Should I Quit YouTube?

Should I Quit YouTube?


  1. I’m from Wollongong mate but I married a nurse from Bukidnon province. I hate the cities. I also cant see a future of living in the Philippines long term. Too much frustration for basic things. I get a bit pissed off too easily after staying for too long and need to go back to reality for a bit. Nothing like a huge stretch of tampo to really ignite love in the air.

  2. Quitters never win and winners never quit, a shout out there to Aussies and Kiwis, ANZAC DAY, chill out and have a beer and regroup, to every negative reaction there is a equal and positive reaction

  3. Hey Pete, all good.. I reckon it’s because of this virus, lock down, restrictions, it’s all driving everyone stir crazy…and no please don’t quite, you do a fantastic job with the content you bring, Both my partner and I really do enjoy ya vids.
    Hang in there Pete👍👍

  4. I think it’s more financial that is making you want to move back to Australia. That’s understandable as you have a family to feed. I’m sure if you have a 10 million peso cushion there’s no doubt you’ll stay in Philippines. My question is how many years will this set you back if you start from scratch in Australia. You’ve built up some momentum in Philippines, you need to weigh if it’s worth giving that up.

  5. Interesting chat. Australia has great benefits for bringing up kids. But I love the Philippines. Personally the vids of yours I like appear to be less scripted… like the walk around vid of your neighborhood you posted recently.

  6. As for the corticosteroids, those are anticatabolic so it will make your muscles shrink and weaken your skeleton as they suck the calcium from your bones. It also increases one’s appetite which explains your weight gain. It also results in water retention which gives a puffy face. Try not to be on that stuff too long as your bones will suffer when you get older.

  7. Suck it up…work out more and longer than 10 minutes…start fasting…no breakfast…dinner at 6 pm…lunch at 1 pm…no snacks…You can do that and this will make you start feeling better

  8. Shit man, you have so many doubts, you need to relax Peter, it’s no good for you or your channel. We’re going to come out the other side with bucket load of investment opportunities, stay calm real the rewards. All the best mate.

  9. I think your wife is getting a bit stressed because your stressed with your hours then you tubing as well she probably along with your young one has not much relaxation time with you. sounds like compounded stress may be every 2nd night you tube or even less. Even if you both could have a few romantic night’s together or have a friend help out with the baby now and then that is my 2 cents

  10. It’s not normal in the United States to drive Ferrari’s and high end cars Pete. Don’t believe it. Not the majority anyway. Hang in there brother. I am stuck in Lipa City and homesick also. We are stuck together for this quarentine with our significant others and everyone is short. We are having little squabbles but it will pass. I hope to go back to the USA in September. We will see what happens my brother.

  11. Hey mate, just discover this channel, maybe a month or so ago. Love your content and appreciate the effort you put in. Relax, take it easy and keep it up!

  12. Hi Pete. Sorry to hear that you’re at a crossroads but first of all your health and Family must come first. I have almost 7K subs but just look it as a hobby but before this month I was actually making OK dollars between adsense and my affiliate links. Take your time to think about it all mate, it will all become clear. 🙂👍

  13. Hi Pete. Serious comment here:
    First I want to mention I am from Denmark and have been living in Asia for 12+ years. I was in a situation a lot like you and felt like giving up. I then met another Danish guy that moved to Bulgaria. I was like, “Are you kidding me?? Fucking east EU, shithole”. Then I looked into it and fell in love. I ended up moving to Nessebar, that is a world Unesco site/city on the Black sea coast. Never been happier. Real estate right now is bottoming out, because of Russia, and tons of people are buying and investing. I truly would recommend this location as a good option for living a good life with superb nature. Did I mention, it`s easy to bring your family + here is 10% tax, decent healthcare and cheap insurances, cheap real estate, and if you make 1000USD you can live like a king here! Beautiful mountains, Amazing beaches, clean water, friendly people, and tons of expats. I hope you find what you are looking for. Feel free to PM me if you have questions. Take care,

  14. Hi pete. I’m from South Africa and married to a Pinoy 33 years now. I little about me. I own a block of 40 flats in South Africa. You would think I’m Rich. And by South African Standards I am. However if I sell and get all my money into the bank I’ll have about PHP 25 000 000 after taxes. If I tried to move there I would be broke in 5 years. What I’mgetting at is. I am jealous of guys like you who are living there. I would do it if I had more security. Dont give up. There are so many of us with bigger problems. Relax have a San Miguel on me. Weve also been on lockdown from 27 March and looks like is goin on into May too. Be stong. Maybe Ill come and vist in September when Im there

  15. Not a vent but a reasonable explanation of your situation, Small gains with your personal health, stop the alcohol and change your diet it worked for me and I won’t go back to abusing my self again due to the link between wellbeing and physical excersie and diet, buy a water distiller ASAP it speeds up weight loss big time and detoxes the body and resets the chemical imbalance from modern lifestyles!

