She says she lost our donation. Saigon.

Warning: Not uplifting.
I berate a poor person for losing a donation.
Apologies to Alex, Dung Le and Tom Hall. We gave her 5.7 million vnd.


  1. What if she put that money into bank, and take only what she need from ATM? Instead of keeping all the money with her? It possible to open back account if they don’t have address or job but they have money?

    1. And yes I hope she can hang onto the cash – I did send Troy some cash for Vi but added he can use as he sees fit – wish I could send more

    2. If she could have a bank account that would be great but from watching these uploads I doubt any of them have a bank account- it is a cash culture for these people. Trusting institutions with cash is natural in the West but for where these people are…..

    3. @Side Show what if she will don’t use card? You can go to bank branches, show ID and ask for money? That’s will be easier for her than ATM. But anyway hope she not get robbed next time 🙂

    4. Thailand 200-220 baht fee for ATM though guess that is just for foreign cards? Ok for me but for someone like her ATM fees would be heart breaking

  2. Ok, so she did get robbed from what I gathered from others. Not sure why title says lost. Anyways, I dont buy it one bit. What thief is going to look her way and think, “she’s got money, let me rob her.” Regardless, she prob still needs funds. Just not liking that she’s lying, then again, I can’t blame with the hardship of being poor and living there

  3. Thanks for the video Troy, I really do hope she spend the money on helping her sons family and visit her grand child that she was longing to do on the previous video.

  4. Troy did a good job by helping her out again but also lecturing her to be more careful. A lot of people in Vietnam saw her previous video and know she had some cash. It is possible she lend it out to someone else who left/deceived her.

  5. The son is likely even worse. He will drink and gamble with her money.
    Do not give money to these people. Give them help to help themselves. Buy her stocks of items she can sell. Buy her a sewing machine, if she can sew. Buy here pots to cook food.

    1. How about you move to Vietnam and do all that stuff you’re talking about Peter Kroll. Oh and you know her son hey? You think Troy has hours and hours on his hands to do that? Step up Peter and do it yourself.

  6. Should have filmed this away from prying eyes. The girl behind her is probably a lottery ticket seller (you can tell from the small bag she is carrying) which is basically begging. She can easily arrange a robbery knowing this naive old lady has no where to hide it except in her pocket.

  7. Troy – very good job. I’m sure if we all would walk a mile in her shoes we would all see a thousand situations where the money could have been lost or stolen. Her tears were real, it seemed to me. Thank you for speaking to her as you did. After all, the money is a donation and it is not up to us how it gets spent, stored, given or stolen.

  8. Troy, you did a good thing. I suspect she lost her money on lottery tickets. I think she mentioned buying lottery tickets in your first video with her. Still, she’s a needy soul and appeared to be very grateful.

  9. She ran down to The Top Hat Club and watched the all-male review, stuffing the money in their socks while downing shots of saki. Tonight, she will do it all over again ! Easy come, easy go. Bought the whole bar a round as well. Toodaloo, m***af*ckers !!!

  10. Troy ….the notes are too high for them to change without people seeing and for sure she keeps her possessions on her body at all times. People will know and will rob her. You made her count in the middle of the street. Plus in front of what seemed to be another person down on her luck. I do see you doing good but consider their circumstances. Stop touching people….. it’s not ok anymore. I live in NYC and I’m seeing people DIE everyday when I turn my TV on. Please be socially responsible now.

  11. You will not regret helping someone who doesn’t need it more than not helping someone that does. Your starting to turn into a negative Nancy Troy. Swallow some cement and harden up. Keep up the good work.

  12. I often watch your videos and worry about the money being lost or stolen, so hey, it was bound to happen sooner or later. That said, don’t feel bad Troy. If I gave you $100 and it was given away and then lost or stolen, I would not feel bad that my money did not remain with the recipient because I felt like it was wasted, I would instead feel terrible for the recipient because I would know how upset he or she must have felt in losing it. So, bottom line? I think that it is great that you were able to not only replace what she lost, but to give her even more money.

    I do, however,agree that the money should be handed out in a way that can’t be seen by passers by. Yes, people may be more honest on average in Viet Nam, but there are bad people everywhere, and right now there are even more desperate people than ever. In addition, for a woman like this, perhaps it would be nice if you could pay for her accomodations yourself out of the donations so that you know she will not get scammed or taken advantage of. Finally, if you can buy little fanny packs there at a cheap price, it might not be a bad idea to keep a couple under the seat of your bike so that you can hand them out whenever you run into a person and decide that he or she does not have a good place to store the money. It always makes me cringe when I see anyone put money into his or her pocket, because loose bills in a pocket is frequently the cause of money being lost.

