Should Drinking Alcohol Be A Crime In Indonesia? | STREET DEBATE

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  1. Maybe if it was regulated more. As an Australian, I always wanted to travel to Indonesia but never to the tourist areas because of the alcohol consumption. I felt this way when I was drinking a lot & even more so now because I’d stop drinking. If I was to travel to another country, I would deffintly would try to consume little or no alcohol because I’d want to experience the culture. Especially if it was a prominently an Muslim country to respect to the citizens of the country,.even though I’m a converted atheist for most of my life.

  2. Udah ada aturannya kok bikin aturan baru, bikin aturan aja yg konsumsi di publik atau yg pembuat ilegal itu dilarang, selesai. Masak mau minum kudu pergi ke Bali kan konyol

  3. “the bill as it currently stands would impose a nearly nationwide ban on the production, distribution and consumption of drinks with an alcohol content from 1 to 55 per cent” Does that mean you can drink Bacardi 151 straight but it’s illegal to mix it?

  4. Banning alcohol will never work. Banning most things never works! Surely it’s safer to be legal and easier to control than having to deal with an underground alcohol problem. Moonshine, alcohol that’s so high in percentage it kills etc..

  5. Indonesia Government Already Ban
    – Porn
    – Interreligion Marriage
    – Homosexual Marriage
    – Premarital sex
    Now Alcohol too.
    Even Indonesia Government also Trying to Regulate Major Bank of Indonesia on the Basis of Sharia Law ( Islamic Law of Quran)
    Indonesia is Going to be Islamic Country.

  6. Indonesia Government Already Ban
    – Porn
    – Interreligion Marriage
    – Homosexual Marriage
    – Premarital sex
    Now Alcohol too.
    Even Indonesia Government also Trying to Regulate Major Bank of Indonesia on the Basis of Sharia Law ( Islamic Law of Quran)
    Indonesia is Going to be Islamic Country

  7. Lol once again, when you don’t look at history. Loook at what happened when hey banned alcohol in america loool people find other means.. also you know 100% the rich and politians won’t make this rule for themselves

  8. According to statistics from US, 29 people die everyday in US because of accidents involving drunk drives another 800 hundred are injured everyday, and this just car accidents. Add it to it the number of domestic violence cases and general violence involving drunk people, I don’t know what you stand to gain from getting drunk anyway? People in the comments are all acting as if this ban is totally against logic, I guess they don’t care about statistics.

  9. Let´s see what the “WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION” have to say about alcohol:

    More than 3 million people died as a result of harmful use of alcohol in 2016, according a report released by the World Health Organization (WHO) today. This represents 1 in 20 deaths. More than three quarters of these deaths were among men. Overall, the harmful use of alcohol causes more than 5% of the global disease burden.

    WHO’s Global status report on alcohol and health 2018 presents a comprehensive picture of alcohol consumption and the disease burden attributable to alcohol worldwide. It also describes what countries are doing to reduce this burden.

    “Far too many people, their families and communities suffer the consequences of the harmful use of alcohol through violence, injuries, mental health problems and diseases like cancer and stroke,” said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of WHO. “It’s time to step up action to prevent this serious threat to the development of healthy societies.”

  10. Indonesia Government Already Ban
    – Porn
    – Interreligion Marriage
    – Homosexual Marriage
    – Premarital sex
    Now Alcohol too.
    Indonesia is Going to be Islamic Country

  11. Indonesia Government Already Ban
    – Porn
    – Interreligion Marriage
    – Homosexual Marriage
    – Premarital sex
    Now Alcohol too.
    Indonesia is Going to be Islamic Country

  12. Indonesia Government Already Ban
    – Porn
    – Interreligion Marriage
    – Homosexual Marriage
    – Premarital sex
    Now Alcohol too.
    Indonesia is Going to be Islamic Country

  13. Indonesia Government Already Ban
    – Porn
    – Interreligion Marriage
    – Homosexual Marriage
    – Premarital sex
    Now Alcohol too.
    Indonesia is Going to be Islamic Country

  14. Indonesia Government Already Ban
    – Porn
    – Interreligion Marriage
    – Homosexual Marriage
    – Premarital sex
    Now Alcohol too.
    Indonesia is Going to be Islamic Country

  15. 2010: Indonesia is a Secular Country
    2050: Indonesia is a Islamic Country

    Indonesia Government Already Ban
    – Porn
    – Interreligion Marriage
    – Homosexual Marriage
    – Premarital sex
    Now Alcohol too.
    Indonesia is Going to be Islamic Country

  16. The country that made school uniforms longer for little girls to prevent rape (from shin previously to ankle now) wants to ban alcohol now. Right, like you don’t have more pressing matters. That’s all they know ho to do, impose their religious beliefs on other people.