  16. The easiest and quickest way to lose weight is to eat less. Yes, it really, really, really works. It’ll work fast, too. I wouldn’t even worry about working out – just concentrate on cutting down your calorie intake for a good few weeks – the weight will tumble off. Once you’ve made a significant dent in your weight situation you can think about exercise, but remember exercise will drive your appetite back up again (it’s a vicious circle). Diet is the key – and getting your daily calorie intake down to 2600 or less. If you can aim for 1500 per day you’ll start losing weight quickly. No expense, just will power and commitment.

  17. Pete the price of property in the Philippines is so inflated it has no bearing on wages, health care safety and schools are far better for a child and also the opportunitys for a young family are far greater in Aus it’s a no brainer. The guys that move to the ph go because they can’t afford to retire in the west. Good luck mate 💪

  18. Pete, focus on what’s important and what gives extra value to your life. If YT isn’t worth anymore (fun and moneywise), focus on something different. We will surely understand. We can all only try to make the best out of this situation. Day by day. Step by step. If one can’t change the circumstances, change the perspective. We might be in this mess much longer, than we can imagine for now….

  19. Mate you have 29,000 subscribers!!!! Do you know how many footballs that will fill up. You are doing well!!! I have 440 subscribers on a channel for Thai people learning English!!! And you’ve no idea how hard it feels to get more on that channel. 555 Explore more ways to create income, using your niche. You can’t rely on YouTube until it builds up. And I sympathize with you missing the beach!!! Keep at it buddy. Keep your chin up. Stay at it.You’re suffering lockdown syndrome. I am locked up in Bangkok. And it drives me nuts as well.

  20. Hey Pete,

    as a subscriber i feel it’s my duty to reflect on your video,..for what it’s worth anyway.
    in the past i ALWAYS greatly enjoyed your content, it even inspired me to check out Subic last year which is now on my own nr 1 spot to move in the Phills which i am planning to do in the coming years.

    i can really hear the frustrations in your life, keep in mind these basically are the same frustrations all of us have at the moment during this global lock down situation. i myself live in Europe and ever since this whole madness started i am forced into a situation where i am unable to basically go out, meet friends or family. As a result you indeed reflect on your problems a lot more then usual.

    Moving to another place will for sure not solve any problems, in my opinion this will only change a few small details,…

    It of course is not up to me to say what you should be doing,…but ask yourself this,..why did you move to the Phills in the first place. Think about this and also ask yourself would you be more happy anywhere else,..these are questions only you can answer yourself.

    As for the channel,…i know i am only one person,…but on my end,..your vids have been an absolute joy and inspiration to watch. whatever you decide will be met with approval for sure,..but i hope its not the beginning of the end.

    Keep your chin up buddy!


  21. I thought about the whole youtube vlogging thing when I first moved to the Philippines but after a short time and seeing the 1000’s of others doing it..I say no way. you open yourself up and your family to so much criticism ans complaint. plus you show the whole world your life. I would never do that…I lock my home doors to keep people out..why would I bring them in on camera> I would stop if I was you..its just not worth it

  22. I hope you don’t give up your channel, but if you do…please give us a goodbye video. It sucks when people just quit thier channels and the viewers never know what happened. With a channel like yours we, or at least I, feel like we get to know you a little, and care about what happens to you. Good luck, I hope everything gets better.

  23. please no don’t stop making youtube clips, being in isolation yours is one of the only two channels that I watch, it really helps me get through the hard times that are occurring at the moment. Keep making the fantastic clips and thank you for helping me get through the hard times

  24. I think you should continue blogging. I feel you and I think you are not the only one who feels that way. Even here in new Zealand I find It weird and uncomfortable because of lockdown. It’s really because of the situation right now. I think Philippines is just not ready to handle this pandemic just like many other countries. But I think u need to speak to your wife about your expectations and also share with her your culture so she knows where you are coming from, your insights about things. I think you both need to be strong during these times and be supportive and more understanding with each other. At the end of the day no relationship is perfect, we all learn from our mistakes Pete.

