of that land and build more storage tanks instead of polluting the ocean further and crippling your local fishing economy.

  92. Okay so just in case anyone was wondering what happened to the nuclear reactor. In a simple words, back then there was a tsunami at fukushima and water entered the reactor, which ruined the cooling system of reactor. That is why they exploded and spreading the radioactive materials to the surrounding area especially the water. So what they did was they store most of the waters in closed container but the amount is too large and they dont have much space to do that. And Im not sure about the half life ( time where radioactive material decay) of the radioactive, but anyhow they shouldnt release it to the ocean until it is SAFE. Please give proof scientifically

  93. If Japan can prove the processed water will have minimal effects on the environment, then they should. Anyone who realizes what they are doing knows that they are reaching the limit soon. There are many scientific articles about this already. If you are a true environmentalist and not just an emotional human being, then start reading. For example, Germany is closing all their npps soon, there are interesting articles about why, and how regarding closing npps. In addition, readers need to read how nuclear waste is treated as well as how they behave over time.

    A lot of people here dont even understand the basic fundamentals of nuclear physics and are worried about the negative effects of npps because they only hear the bad things but did and have been taking nuclear power for granted.

    Some of these comments: “no” , “it would hurt the ecosystem” … like seriously ever done ODE or PDE simplified problems in diluting substances with different mediums? if your answer is no, you should be quiet and let the experts deal with the issue. But, at the same time, you can raise your voice for more transparent information, and this is your right.

  94. My gut reaction to the video was repulsion but the more I think about it, the more I realize that to have an actually informed opinion we need to have the numbers in front of us such as how radioactive the water being disposed is, whether or not it will be disposed in one location or all around japan’s chunk of the pacific, how much the radiation can bioaccumulate, how radioactive the ocean waters will be x period of time after disposal, etc. All these things make a huge difference to whether or not I’d be ok with Japan dumping the water into the ocean. Its also important to think about how ridiculous the alternative could be – to have the japanese people be exposed to a much higher dose of radiation if the water is disposed of on japanese land when they could have diluted that water with the entire ocean.

  95. I guess they should just have someone swim in it for 3 months, and if they grow new bodyparts or develop super powers then we know its not ready to be put in the ocean.

  96. Yeah I totally forgot that 100% of the land in Japan was taken up and there was no where left to store water in tanks. I also forgot that tanker trucks exist that can transport large amounts of water across vast distances. What a weak ass excuse by the Japanese government.

  97. it’s going to affect marine life so badly and can you imagine the issues that will occur after drinking it? especially with pregnancies and such. find another way dude

  98. 5:30 this man is an idiot.
    If you are going to pollute the ocean, you need to provide proof that it won’t damage the marine life.
    It is not on the people who are against it to have proof. The burden of proof is on the people doing the damage.

  99. Wow! Wonderful production, and highly informative by residents from different generations and backgrounds. I was especially impressed with the deep-thinking and knowledgeable young people. Another great show, AB. Thank you!

  100. とにかく「他の国もやってるから」は暴論すぎる。



  101. I think they should build a industrial size radiator and refrigeration system to recycle the water being used to cool the rods. Keeps usage of fresh water ( ocean water ) down and promotes reuse of contaminated water. This in return should keep hazardous materials and waste down compared to dumping it into the ocean. The ocean isn’t owned by one country or people, so they shouldn’t just ask the Japanese. I believe every developed country should assist in this situation to find logical and effective ways to help Japan 🇯🇵

  102. Even if it was “greatly reduced” future generations of Japan will continue to do this which will make it a big problem in the future. Don’t think about now think about what will happen next

  103. No, we shouldn’t but the thing is it’s going to happen. That’s because no world dominant power like the us, russia, china, etc has come forward and are against it, only south korea. That’s because every one of these countries use nuclear power source and are dumping massive amounts of radioactive water into the ocean as well, so they can’t say anything. Same goes for South Korea, they are still doing the same thing, but they are just publicly against it. Even though, this is bad , the water that japan is going to dump is gonna be treated meaning that it will be less radioactive, for instance, untreated water like the ones dumped in South k. and Us are said to be 120x more radioactive than treated ones, Idk if these numbers are accurate but these are official numbers released by the gov. This is a rare case where releasing radioactive water got media attention because of the 2011 disaster but the thing is, the world was and still is releasing trillion bqs of nuclear waste every yaer, it just goes unnoticed.