  17. I think it’s just too early to talk about this law, since the parliament not discuss it in paripurna. It’s just a hot topic in social media. And in indonesia we can’t comment about some law when there’s no the real script, remember omnimbus law?

  18. Why the girl with black clothes only think about religion, while the main impact will be on economic, closing jobs for thousands of people. So close minded and stupid

  19. The public should not have the choice for alcohol ban … as many are not aware of the direct and indirect impact of alcohol on the moral , mental , social, and medical aspects…

    And believe me they are a lot ! And one in three suffer from on of alcohol side affects in western countries (SELF OBSERVATION AND STUDYING STATISTICS )
    alcohol ban can save many lives and cute to up to 30% of health ministry budget … also ,many other benefits can be seen in alcohol ban but the public should not involve in the decision … as many are addicted to alcohol even if they were social drinkers…

  20. It should be illegal if u can’t control ur ding dong and start harrasing girls after consuming alcohol otherwise its all cool. Alcohol shuld be banned in countries like India, I think if they ban alcohol rape crimes will decrease drastically there may be⁉️

  21. I’m from a neighboring country, I like Indonesia because it seems more moderate compared to Malaysia and more reasonable compared to other Muslim-majority countries… but no, seems they’re going to the other way.

  22. Hasn’t this already been shown not to work?? It’s no lie that alcohol causes a lot of problems, but an outright ban is clearly not a way to go about it.

  23. Trust me, this has nothing to do with the fact that majority of Indonesian people are muslim. Without banning, it’s already low alcohol consuming. I suspect this is more of the authority ransoming the alcohol’s companies to raise their tax rate, instead “for the good of the people”.

  24. with or without this bill, the demand for alcohol would still very much be prominent. if this bill actually come through, it would just create so many more loopholes for illegal acts ie black market and bribery. it’s a shame that they deem this bill to be more of a pressing matter than sexual harassment.

  25. Do the Indonesians know about Prohibition in the United States? It didn’t work 🙂 I know Indonesia is a highly Islamic nation but whatever happened to “live and let live”?

  26. They need to look at the USA it was done here and crime and mobsters ran wild crime actually increased the police thought they could control the fallout but were mistaken

  27. Better solution. Ban only in certain regions where there’s a insignificant non Muslim population. Don’t ban places like Bali, North Sumatra, East Nusa Tenggara, some areas in Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Maluku. Plus Jakarta, even though iys a Muslim majority, there’s still significant Christians. But the most important thing, never ban alcohol in Bali.

  28. Diatur menyalahkan aturannya, tidak di atur menyalahkan tidak ada aturannya, sudah bawaan jadi pembangkang dan penghina mungkin dari lahir. Dan mereka yang tidak mau taat, maaf sudah bukan tanggung jawab siapa pun lagi, hanya tanggung jawab diri sendiri masing-masing di dunia dan di akherat.

  29. Countries where consuming alcohol is completely or partially prohibited
    (1) *India*
    (2) *Pakistan*
    (3) *Bangladesh*
    (4) *Mauritania*
    (5) *Libya*
    (6) *Kuwait*
    (7) *Sudan*
    (8) *Yemen*
    (9) *UAE*
    (10) *Saudi Arabia*
    (11) *Iran*
    (12) *Afghanistan*
    (13) *Brunei*
    Seems that Indonesia is also gonna be part of this list

  30. Next Video:
    “Indonesia banned cars and introduced camels then made Arabic as their official language and dumped tons of sand from Arabian desert to their cleared forest area to create their own version of desert.”

  31. I will never understand why governments like to be the moral police, especially when it comes to minor personal preferences. I don’t drink because I think it’s a waste of money lol but there are plenty of people who drink occasionally and compose themselves well and don’t negatively affect their society. They should work on addressing sex trafficking, there is nothing right about that and it’s currently happening around them.