  25. I’m locked here in Thailand but in a good situation though the virus thing has F’d up a lot of my plans. Just have to make the best of it and remember that 80% of the world is far far worse off than you.

  26. You have come so far to build your channel, don’t give up, maybe set a goal to come back to Oz for Christmas, maybe some love streams by interacting with your viewers may help feeling connected, you are an intelligent & inspirational person keep positive

  27. Are you kidding? You are one of the few vloggers that keeps it real. Your voice in biz, personal and life around here is massive.

    With kids over n Makati, I’m wrestling with same issues. However despite the perks I would die of boredom if back n California.

  28. Everyone’s YT revenue per view is down (or at least for those, who I heard break down the numbers) due to collapse in YT advertising demand in the current situation. Will pick back up later. Now’s the time to fight, gain followers, work on the channel as there’s more time than ever to do it. If you can’t increase revenue/click, then work on increasing clicks. Probably “Property Club” is a bad name with niche appeal… too bad, beacuse I only subscribed due to the property aspect of it. You’re feeling the financial impact, you’re over-leveraged, nothing will change that other than getting rid of assets and cutting down costs. You made the decisions in the past, so do you want to be known as a fair weather investor, or are you actually able to see through tough times. Everyone’s a property or stock guru in the last 10 years, now the tree’s getting shaken. Will you fall off or prove your worth?

  29. We all have those thoughts from one time or another. If you’re missing family and friends, take a vacation when this is all over. I’m in United States and I would rather be locked down there with my love Pangga! I want to visit in December, if this is all over. Then my plan is moving there next year. You have a beautiful home, a beautiful family… relax, slow down and enjoy it… my favorite video still is… Villas Del Sol… that’s my dream home! I saved a lot of your videos. So keep your spirits up…

  30. Hi. Businesses all over are suffering. Income will be down no matter where you are. If I were in your shoes, I would stick with real estate, but I would do a comparative analysis of real estate properties in this part of the world.

  31. Pete, I think you should make some sacrifices, get back to Australia for the next few years and then go back to Asia when the AUD gets strong again. But that is just what I think. I would love to be living in Asia, but now is not the time.

  32. hi pete,,,yes i agree married to a flipina and the beaches not clean and crowded …im australian living in the UK and thinking to return to OZ

  33. Ya want 4wdriving and boating pete , Hervey bay Qld prices are still cheap , best beaches and amazing forshore .. Fraser island 20 min barge ride , great 4wd and camping , also whale watch capitol of the world .. look us up paradise and still cheap here .

  34. The answer is simple, you need some good mates to vent to, give up the beer, try some yoga? Chicks think differently to blokes mate. You right lockdown is doing our heads in. No international travel sucks, what to do? Get a hobby? Whatever floats your boat bro. Chill out and keep on keeping on…

  35. An antibody test would determine if you did have Covid-19. Keep the channel (you are a natural), but make sure you at least almost always have substantial ‘other’-oriented content.

  36. Hey, buddy, if not for this quarantine, I’d take you out for some pints and chat about it with you! If you want to PM me, I’d be happy to give you my thoughts from the perspective of an “older” mate whose been down the road of being a dad, hit lots of ups and downs over the years, and learned how stress just ruled my life for so long and how damaging it is to health – physical and mental!

    In any case, we’ll definitely grab some brews when this is all over! 👍

  37. You just described to me the new content for your channel. That’s documenting the adventures you have in Australia with your son and wife.

  38. It’s good to vent, but don’t let your emotions drive life decisions. Can you continue to make a living in the Phils? Can you make a living in Oz with the higher cost structure? Making the best living financially should drive the final answer. And I don’t mean driving fancy cars, but just building the most secure life for your family. My advice is to hunker down and wait. Review your situation in six months and see how the landscape looks then. Keep up your channel. ALL Youtubers are experiencing a collapse in revenue. Stick with it and things will improve.

  39. I’d go back home, you have family/friends you can trust to start over and your options are endless. The Philippines will always be there when you are ready or just find a way to spend a couple months a year in the Phils. Listen to me now, believe me later. I hate to say it, in previous videos, your wife does not appear to be happy. Just being straight. Happy wife = happy life. Good luck.

