1. Hi Ned,

    I’ve been living in PI for just over a year now. I watched one of your earlier videos on your Honda Click 125 and went out and bought a Honda Click 150 for my wife and I. I love it. Easy to ride, light and nimble, good acceleration and I can carry a lot on it. I like that it’s automatic and dependable. I use it a lot for errands around the Barangay and getting to town as well.

    By the way, love your channel and your sense of humor.

  2. Another thing to consider is your height and body size. Im 5 foot 10 inches and my toes barley touch the ground on my CRF 250 but I love it. Another thing is he said 40 minutes of commuting in Cebu that sucks during the rain season and dangerous with just a motorcycle. There is also so much traffic, stop and start it gets very hot sitting in traffic. You will always be either hot and wet or just very hot.. Should also consider a small car or truck. I have all 3 big bike small scooter and a truck..

  3. I ride a 400cc Kawasaki Dominar and I really like it. Small enough that the parking boys can still handle it, but enough power to get you quickly past those trucks belching diesel.

  4. You are married with a baby on the way. Riding any bike is putting yourself in a bad position No buffering working good. Get a 3 wheeler from Emcor. Be responsible. Safe

  5. Hello Philippine Dream,
    European citizen here who lives and work in Manila. I been here for over 4 years already. It doesn’t matter how many megas Internet speed you have, it will always be very slow when connecting to an abroad server for livestream or even gaming. I been dealing with the same problem as you, nothing we can do. The problem is the Philippines Internet manufacture, it’s the worst in southeast asia.
    I also want to talk about the motorcycles, I owned a kawasaki rouser 200NS as well, I love it but end up selling it because it’s pointless to drive shifting gears in heavy traffic. To anyone who wants to buy a motorcycle in the Philippines, I recommend you to get a scooter instead.
    I almost killed somebody while driving outside manila during a road trip, people keep on jaywalking no matter the circumstances, be careful while driving.

  6. I thought about buying a ‘big bike’ (in the Philippines anything from 400cc up) because I’ve always had big bikes in Australia (still have a 900 Yamaha and a 650 Suzuki there). But the power isn’t needed with the speeds that traffic travels at and as mentioned in the video the weight and size means parking it where other bikes park doesn’t work. And an accident in the Philippines isn’t like an accident in a western country, there isn’t going to be an ambulance there in 10 minutes and a hospital emergency room soon after. I’ve seen people lying on the road unconcious and bleeding with people just standing around for extended periods of time until (maybe) an ambulance turns up. But it isn’t going to be a western type ambulance with extensive support equipment. It’ll probably be a van with a folding trolly and a bench with a nurse sitting on it. So I bought a Honda Wave 125 which is an underbone (step through) with 4 gears but no clutch (same motor as the XRM mentioned in the video). I had trouble adapting to the flat floor auto scooters after riding bikes with foot pegs and gears for so many decades and this (or an XRM) feels more ‘normal’ to ride. I looked at the XRM as well but the Wave has better weather protection for when it’s raining. I admit the XRM looks better though. There is some good advice in this video in my opinon.

  7. I think We foreigners look stupid enough in the phillipines we don’t need to be driving around on fancy big bikes.
    To coin a phrase, I just buy new and make do

  8. My life was a manger and field tech for Verizon. In Phil I asked a Filipino technician what they were installing. He said fiber optic. Knowing that Fiber is expensive to install and Phil can’t support that expense I said you can’t be installing fiber throughout your whole network backbone. He said yes. I said no. Your installing fiber just to the premise. Your using cooper cable leaving the backbone out to a network box miles away. Then fiber from there. He just laughter and said how do you know that. Sorry, long story just to say you have copper and then fiber . Good luck with the baby. Coming soon. You got lucky finding Chichay. She’s a catch…πŸ‘πŸ‘

  9. Forget the bike. Its not you the driver. Its the inexperienced drivers that will put you in the hospital. Get a used jeep! Safer and more fun!

  10. Getting a Big Bike in the Philippines depends on what you would need it for. Some Big Bikes also make good daily drivers.

    If you never leave your city or only drive to the next one or two Barangays then a scooter is probably all u need.

    If you are going on the Freeways of Luzon or traveling up the mountains to Baguio or somewhere similar with a passenger and luggage then you will need a Big Bike.

    Don’t really need a 1200 or 1800cc Harley Davidson but a 650cc Suzuki Vstrom or Kawasaki Vulcan may just be PERFECT!!. you can carry a load, go on Expressways have power for carrying the weight and going fast up mountain sides, have great break away power from other traffic and also have a great easily maneuverable daily driver…

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