She was a Virus Day tripper ,Name Change, Checkpoints March 27, 2020

Old dog New Tricks shoots the breeze with Baby Mae during Quarantine time in the Philippines

Mae’s cooking channel


  1. Playboy is Only digital now….. Very healthy ..Avacodos// WA state and been escaping to logging trails for trail running….beautiful 15-20 ft Christmnas trees=Doug Fir 9 miles today.

  2. Hi Giday Paul/Mae ๐Ÿ‘‹
    From Sydney Australia ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ
    For myself not much has changed still working but that could change this week maybe!
    But thousands now unemployed !
    Any how hope you all get through this unscathed take care guys!

  3. Hi Paul, I’m from West Virginia. Enjoy your video this morning my time. I put in Social Security for over 30 years and I’m getting my disability at this time. You put in Social Security and yes I believe that you should get a check to. Take care

  4. Hi Paul and Baby Mae, glad you are doing good and still happy. England mainly in lockdown also and confirmed virus cases rising fast now. Itโ€™s tough for everyone now, but try to stay positive and stay safe.. Your lighthearted rambles always brighten my day, so thanks for that.

  5. Hi Paul and Baby Mae, Very entertaining video ! I am in Queensland, Australia. I think we all understand that the corona virus is a world wide problem now. Things are getting really serious here in Australia for example with the covid-19 virus. Many thousands losing their jobs, thousands of business’s being closed, borders being closed, major issues with inadequate protective gear for health care professionals. I tried to get an appointment to see a Dentist today for a problem tooth, and was turned away because the Dentist did not have adequate protective gear to see me. My brother’s wife needs surgery and can’t have it for the same exact reason, no protective gear available for the hospital staff. There was an article in an Australian newspaper here that a Chinese company bought up all the protective gear here in Australia and sent it to back to China leaving us with virtually nothing. The general public can’t even buy hand sanitiser . Interesting times. God bless From Chris <>< p.s. God is still in control.

    1. @Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks morning Paul I think your efforts to help someone in need shows alot about your character I am a big fan of your channel and look forward to seeing more.

  6. Hi Old Dog, I am here in Moal Boal, Cebu. Itโ€™s a beautiful place with everything a retiree like me (63 year old Australian) could wish for. Unfortunately we are about to go into full lockdown with only 1 person from each household allowed to go out for food or medicine. I had to hand back my rented motorbike yesterday and a curfew was imposed last night (10pm until 5am) which is fine with me. The only restriction that really bugs me is the no swimming rule. With a beautiful beach next to our cottage and the Philippine sunshine, thatโ€™s a tough one ! Stay safe and thanks for the informative vlogs ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Here in L.A., last week, lockdown at beaches (lots of surfers) and boardwalks bc people, mostly young people probably out of school, were not following the six feet rule like at Costco, when in line to pay, you have to stand six feet away fr the person infront of you. Here if you walk to the park, like I walk my dog in a stroller (he is recovering from torn tendons – both front legs), we follow the six feet rule at the park. Too bad you cannot go swimming esp in the warm water there. I heard the virus doesn’t like warm weather??

  7. Hey there Paul, Baby Mae & Gaylord! That Ian guy was a genius suggesting that viewers leave comments with details of where they are viewing from. I wish Iโ€™d thought of that suggestion. Itโ€™s great that things seem to be working out for Jenny and her young daughter, Yashly. Is it not fascinating that you get criticism for helping them out? Of course, had you not helped out then another critic would have chastised you for not helping!! Some critics need to get over their self-righteous indignation and moral superiority. You all did well, including Gaylord. Cheers from Perth, Western Australia ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ

  8. Hey Paul and Baby Mae from Yinchuan,Ningxia, China. Everything here is just about back to normal. Hope to be there in Dumaguete in July or August.

  9. Cagayan de Oro City doing good. In 15 days now. Married to a fantastic Filipina. From Florida been here 4 years. Keep the videos coming. Thanks. God bless.

  10. Hey Paul and Mae. Thanks for the vid and glad you two are doing fine. Me and Glo are fine. She’s staying busy on the sewing machine and I’m busy making goofy videos. Hugs, Bud

  11. hey paul, im from the uk, but retired early here in the philippines, i have a private pension, but i will get nothing from our government, even though i paid national insurance for over 40 years, im 57 but i cannot claim my state pension till im 67, if i still lived in the uk they would pay me a lot more than my private pension pays me, so go figure ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Love it,, lol, u keep my laughing when i need it, Nick from Steamboat Springs, Colorado,, still snowing here, we on state wide stay at home order,, its like a Twilight Zone episode,, but i did see 2 Zombies yesterday,,

    1. My cable TV went down yesterday, Thursday, and technician from DirecTV is scheduled to come on Tuesday so that’s 5 days of no TV. Will be on YT in the meantime. Emergency news is sent to my phone by text.