  13. Up and down, that’s life. Good and bad, we will watch these vids. We’re not always going to LOVE everyone that gets money, it’s the thought and effort that counts. You’ve done your job Troy, that’s all anyone can do, and be asked to do.

  14. You & your friends are doing great but such poor souls need something more than that. They need order and I am sure you can help them to find it. Keep doing good Son. Ayu-Bo-Wan.

  15. Saigon is NOT immune to crime of opportunity. Taking advantage of poor, elderly and disabled is common in Saigon. Troy should just interview a blind or elderly lottery seller, and he will learn the number of times they get robbed or cheated. If you sleep on the streets, people will go through your belongings and take whatever they want.

  16. Morning Troy. It was uplifting, in the fact that you were able to replace her funds. We just have to go on faith and these are bad times, her story may not be “straight”, but maybe she just didn’t know how to own up to not having the money. Another thing, I don’t recall in any other video that a someone has lost the money given them, so really that is very good odds. So all in all a win.

  17. while i am skeptical of her story, what is the alternative? She gambled it? Drank it away? Partied? Made some irresponsible purchases?
    nothing makes sense… perhaps she lost it but is embarrassed to say so exactly and thus easier to say robbed…

  18. Maybe we will not ever know what really happened to the last donation , but your supporters helped her once again ! Good job Troy! You handled it well! Great video! 🙏👍

  19. She’s homeless and old so it’s understandable that she could have lost or had money stolen from her. When you’re homeless, things happened Hell, I even lost stuff in my own house, can’t find it after I bought it. We’ve had all losing stuff, or can’t find the stuff we have. Because of Covid-19, most places are being lock-down now, so these poor people need help more than ever.

  20. Brother, thank you for what you do. The beautiful woman’s emotions sure seemed authentic to me. Please consider that she may very likely have spent an entire lifetime holding back her tears. Or worse yet, she may have shed her entire life’s worth of tears and she has no more.. I personally believe the concept that whenever you lend a hand or heart to another living being, you help us all. As the saying goes, “look into her eyes and see GOD.”

    BTW, you’re a Giant among men, in my eyes. Thank you again, Beloved.

  21. …….What do you expect? You count out a giant fan of big bills IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET. We can see that most of these recipients look left and right to see if anyone saw the transfer….it’s common sense. Go into a corner to do these donations…or take other steps to ensure some privacy.

  22. Feel bad for her but it’s unclear how she got robbed. She only said she will rent a place to keep it safe. Did she have it with her or she left the money on her cart while sleeping? Troy should have suggested that she put her money in a bank and make withdrawals as needed. In other youtube channels, they advise the recipients of large donations to put them in the bank for safekeeping.

  23. Great Video Troy. That fact is that she didn’t need to tell you that she lost the money. Looks like she was just being honest.

  24. Shit. My wife got robbed for $5000 a long time ago. She went to the bank to make a deposit and withdrew $5000. She came back to the apartment and left the cash and a check in the apartment. We went out. When we came back both the cash and check was gone. They cashed the check too but we were able to get the money from the check back. Shit happens. It was an inside job.

  25. She probably didn’t have toilet paper for so long, she used the money to wipe her ass with it, just for the nostalgia of feeling paper caressing her ass. For once, she felt human again

  26. We don’t really know how she lost it.. She must have been devastated when it happened..? In any case I know pick pocketing is rife in Vietnam. A slight bump or one look away and you’re done.
    Its ok guys .. As some one said she is still working hard so , shes been give a Chance card. ( for those who know monopoly )

  27. I’m not saying someone didn’t victimize her, but if you don’t have the wherewithal to hold onto your money, you are probably beyond hope. That last homeless woman with the smile like a kid just stuffed more money than she had ever seen into her life into a crappy bag as though it was nothing. Part of it may be that they just aren’t used to having anything of value. Of course they almost certainly don’t have bank accounts etc. Don’t know what the solution is.

    1. You mean the lady that didn’t want to take the full amount Troy wanted to give her? You think she stuffed it into her bag like that because she doesn’t care for money? I don’t understand your comment. “Crappy bag” – wtf is she supposed to have a Louis Vuitton? “As if it was nothing” – you’re a mind reader are you? The tone of part of your comment makes you sound heartless, which I’m sure you didn’t mean.
      Edit: “beyond hope” – another heartless thing to say. I hope no one ever thinks you’re “beyond hope.”

