Short Province Girl: Age-Gap & Culture In The Philippines – Interview

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    In this video I discuss, “Short Province Girl: Age-Gap & Culture In The Philippines – Interview”

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  2. There is one more thing i would like to add in terms of Filipina mindset. In the Philippines and most of asia a darker, even just tan skin girl is not considered beautiful. Add being poor to the mix and that Filipina falls to 2nd or 3rd tier attractiveness by Filipino standards. Look to the Philippine media, only rich and lighter skin women are idolized. These brown Filipina have been told all their lives that they are not pretty, that they are less than because their skin, poverty, family so they accept being treated like crap by whatever dude in the barangay that will have them. When a man comes from across the sea and tells them they are beautiful and special, imagine what that does for them. My fiancee always thought she was ugly, now she has confidence and understands that she is worthy of a good man.

  3. I’ve pondered this question of not just age but looks, money amd self determination. Here is my personal conclusion.. as a western guy I would need to feel comfortable with the that much age gap..not just the age but the obvious disparity of looks and sex appeal. Yea I know you feel great about having a young lady on your arm…I think it’s pretty megalomaniac complex. But different strokes for different folks…Gracie is a poor girl with family values and having a guy care for her the world. I’ve seen the video where she worships her grandfather …she’s feels a unbreakable bond amd commitment to him…that’s the Filipina’s…they are diamonds…They seem like nice couple and if it works for you ..go for it. God bless one and all 🙏

  4. I dated my last girlfriend for 4 years. We are both American and she has a lot of characteristics of Filipina girls…sweet, caring, attentive, loyal, etc. However, she is 51 years old and seems very immature (ie – still calls her parents mommy and daddy, insecure, procrastinates, not serious about life, etc). I don’t have a lot of options at this point for meeting women in the States since I am 54 years old and most of the single women my age are not attractive. Sounds like moving to the Philippines or Latin America is a much better option.

  5. Reekey thanks for another great interview – Would be interesting to see an interview with a girl/wife who chose a partner with a large age gap, there partner passed, and where they are now.

  6. Reekay is a master at interviewing.I love that all the right questions are asked that are extremely revealing to me as a listener.
    It’s been humbling to me as I realize just how much I don’t know regarding relationships and culture in the Philippines. But thanks to Reekay and good solid material like this I can move forward with confidence to make good decisions, all the while having fun in life!

  7. Recommend someone hosting the old game show called, “The Dating Game”, with older foreigners & their young filipina, would be interesting & funny as hell. How about it Reekay?

  8. Yet another great segment! Your presence and manner of speech are very classy. When you were in the USA, were you a teacher or a counselor? You strike me as extremely professional and very very prim and proper. Thanks again!

  9. I’m glad you brought up the whole baby thing. Talking about how once you have a baby life will change drastically. I know filipina want babies. But they really don’t think about how it will affect their lives. All these girls talk about traveling and other stuff. They don’t seem to understand that when you have a child everything changes. It can also have a very negative effect on the marriage

  10. Hi reekay long time no talk. I been with you for years. Will always support you. I love this topic. People never get tired of arguing about it. Of course I’m good with it since I’m 27 years older then my filipina. Funny cause seems like all the young guys hate it. But not surprising. I can guarantee you that when they get older themselves their opinions will change. You could do this topic once a week and people will not get bored with it. I know you have done this topic before. Thanks for doing it again I really love listening to your thoughts on the matter. Take care of yourself reekay. I will be here watching your channel.

  11. Great interview! As we know “Age Gap” is a topic that has been discussed by yours and many channels, you’re one of the originals of course. As a matter of fact your channel was one of the references that I viewed before I went to the Philippines to meet young Filipina’s and eventually met my gf. That was 6 years ago, we lived together in 2015 and similar to what you discussed we really got to know each other. You touched on the other “Gaps” in a foreigner Filipina relationship besides age. It’s culture and it’s really getting to understand the differences. You really do an excellent job digging into this topic. My Filipina (wife) we got married in the Philippines in December 2018. We probably don’t seem like we have that much of an age gap but if you want to interview us once I get back to PHL please let me know. I would push more on the topic of cultural differences and what a foreigner needs to adapt too in PHL, from a guy that has to travel back to USA for work then back to PHL to be with his wife and live seaside in a fishing village.
    I’ll sub to Short Provence Girl and she obviously is very much in love with Sean as he is with her. I wish them the best!

  12. Much better to have children with grandparents and aunts around to care for the children at times. Women that young usually need mentoring from the older generations.

  13. Great Interview. I could agree with U more. I have never thought I was better the a woman but, different. That gets blurred in the west. U right are generation was taught to respect woman. My GF took some getting used to my lady’s first attitude. The only thing that I believe western men should be aware of is most 20 somethings do want or have kids. I am in a 20 yr. age gap & she is 45 so having more kids is not as big a deal with her as some although I am capable of having them at her age it is as likely.

  14. Reekay I subscribe to a lot of Youtube channels that are based in the Philippines. I hope that you don’t mind this compliment but you are a cut above the rest, in the way that you formulate your questions and your content has some thought put in it. Each video is a pleasure to watch….

  15. Nice interview Reekay, and good to get to know Sean a bit more, as he tends to stay out of picture usually. They are a nice couple. The age gap issue will always provoke different response, and is surprising when you first see it. After visiting the Philippines many times, I don’t think anything of it now, and have had them myself. I like them, but each to their own.

  16. Hello. I’ve been watching your videos a lot since lontemp and I hope you will hand over the French subtitles for French who don’t speak much English thanks to you I’m all the time touj of very good videos.

  17. Great to have this kind of interview. Would be great to see more of these success stories as well as relationships that didn’t work out. Not because we want to hear drama or something but what we can learn from. What to expect with a filipina, culturally etc.

  18. Ah yes. The Evil X. So refreshing here because most Filipinas don’t have the nasty disposition that’s all too prevalent with a lot of divorcee American women. Nice couple. Good luck.

  19. There is a reason why it’s frowned upon in the west

    We’ve all bedded a 100+ young pinay in the Philippines, so it’s not exactly an astounding feat to have a partner 1/2 the age in the Philippines

    If young girls as an partner floats the boat, then go for it, just don’t expect it to be welcomed with open arns in the west if ever decided to venture back there

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