  13. Hey iam in Colorado iam driving truck listen to u guys enjoy it. Ive got a picture to send u in my travels. Can u send me ur email i would like to share it with u.

  14. As a suggestion, In the future, you should refer to your scooter as the “manly pink” scooter. I’m just here to help, no need to thank me.

  15. Locked down in Legaspi been here 3 months was supposed to go back to UK 6th April. UK Gov said come home now. 13 hour bus journey on a non- existant bus to be stuck in Manila with no flight and no accomodation…nah ill stay here thanks.ahh yeah no backriders here only 1 per motorcycle you can get a fine. Only 1 per household allowed out of the barangay to shop for 3 hours with a quarantine pass issued by the Barangay.

  16. Here in Norway you can’t sit down in a restaurant but can order take out. Most hotels closed and social gatherings, movie theater, sporting events, schools things like that closed or canceled super markets are open. Malls are probably open but i see no reason to venture out so not sure if any restrictions there besides take out only at food places.

  17. Great video old dog ๐Ÿ‘ your lookin good with your new diet ๐Ÿ‘ baby Mae is still looking beautiful ๐Ÿ‘ good luck ๐Ÿ€ on her new channel

  18. Newcastle in England , just getting started here with Covid19, expecting peak in 2weeks, self solated now for 16 days .. stay at home stay safe

  19. Paul, quite obviously we live in a world full of stupid people. You should have asked the imbecile with the social security comment if that same policy should apply to people who are in the military serving overseas.

  20. Hey Paul & Baby Mae, we probably donโ€™t live too far from you. Yep, wondering about my check too. I know Iโ€™ll be returning it in my taxes probably 10x as much. Got to remodel the Kennedy Center you know. Haha at $30 million. Take care ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  21. I would expect that Gaylord is kinda bummed being left out of the new channel name. I mean really, what did he do look!,,!!! But seriously, you 3 take care of yourselves (we r counting super chicken) have a great day….and feed Gaylord please !

  22. Playgirl magazine? Wow you are really dating yourself ! Ha, Hopefully u didn’t subscribe, not that there’s anything wrong with that, haha. Keep up the good work

  23. Jeff from Superior Wisconsin I enjoy starting my day watching your videos, we are under a stay at home order, I plan on moving to the Philippines next year I have been watching every video I can find online to make the transition as easy as possible thank you so much for all your information and good luck to you too stay safe.

  24. Here in Oregon and we are under a semi-lock down, two in a bank, nonessential businesses closed, no church, no meetings over 10, social distancing , so on and so on. We walk on the bike path, grocery store early in the morning on Sunday.
    My wife(filipina) and I(63) were headed to the Philippines to our house in Talamban, Cebu on April 11 but everything is canceled. Have to wait till September now. Take care over there.

  25. Paul I am in double blind witness protection due to the roasting I have been doing on social media. Should they find me look for the mushroom cloud lol.

  26. Been living in Taiwan for over twenty years. I really enjoy the videos and content. So much in fact, I plan to hop over and check out the Philippines when this mess is over.

  27. Paul, new sub here and I am enjoying your channel. You have an infectious laugh speaking of the current topic. Just curious what part of the US are you from? Keep the videos coming as they are a nice relief from the news.

  28. She’s more popular than you now Old Dog. Once Baby Mae gets rich and famous she’ll probably dump you for some young, body building, dude in his early 50s. It will be just you and Gaylord the chicken, but I’ll still watch your shows.

  29. Paul you deserve the 1200 as much as any American.. for those of you that don’t know americans living outside the USA still pay USA income taxes.. so go soak your heads if you think Paul and others aren’t entitled.. Paul do a segment on your health insurance Please?

  30. Hello Paul and Baby Mae , John here in USA Virginia, family and friends and I are all good here so far . I think the USA is around 86,000 cases so far . New York City is getting slammed with it and Louisiana is starting to get slammed hard

  31. Hahaha! Theres an acronym Paul of topics you should avoid when in a social setting if you dont want to start a confrontation. I dont know if you have ever heard of it. The acronym is RAPE! Religion, Abortion, Politics & Economics.

  32. You guys are so compatible…seems like you bring out the best in you, yes?? Really glad to see happy couples together. I wish I could meet a guy who can make me laugh all the time…

  33. The channel is much better now that Mea joins you in the videos๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

    In Boston area and hope to go there as soon as its OK to travel !!