    To get a perspective of how much waste the countries around the around release annually, j search up “Annual Tritium emissions from nuclear facilities around the world” and go to imagines,
    There is a really good world map showing how much each country dumps.

  104. Really pretty stunned by the amount of logical loopholes some of these people do to justify their cognitive dissonance regarding this not being a problem – especially the males (which is statistically unsprising). Especially since they seem really well-educated and have some of their baseline arguments in order. But fx the one dude continually justifying these meassures with his faith in the government – after he made some compelling potential arguments, btw, but there’s a huge difference between the water being actually purified enough, and people thinking that the government has evidence for the water being purified.

  105. NO, they should not. Why was this even an option? Whose stupid idea was it? They should conduct more research and find out the best way to get ride of the radioactive water, instead of harming the ecosystem, marine creatures, and the ocean. Jeez

  106. How about they build some more tanks, and take the nearly filled ones to places where they do nuclear testing. Just whatever you do, don’t tip it into the ocean. Cause why not kill our sea life while you’re at it🙄

  107. what a selfish idea, I wonder if the Japanese government asked their neighbor countries about this since the pacific ocean is not owned by the Japanese government and it will heavily impact the neighboring countries like China and Korea, there is a reason why lots of Asian countries have a bad relationship with Japan, it would be interesting how China and Korea government will deal with this in the near future.

  108. So… mixed opinions I guess? The people interviewed had good reasons to be against it, but at the same time, it’s not like the government had any other options (besides stalling.) Personally, I think the government should take some more time to think of a better solution, if there is one.

  109. The biggest failure of the nuclear age is that we have no place to store any of the fall out. The by product that comes from nuclear power is a huge global environmental concern.
    Yes, I did get that information from Metal Gear Solid.

  110. Thank you for covering this topic and the insightful sharing from the people! Fukushima disaster is what brought me into environmental field. It’s sadder when I hear there are discrimination towards the people even from university lecturers… I agree that we should know more radiation and that radiation does come naturally from the ground too. Rather than being too scared of radiation and denying anything to it, we should be more curious with the research result and accept experts’ choices that could help the country and the world.

  111. Imperial Japan educated new Japanese (previous Imperial Korean) by using Hangul and gave Japanese nationality. Imperial JP must develop new JP otherwise New JP have been invade. Imperial JP poured large amount of money, built dams, infrastructure and so on. Imperial Seoul National University was established by using facility of Keijō Imperial University built by Imperial Japan.(Korea doesn’t approve continuity between SNU and Keijō IU) “Japan is the top of shameless ranking in the world.” Moon said. The part of Korean appliances consist of Japanese substances. Moon attempts to domestically produce “without Japan “ so that he can protect “Korean Pride”, ”The Soul of Seoul”. This haven’t ever been success. S Koreans always boast “That beats Japan ! That beat Japan ! Is that sure Japan is developed country? “ when S Korean products hit. “ilbon(Japan)=Evil” is Korean stereotype. When Japanese walk at night in S Korea, they are often said “choppari” that means “Japanese is a hoof of pig”. I estimate this friction will be continued.

  112. Noooooooo i already feel Japan needs to be relocated to another country due to the radioactive problem on land 😫 this is even worse your gonna kill the whole planet and I love the Japanese and Japan but you government is downplaying how bad all this is

  113. Silver lining is that if they release the polluted water there should be a 20 year ban of fishing 1000 miles from the water outlet so that fish stocks can prosper

  114. These people are being dramatic over treated water to be dumbed to the ocean, which is totally a normal process and we know the after effects despide the lady on 4:50, but they ate the vegetables from that region. The only person knows how wastewater engineering works is the man on 3:36. No one is going to dumb radioative waste to the ocean people. Calm down.

  115. Would prefer an interview with experts on the subject who have a better idea of the potential harm or necessity of going through with this. Saying something is irradiated may sound very bad, but the actual level of harm is harder to gauge unless you’ve studied the topic.

    To my understanding, the water can be filtered for all harmful elements except tritium, however current levels of tritium are not considered dangerous to human health. Again, if people with greater knowledge brought up reasons against doing so I’d be immediately willing to admit I’m wrong.