  40. Hiya, I think you need to think long term with your Channel like 10 years to keep growing. Also you should add some services life: e book, 121 advice call for people thinking about moving to Philipines, help to choose a property in Philippines services as well. As I believe alot of your viewers could need extra help from you in these areas. Hope this helps. Keep going.

  41. If you’re not enjoying doing youtube, then quit but if you’re only doing it for monetary reasons than I guess you should quit also…lol….I guess quit
    As far as raising a child in the Philippines, I’d have serious reservations on doing that just because of future opportunities.

  42. Just because your family didn’t get it doesn’t mean that you didn’t or don’t have it. I think i read that the majority of people who have it are asymptomatic.

  43. I think what you are going through is very human and very normal mate. Yeah a trip back home would do you the world of good, as a break. Are you thinking of mortgage brokering? – not sure how the finance industry will be impacted. From what I’ve observed you’ve got what it takes to be successful anywhere.

  44. You work including transportation and getting ready takes 12 hours of your time. Another 8 hours a day for sleep. You should spend 1/2 hour a day exercising. That leaves 3 1/2 hours a day to spend with your family per day. I suggest during the week , just jot down ideas and scenarios as they pop in your head. On the weekend, do a YouTube video in an organized way with minimal editing. Put a let’s say 2 hr limit for each video,and call it a day.
    As far as your future plans prioritize your goals.
    1- Health
    2- Family
    3- Relationships ( Friends/ Extended Family)
    Work and finances affect all of the above so it is paramount as long as it does not override them.
    Given the limited knowledge of your life situation, I recommend you have a mindset of moving back to Australia in 2 years time. Make your decisions accordingly but be flexible to change your plans as time goes by and more information becomes available.
    Never make decisions when you are so emotionally charged.

  45. dont you dare peter quite right now i live in melbourne your home town ,i visit the philippeans at least 3 times a year i enjoy you keeping us informed what5s happing there please dont quite comr home then go back

  46. take a shower ,put on your best shoes, your best dress pants, your best white dress shirt, Tie, like you’re going to a wedding? Don’t let your wife know, put on a cooking apron make sure you got some cologne on too,I forgot, and cook a meal.,candles,ect,,service with a smile,,works like a charm when they do nothing but get served,, you get to do something positive in construction it’s a win-win focus on the little things that you used to do

  47. Serious Comment…I sent you a message via property club facebook…what I said there is I think this is “quarantine madness” about your son and education…I love your channel, but you ultimately have to decide which education system (Philippines or Australian) can offer him the biggest bang upon graduation. When he looks at universities or employers, which country’s diploma would have more value and open more doors for him? I think you are a great guy and are dedicated to your family. However, you have a few years to think of the education issue. What I would do is keep a condo in one country and live in the other, so you can visit the one during his summer vacation from school. Be blessed your subscribers support you.

  48. Honestly, Youtube is always going to be a struggle. Take it from someone with over 800,000 subscribers and still frustrated with trying to get consistent views and income from it. I’ve considered giving up a few times. The only thing keeping me going is vision. You’ve got to have a road map, a plan of what you want to a achieve on youtube and why. You need a product to sell on youtube so you’re not relying solely on adsense. (Your Revenue is low now because companies aren’t advertising on youtube due to the pandemic.) Sad to hear you’re going through such a rough time mate. Like you said, pick up your spirits. Take a break. No shame in that

  49. I’ve mentioned it before…I think you need to change the name of your channel. Property Club will attract a very specific subscriber…and it’s not really an accurate description of your content…you have a lot of lifestyle stuff and a lot of stuff on Asia… “Property Club” doesn’t tell your potential subscribers what your content is really about

  50. Peter I feel your pain and its all valid I thing about of us are doing alot of reflection these are trying times your a guy that gets things done buddy and being stuck like this can bring on a bit of depression (the steroids don’t help) it is a side affect? But you hang in there my friend i will say your one of the best YouTube’rs out there I never get board watching you as I have others? Would it be selfish of me to say please don’t your channel I feel alot of love for you and your family and would truly miss you

  51. Yes no rush decisions need to be made, take your time and think long and hard. This lockdown gets to us all, it is mentally challenging. I’m in my sixth week and the last one was the hardest but woke up today and feel positive again. I’m in Mallorca and I literally have been out my gate on three occasions. Dig deep, stay strong and get through it and make a decision then.