  32. This is a bad plan. The heart is in the right place, we stan a people who care about each other. But these issues are better handled by normalising alcohol. When you have a big population who have community cultural restrictions on consuming alcohol what you also have is a bunch of lightweights who have never experienced the relaxation of inhibitions in a safe environment when young. People who have never found their personal limit. People who have never suffered a hangover, or made themselves ill by accident. People who have never made the small mistakes and social faux pas that teach you how to drink responsibly.

    It is not surprising that it would seem to those who eventually try alcohol that suddenly bad things happen.
    If I stop a child from walking and they stand up at age 30 and attempt it, then the subsequent faceplant would likely make them think walking gets people hurt.
    Alcohol is entirely natural, it is something that humanity has had access to forever. Thousands of generations of ancestors did just fine without criminalising it and got us to where we are now with the occasional use of alcohol.
    Keep the crimes criminal and drinking legal. Let people learn how to drink at a young age. Teach kids about responsible drinking and how to deal with a loss of inhibitions. Teach adults too.

  33. I don’t think the government should be the moral police. Citizens should have the right to do as they want so long as it doesn’t affect others. As an American prohibition never worked nor did the war on drugs, it only wasted tax dollars and filled jails with nonviolent people.

  34. Prohibition brings more problems than solution , proven in the Usa in the 30’s . Regulate is fine , self-regulation is the best solution : make yourself responsible …no law can make you intelligent .

  35. Look what happened in the US when alcholic beverrages were prohibited, the raise of Al Capone nd over growth of the Mafia, now history repeats itself??

  36. I prefer death penalty for corruptor than banned alcohol law. DPR should do this.
    Prioritas hukuman mati koruptor lebih diperlukan dibandingkan RUU pelarangan alkohol

  37. From the videos I’ve seen from Asian Boss and other outlets, my opinion of Indonesia is very low. It is waaaaay too religious and conservative for me…..when I travel to SE Asia next time, I think I’ll just stick to Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

  38. pemerintah seharusnya paham bahkan perdaran alkohol jika di ban maka akan berdampak lebih parah karena apa semakin sempit kebebasan pengedaran alkohol maka pembuatan alkohol seperti ciu,oplosan dan yang membahayakan kesehatan akan semkin menjamur karena proses produksinya dilakukan secara sembunyi – sembunyi…

  39. Because prohibition worked SO WELL for the USA from 1920 to 1933: “Prohibition created a vast illegal market for the production, trafficking and sale of alcohol. In turn, the economy took a major hit, thanks to lost tax revenue and legal jobs.”

    Yup! Prohibition was a total success. /s

  40. That poor lady wearing the hijab with the little slit for her eyes, shes literally some dirty old mans possession, she will have to cook and clean for him, offer her self to him and shes concerned about some non Muslims or tourists drinking alcohol, if her elbow or ankle is not covered and shes raped it will be seen as her fault for flaunting her body, such a backwards prehistoric mindset, feel sorry for how brainwashed they are

  41. It is so hilarious….there is alcoholic medicine in every country which is okay. But banning alcohol means also banning those medicine Fluids too. Those who wants to ban Alcohol are definetly Islamo-Fashists who are ignorant to other religions or even non-religious people. Nobody forces you to drink alcohol so nobody should force me from prevent drinking.

  42. Is it really the most important issue to be consider to be made as a policy right now?
    As a fellow citizen I have a doubt that this rule or policy to be only being blown up into the media, so the people will slowly forget about another two important matters that happened recently,, which are “the latest employement policy” (RUU Cipta Kerja) and also “the sexual violance prevention policy” (RUU PKS).
    Moreover with the corruption watch and committee also being repressed by other ridiculous political policy that could indicate as a way to weakened their works in fighting against corruption.

    Also,this Alcohol ban policy draft will hurt the “Unity in Diversity” or we called “Bhineka Tunggal Ika” as the unique identity of Indonesia. Indonesia is not a secular country, yet it’s slowly dragged into one by several political parties.