  116. If they say its so “safe” and “low concentration of radiation” why don’t they drink the water?

    Edit: Thank you for all your perspectives and arguments!

  117. “Single drop in a bathtub.” Would you say it’s ok and take a sip from that bathtub? Do they really believe in their government, like they did when their government said that nuclear power plants are safe?

  118. Some of these people didn’t even tel how the felt about it being release but instead just spill out the same bull shot he news tells them. What a bunch of tools



  120. This is a delicate issue because as some of them have said, although th grade of dilution in the ocean of the polluted water is for example 1/10000, you are introducing an external element with differences in concentration, radiation in this case, that will affect the whole disolvent, the oceans, in general due to the oceanic currents. Nowadays all countries are working to reduce the pollution in the oceans, mainly plastic, and this will worsen the problem we have. Japan must request help or advice from other nations and experts to search for a better and clean option, not just to throw the water in the ocean as nothing.

  121. They can scatter it I guess….. Scatter in different places to keep the concentration low, and do it in phase instead of all at once.
    Japan already does it, maybe- I’m suspicious of their honesty when it comes to that nuclear reactor. They didn’t admit the core was melting too initially.

  122. The US cleaned up radioactive debris from tests in the Marshall Islands and stored it in a nuclear dome on Enewetak…
    That dome is cracking, and leaking radioactive material into the soil and surrounding water. And those that worked on the cleanup have serious health issues. Heck, the people who lived on Bikini Atoll can’t even return home. Japan needs to consider effects like these before they come to a final decision

  123. This title is very misleading. The water has been heavily treated, so much so that it has lower radiation levels than natural seawater. Everything has been filtered out except for h-3 (Tritium isotope). The half life of the h-3 would be fairly short, and would have little to no effect on the ocean, likely being mixed up and unnoticeable in the extremely vast ocean.

  124. This isn’t an issue only Japan is facing, many countries are doing things like this. But just because everyone’s doing it doesn’t mean we should allow it. It’s irresponsible and selfish to not care how your children, grandchildren, your lineage will be affected by your actions. Your ancestors cared enough to get you here, but you can’t look to the future and have that same consideration?
    Also I would think a country who’s main source of protein comes from the ocean…wouldn’t want to possibly harm that food source? But I guess that’s what I get for thinking logically.



  126. The answer is no, what I would prefer. But if the polluted was filtered then maybe it’s no bad, why can’t they build more storage for the water until 100% of that water is cleansed?

  127. It is absolutely amazing how many people trust the government, especially since this is the same government that said this nuclear facility would be safe. What will they think about eating fish from the ocean…. the same ocean that their government wants to dump radioactive waste into?
    Fools everywhere. Soon possibly sick Fools everywhere!

  128. What a dumbass question that is. Fukuashima released enough radioactive waste into the Ocean that now it has spread all the way to the coast of British Colombia Canada. We sure as all hell don’t need anymore radio active waste in the Ocean.

  129. They do that then they risk killing their fishing industry. Goodbye sushi. I’d like to see the politicians drink the “filtered” water first before they release and call it safe.

  130. Did you know that almost the entire planet is naturally radioactive? We have evolved in a permanently radioactive environment.

    It is therefore not surprising that many scientists think a certain degree of radiation is beneficial for human health.

    Public opinion, ideas and fears about radioactivity (and by consequence nuclear power) has almost nothing to do with reality.

    People’s concern for radiation is at 11, but should be at 2.

  131. Best to talk to Russia, Korea, China, Canada and the US before dumping radioactive materials into the ocean, I remember when the accidenf happened radioactive materials reached the beaches of Hawaii nd California.

  132. Can you please make videos about these, AB?

    Japaneses’ thought on Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba

    Japaneses/Koreans’ thought on a proposal to build a tunnel from Busan to Korea

    Indonesians’ thought on terrorists who killed Christians in Sulawesi

    Taiwaneses’ thought on UN

  133. 3:01 Is that man just delusional or stupid? Oh yeah duh cuz radiation already exists we can just dump it into the sea. Duh. Why such a stupid person exists even?

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    1 Thessalonians 4:14-17
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