  52. Everybody is stressed out and annoyed and thinking too much because of quarantine. Losing the weight will definitely help your state of mind. Drink less and exercise more. There is plenty of nature in Subic where there’s nobody around to bug you. Find a spot you can go for a long walk in the forest with nobody around. As far as your view/subscriber count: You are the only YouTube channel that focuses mostly on Subic. It’s not as popular as other places so you will probably never reach 100k subscribers, but you do provide a valuable service. Your videos are a major factor in my decision to live/work there.

  53. Pete Mate….your videos inspired me to come look at Subic and Clark. Clark has so much development and future growth but also Korean growth to push prices. So second day I headed to Subic…same wide roads make me relaxed…hills and green of Kalayaan bring memories of childhood neighborhoods…and surprise — the beaches of Camayan Beach and Camayan Cove make me think I might give up my flat in Boracay. I know those beaches are small strips but I actually had visions of daily dips at those two spots. I was set to ferry out to the cove for a look at their Golf Course lots — the day after Duterte’s first announcement. I heard his double talk and hopped a flight back to Las Vegas the next night. So I am sitting in Vegas Dark dreaming your way. Hang in there…Manila is pushing a bunch of us your way ( Taal, Covid, Chinese Growth, Water Shortages, etc.). Can I find happiness at the white sand of Camayan Beach or are all the Subic beaches really a bust? Camayan Dreaming…

  54. Hi Peter…I think you need to take a deep breath, and realize that now that you are a father, things will never be the same. As for quitting YT, that’s your call, but even if it only generated a dollar a day, that’s seven more dollars than you had last week. I say stick with it, you have a good base of subs, and your content is interesting. As for your weight and your health, eat less, drink less, walk more, and don’t eat after 6-7PM at night…the weight will come right off…Hang in there brother…

  55. Firstly, you say you’re making $1/hr. That’s a pretty good wage in PH. Also, what else would you be doing with your time, sulking and getting no wage at all? Your channel is Property Club. How about sticking to the theme of the channel and doing some videos about Your property there. Include Arianne in them where you’re doing some things around Your property, like rearranging your furnishings, building a garden, or planting trees, or harvesting your fruit trees. But it must include Your Family, little Pete and Arianne.

  56. It is a depressing time for all. i am afraid the world is at the brink of world wide depression. I would live where survival is the easiest? I enjoy your vids you guys are cool your bug will pass, that extra weight can pass also with (mental commitment). I am afraid of philipine gov my only habit is weed i do not deserve to be shot or put in jail just for smoking or resisting lockdown. The people are so nice and the land is beautiful it is not that way in the states. if i visit it I will stay at subic bay topaz sea crest manor$:) thanks to you. i will buy you and your lovely wife dinner if i visit thanks for the vids much appreciated.

  57. Really enjoy all your videos so would be really sad to see you leave. If you need to reduce your number videos just do a live like videos than that would be great. If you do move back to Australia please keep your channel going so we can see how the properties are in the cities that you move.

  58. Hi Pete you are thinking to much get of that shit your taking your living with a brilliant lady and grate looking kid next month will be ok here in Da Nang Vietnam we had lockdown for to or three weeks now it finished every thing is opening up shops- beach area its like Christmas chin up mate don’t let the bastards grind you down

  59. Pete I had COVID in Thailand in November 💯, have it documented but like others thought its was Influenza. Later found proof I had been infected. 3 month Steroids ? Wow, not sure that’s right. Don’t give up mate, I’m here in Dumaguete now and everyone is getting on with it, chill and reflect once this is all over. Keep healthy and stay positive. ATB Mac ✌🏽

  60. Hi Pete. I felt your disappointment with the on going health problems. If you have a tight chest try to take Theophylline. It will loosen the mucas. Then continue with the antibiotics. Drink a lot of water. You should be fine.
    In these uncertain times the feeling of hopelessness is effecting a lot of people. Don’t worry. Just be positive and take a break. All should be well.

  61. I had the same type of pneumonia from December through March 8th. I went to the ER of two hospitals. The last hospital had me buy a nebulizer that helped clear my lungs. I had all the symptoms of Covid-19 but we had no test kits here in Subic. I also am planning to return home to the USA. It looks like the Philippines is leaning towards the CCP. Du30 loves the communist and he’s got two more years here. Take care Pete and hang in there mate.

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