    There are already regulations and taxes applied into the sellingvand distribution of alcoholic beverages, and it’s based and paid into the regional (province) government account.
    So, what’s the purpose of this ban policy will be? Only to make the house of reperesentative look slightly working more at this pandemic time? Or are they really consider this matter as *an urgent thing* to be resolved now?
    In my opinion, it’s a mere solving way for the house of representative for being considered to public to be “working hard”

    They should’ve resolved the employnent policy (RUU Cipta Kerja) matter first, than making a fuss about new controversial policy. I bet there’ll be a press release that stated “it’s still a discourse on this alcohol ban and it won’t be decided until further discussion being held”, etc.

  43. A trial period may be necessary. Examine the crime rates and prison populations. Examine the effects on consumer spending as regards taxes and jailing of white collar offenders. Examine how white collar offenders are not penalized as heavily. Prohibition has been tried in various ways around the world, so we know what to looks for as far as dangerous negative effects of prohibition.

  44. Alcohol addictions and other types of substance abuse are issues around basic human needs. Peace and conflict studies scholars such as Burton and Galtung and many social identity theorists believe that threats to fundamental human needs (i.e. identity, recognition, security, welfare, freedom, personal development, etc.) can create conflicts. From this perspective, substance abuse is not a root cause of social issues but rather symptoms of social injustice and inequality.

  45. Good now people can buy real food instead of everyone having an ugly beer belly with skinny arms.
    Alcohol opens for high road accidents, killing, raping, depressed, property crime, public offenses, drunk driving, homicide and much more. Every crime 90% relates to some alcohol.
    I don’t care what y’all say every stupid crime the root cause is alcohol and then t same time they use alcohol as a scapegoat.
    Look up crime data all begins with drunk tards.

    My best mate died from a drunk tard driving and crashed into him and all he got was 1 year in prison.
    Ye because he was “drunk”, they give him a free pass.

  46. Still laughing myself sometime when this circus called our government.
    There still many problem and i never bored when they pick some random things lmao.

    “Negative effect of alcohol” eyyy clown, just say you need money lol. If you talk about negative effect, why not go all out and ban cigarette in Indonesia, but of course you wont because money.

    Should have ban yourself…

  47. If you are Indonesian and understand the context, I’m very sure you know this law will not be pass. Those law maker is also devided in this issue. The point is how regulate alcohol better. Under age kids can just get them easily.

  48. There is another thing that this video isn’t covered about the draft which is the alcohol can be consume by the tourist, for the traditional event, for other specific places that regulated through regulation call peraturan pemerintah (pp), so it’s not like zero distribution or consumption

  49. Religion, back at it again, telling other people what to do.

    4:24 Yes, if your personal beliefs tells you personally to not drink, that’s fine. Would you like it if someone else pushed their personal beliefs back on you?

  50. Indonesia is a Muslim majority country, so the premise of this ban makes some sense. But what doesn’t make sense is why are they trying to ban it now? I’m sure there’s more important issues than this? Still, even if you ban alcohol people will just resort to buying it illegally. This is a stupid attempt at enforcing an outdated mindset.

  51. HAH! Did they not learn what happened with prohibition in the US? People’s desire for alcohol is infinite, now matter how hardly you outlaw it or criminalize it. Pretty soon they will have their own criminal rings distributing bootleg alcohol right under their noses. Just another example of stupid, out of touch politicians trying to enforce their outdated mindset

  52. I dont drink but man, if u did this in russia or USA you’d have a huge ww3! just like the British did because they weren’t getting tea from china.

    and religion should never because above the law in any government. religions are problematic!!

  53. Freedoms that should be abolished:
    – Freedom to give children hormone treatments
    – Freedom to drink
    – Freedom to engage in immoral sexual behaviour
    – Freedom to do what you like
    – Freedom to destroy the moral wellbeing of society

    More freedom isn’t always good. Go to the West to see it for yourself.

  54. Its soo funny that those that drink alcohol have no argument to defend themselves for why do they even drink alcohol in the first place.Who enjoys getting drunk ?

  55. NO. Alchohol prohibition/ban would make things even worse. 100% guaranteed that it could rival the crime rates of drugs related crimes. Take a look at US history. “Regulations” is the way. It’s as simple as that.

    I can’t believe this is even a discussion in the first place. THIS IS CLEARLY A bunch of corrupt lawmakers just trying to funnel government money to BS laws & steal it for their own pockets where VERY LIKELY this politicians/lawmakers drinking & doing drugs day & night.