  34. Baby Mae the power shopper! Thanks for the video! STay safe and healthy! Milwaukee, Wisconsin here. We have a stay at home rule going on here. Can go for groceries and to the Pharmacy.

  35. I’m in Iowa, in the Midwest. Working retail. Our store is still out of toilet paper. Paul, are you wearing Baby Mae’s tshirt? Lol. jk.

  36. Paul Ne (G/F) & I moved from Tagbilaran City Bohol to Davao City about a week before the quartine. If I would have seen it coming I would have stayed in Bohol. We came here so she could take over her business which her pregnant daughter (who is due now) was running for her. I think she worked 4-5 days before the lockdown when they closed the Casino. Oh well. I enjoy U r Vlogs. Thanks, Ron

  37. Paul, I think that I can attribute much of the success of your relationship with Mae to be that half the time, neither one of you truly understands what the other one is talking about. ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

  38. Glad Paul you and baby Mae are doing good ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m here just outside Tulsa Oklahoma and they have everything here non-essential shut down even the hospitals.. so you guys stay safe ๐Ÿ‘

  39. Greetings Paul and Mae, from Livermore, California. Here we have shelter in place, and things seem to be going ok. Traffic here is about 50% of its normal volume. Costco and the grocery stores have 99% of everything, but some items are 1 per customer. Iโ€™m thankful Iโ€™m still working, and even getting overtime…stay safe everyone! Letโ€™s pray we turn the corner in a couple more weeks…๐Ÿ‘

  40. I’m in Tucson, Arizona and staying away from everyone unless I test positive for the CCP virus. Then I’ll go visit the ex. Kidding! Enjoying your channel, Mae. Peace out!

  41. Hello Paul, I live outside of Toledo Ohio. Other than the bars and restaurants being closed, we can go anywhere We want too. My factory is closed because of this virus also. Take care, George.

  42. Living in Montreal, Canada; coronavirus is in city but everybody stay home and offwork; but we get lucky; gouv. replace salary so far; so time for chores and relax and awaiting that snow get out streets so i can get my Suzuki X90 1996 ready for annual Road Trip

  43. mostly we are fine here , requested we stay at home, not forced. may go forced in future, but australia is settling down now. no more hoarding allowed . u are supposed get $1200 US.

  44. Hey Maeday and Paulio hows things goin? I’m in Northern Nevada. You had to have filled taxes in 2018 or 2019 in order to get a stimulus check. Good here folks. Have to work everyday, Getting people benefits. Great job, satisfying. 2 cases in the county. Keep to myself, but kinda always have. Paul, headed that way soon my friend. One thing this has taught me, you survive, you put all the crap aside, sell it all, suitcase and a backpack, Philippines bound.

  45. I thought health care is free now in Phil.Refusing against the law.Jenny should call 8888 this is a direct line to higher gov’t.and report this.She will be given advise too.

  46. What a sad day… checkpoints. Just like you-know-who in the 40s.

    It may happen here, too. The saddest part is that people so limply give in.

    “Those who sacrifice liberty for safety will receive neither.” – Ben Franklin

    I live in a medium small town in the Southern California desert.

  47. Greetings from San Diego. All shut down here. I see we have the ignominious honor of having the most virus cases in the world with no sight of the peak. ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ. California is taking it seriously but Iโ€™m not so sure of the other areas of the country. Stay safe!

  48. Was able to get to Cebu to fly out thanks to the Dumaguete Visitor center on the square. They arranged bus to Tampi ferry, ferry ride and then van ride to Cebu city. Military police escort all the way. What a ride! Mandatory lockdown at designated hotel. Room service only, unable to leave hotel. Designated taxi to airport. Stay at home order here. Doing alright, you guys stay safe.

  49. You are totally right, itโ€™s not the size of the donation but the fact those can help as they can afford and feel comfortable with. Itโ€™s wonderful people, sometime perfect strangers, are willing to help. You two always bring me a smile, absolutely priceless. Hope you keep up the positive attitude during these times of uncertainty.

  50. Nice video guys….Keep up the good work. Our governor here in California is preparing to shut down all small business and financially destroy many families incomes here in Southern California. I like the new name for Mae’s cooking channel. Stay safe!……..Geno

  51. That was funny Paul. You do realize Baby Mae doesnโ€™t know who Ed McMann is lol. Oh and you gotta listen to the lizard unless Gaylord has something to add. LOL

  52. Hey Paul, I’m over in New Orleans.. Happy to be still employed and working daily.. Not too happy I have to be out among the masses.. Hoping to retire this year, and I’m heading to the Philippines.. We just need this bug to go away…

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