    This is the problems with Indonesian laws & its lawmakers as they make laws based off nonsensical reasoning & defense behind “decency” & “religions” when they are the most hypocritical people in the whole country. Exactly the problems with breaking down prostitution districts only to make things even worse in recent years as little to no oversight, protection, rehabs/support for sex workers, & domestic economy collapsing. The whole “illegal” prostitution industry now completely unregulated, hidden, very hard to track (YES, freaking lawmakers also “involves” in it anyway).

  56. A lot of things that are bad for you are legal. The government is not your parent. Let’s have fun imagining a place where everything that is bad for you is illegal.

    You wake up one morning and you are alone in the house. The previous night your parents or significant other were arrested for eating potato chips and drinking pop while they watched a movie. After all, junk food is bad for you.

    Since you are upset by what happened to them you decide to vent to your neighbor. But when you knock on their door there is no answer. You later find out they were arrested for bungee jumping.

    So you decide to text your best friend. But — too bad — they were arrested for smoking. After all, cigarettes harm the tissue of your lungs.

    You decide to do something fun to relieve the stress. You pull your car onto the street. A policeman stops you. He informs you that while still not quite illegal, driving has its dangers and the gray line between what is and isn’t dangerous enough to be illegal is sliding, and driving may be illegal soon. Walking too because you could be hit by a car. But be careful because you will still need to get exercise because not exercising enough IS already illegal.

    So what do you do now? The list of activities that are illegal due to danger is growing daily. What can you do to be safe from arrest? You could hole up in your house. But not getting enough fresh air and sunshine is bad for you. Is it illegal? Who knows any more. Maybe take up gardening. Wait… too much sun is illegal now too. What to do?

  57. Not everyone share the same religious beliefs how could they ban something so stupid and beside everyone should be able to decide for themselves where is the “freedom” even in such a small matter. Sometimes I think goverments in some countries just create a new law which makes zero sense just because they are bored 😂

  58. This bill is a little bit too much I guess? Eventhough I do not drink alcohol, people sometimes need to drink. If they are really concern about peoples’ health, they should just put more taxes in alcoholic drinks to keep alcoholic people to buy it. The punishment also is a bit too harsh.

  59. We need strict regulation not prohibition, banning alcohol will only make the black market run rampant, also people are already producing bootleg alcohol (which is dangerous) here in indonesia and this is going to get worse if the demand of alcohol rise because of the prohibition

    Make strict rules like you need and id (ktp) to buy alchohol so underaged people can not buy, regulate the percentage of alcohol that is allowed for sale so people do not get drunk carelessly

  60. Why are they doing this? Trying to get votes or support? Lol sounds like what Malaysian politicians would do…in fact a law has been passed that certain states will be banning alcohols from being sold in convenience store.

  61. It seems every month Indonesia goes more and more backwards. Tourism there will stop. Our course the lady dressed in a full burka is against it. Why does she need to push her beliefs on the population? She claims its due to ” negative effects” What about the negative effects of Islam on the country? Maybe better to ban that

  62. 4:23 kalo loe belum faham, aku kasih tau.

    Itu cuma u bahan politik tendensius ke agama, agar mereka2 bisa menarik kelompok yg garis keras atau kelompok moderate bisa masuk ke dalam kelompoknya…. u 2024 ntar….

    Maaf, maaf…

    Note: saya setuju dgn opini bpk di 4:54

  63. This will affect a number of industries, especially tourism, restaurant, and hospitality. Not sure how many people work in these industries in Indonesia but they will definitely get hit first.

  64. *No one:*
    *Indonesia:* Drinking alcohol can put you into prison, but catching someone doing homosexual acts can get him/her caned in front of large crowds

  65. I wouldn’t go on holiday there if I can’t drink alcohol and most westerners won’t either so SAY GOODBYE TOURISM!! Which is what Indonesia was built on.

  66. The thing with prohibition is that it creates a black market for alcohol since the demand will always exist. The byproduct is that cartels will be able to control its distribution which not only puts people’s lives at risk, it also benefits the criminals instead of the restaurants or liquor stores.

  67. Banning alcohol will create a criminal underground that will become very wealthy from prohibition. It’s a very bad move for society and why does a government have jurisdiction over this. People don’t need this kind of interference from governmental entities. Also, the logic that banning alcohol consumption will stop alcohol-related issues has not been historically true. People will still drink, it is very easy to make alcohol as it is a natural product of the process of fermentation that happens in nature.

  68. If this Bill is approved (and I don’ think it will be) you can say goodbye to Bali as a tourist destination. Also, Prohibition has been shown not to work, But Indonesians can make their own decisions: their country, their rules.

  69. Seriously tho, how many violence and crime in indonesia that related to drunkness, if that the main government’s motive to banned it, i have never heard it in my entire life

  70. the draft alcohol ban was drafted by religious parties only, not all parties. I myself do not drink alcohol, but I against this law because it is not necessary and wasteful to imprison people for drinking / selling alcoholic beverages.

    Putting person in prison needs money to feed him, and needs a place. Don’t waste our taxes for weird rules

  71. Alcohol and cigarettes is a health hazard for the community therefore it should be banned.There are plenty of things to drink like fruit juice or soft drinks.

  72. Objectively judging why alcohol should be banned in Indonesia while they even haven’t tasted alcohol ever in their lives. Yikes. Just because it’s a muslim-majority country, so the minorities must follow what the majorities believe? “iNDoNEsIA aDALah nEgAra MajemUk” “inDonESiA adALaH nEgAra dEMoKrASI” “bHinNeKA tUNGgal iKa”

  73. You know what should be banned first, narrow minded government. This banned will leads the consumer to find any other way to get alcohol, and make the homemade alcohol that use many lethal ingredients usually called “oplosan” that certainly dangerous and cause so many deaths, so this regulation indirectly murdering citizens. What we truly need is strict rule on alcohol circulation in the market, underage consumer should be prohibited, restrict high alcohol percentage etc. just like any other countries

  74. not drinking can make some one be criminal…and drinking not to all can drinking…and why now?u must and know when and where u make rule for dringking not to stop all,thats make so funny.

  75. With all due respects to Indonesia being a Muslim country, they should look at the history of Prohibition here in the USA before trying to ban alcohol. It didn’t work for us, to put it mildly. I’m not saying that it shouldn’t be regulated…

  76. “Secular” majority Muslim countries do not exist. They will always force everyone else to follow their religious laws, sooner or later. Pity the millions of non-Muslim minorities in Indonesia. Especially in eastern Indonesia and West Papua. This is the reason why Timor-Leste fought for independence. In non-Muslim majority countries, people are bending over backwards to accommodate Muslim immigrants and travelers, putting prayer rooms in transportation hubs, labeling food as halal or not, allowing people to wear hijabs, allowing sharia to function in civil courts, and so on. But if you visit or live in their countries and are not Muslim, do they return the favor? Nope.

  77. Alcohol, beer, and drugs should all be banned worldwide. So everyone can be normal, healthy individuals. Also all smoking products like cigarettes should be banned to prevent lung cancers, heart attacks, and early deaths.

  78. asian boss, learn about islam first, then consult should you make this kind of video or not.
    you just can’t bring this topic to our country man.
    if you think that even our country are muslim, but you heard or saw a lots of muslim drink alcohol, it’s because we still have our freedom to but under consequences, that we know ourself. and there is always time/period for each person.

    but debating indonesia should allow or not drink alcohol is not an option, we are muslim country, so banning them is the right way.

  79. Well, alcohol consumtion is not the problem. Problem comes when people comsume it to too much. I think it’s not the drinking should be concerned as crime, but the action people do if they bring harms to others and their surroundings..

  80. I don’t say that i disagree with this alcohol ban, but i think cigarettes should be banned first 😐 alcohol may affect the country but cigarettes may affect the world because of the pollution.

  81. It’s the country’s rules for the muslims and it is fine with the nonmuslims so what’s the matter? Yall shouldn’t comment on the matter if you’re not from the country

  82. i agree they should have ban it. next they also should ban a knife, it is a weapon of murder. next maybe cars, it can cause death to pedestrian and the passenger. also water, it can kill people obviously. hmm whats next

  83. Yes – Indonesia need very strict rules when coming to alcohol, smoking and tobacco products. It’s crazy to see 14 years old boy smoking and tobacco are very cheap I heard. Government should come up like this rules.

  84. That’s a bit short-sighted, isn’t it?

    Wasn’t the reason Al Calpone and the mafia during his time were as strong as they were and the whole Moonshine business boomed, because they banned alcohol back in the day?

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