  28. she probably spent it gambling or something – why on this night she gets robbed unless she was flashing the cash or told the wrong person about it – shes obviously poor why would she randomly be robbed on the night you gave her a big dono – not trying to be negative it just doesnt make sense

    1. Did you just assume she gambled it? You also assumed she couldn’t get robbed without “flashing the cash?” The world doesn’t make sense and shit will happen. Hopefully you don’t have such bad luck and no one judges you so quick.

  29. Where I am, we have the closing down of most bars and restaurants, unless they provide for takeout. Ever since this started, I’m noticing an alarming recipe of almost empty streets, less police presence, and more shady characters hanging around at night. Maybe they were also there before, and harmless, but I can’t help wondering if the emptiness is going to make crime rise everywhere.
    I never thought about those poor lotto ticket vendors, having no income for a while. How will they survive?

  30. Hi troy, to avoid the robbery its wise to put a delay to post it on youtube maybe 1 week later. robbers maybe watching this video too. so they will instantly search for her.

  31. I don’t want to bust the bubble but her story is fishy. 1) nobody robs a homeless person. Some scumbags do but i wouldn’t bet on her story.
    My theories are either her husband is a gambler and owes money to the gangsta or he’s a drunkard. She used the money to bail him out or help him with more booze. or I could be totally wrong.
    What a coincidence she got robbed when she had the most money but never got robbed when she didn’t.

    1. @Fillipo Enzagi Bullshit. what are the chances some scumbags happened to rob a homeless person when she had the most money and nobody robbed her before when she had nothing. You don’t know the whole story, you are judging just from the video. You are the fucking keyboard warrior who believes everything on the internet.

    2. “Nobody robs a homeless person” and then the next sentence “Some scumbags do.” Well done on changing your mind so quick and well done on judging someone you don’t know. May you have the best luck in the world and never be judged by keyboard warriors when you are down on your luck.

    1. Nice of you to judge there big boy. I hope you never have the misfortune to become homeless and to be judged by others without a shred of evidence.

  32. I don’t doubt her. The people you’re helping are weak and vulnerable so they’re easy targets for muggers and robbers. It makes me cringe a bit when you hand them large amounts of cash in broad daylight. I would be more discreet. But anyways, keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll chip in from time to time

    1. @Fillipo Enzagi but it makes sense because in the previous video she says that whenever she has extra money at the end of the day she spends it on the lottery

  33. I’m on the fence about her. She is very lucky to be given another chance to get the help. But I will say, yes I have been homeless living on the streets and know of many people who have fallen asleep only to wake up and be cleaned out. I made a point to my friend because he was saying ‘oh you cant trust anyone”. Well he fell asleep and I had another friend watch me as I was able to take everything out of his pockets and put it all in another pocket and told him there are pepoleyou can trust, if I was a thief you wouldn’t have anything. Sorry my point is yes falling asleep is dangerous on the streets but I alo say if you have something so vital to your survival wouldn’t you hold onto it for dear life. Again what do I know, lol I’m just an onlooker I know it so much different to actually be in the situation.

  34. Don’t think you should be negativel bro, some people get abuse as kids and grow up with mental issue and it can affect them their whole life. She seem a little out of it.

  35. I don’t know man, she could be lying, she could be saying the truth or maybe you’re already famous in Saigon streets and have eyes on you and the people you donate too 🧐 stay safe pleya 🤞

    1. Somewhere with a parking spot for her cart? Somewhere that wouldn’t mind having that cart in their parking bay? Maybe alot of places don’t allow people like this lady to stay there. Maybe Troy doesn’t have time to do that. Maybe you should move to Vietnam and start yourself or not leave an asinine comment. Mr T, I looked up to you as a kid. I thought you were smarter. 😭

  36. I don’t believe her. I wouldn’t even give her a second chance. It sounds harsh, but you are better off to help send a child to school. I would’ve told her sorry, no 2nd chance.

    1. If you are ever down on your luck I hope someone gives you a second chance. And I hope no-one is so judgemental to ask that person to not give you a second chance.

  37. Go with her to rent a room of her choice. Pay the rent up front (make sure there’s paperwork/contract). Have her keep a mil cash for food etc. Can’t “lose” the money that way.

  38. Like many people i was really happy to see this lady given a donation the first time around, she seemed a very deserving case and very appreciative. I am also disappointed to hear that she “lost” the money but i can’t help myself i really like this woman or at least i want to. I really hope that she is genuine and hope you catch up with her again with better news next time. I have to agree with Shannon Cooper regarding giving money while others are looking on. That woman was transfixed when you handed the money to the old lady and i just hope that she didn’t follow her and mug her. Keep up the good work Toy, whether this woman is genuine or not your deeds are making a massive difference to the people that you are helping and you are going a long way to restoring my faith in mankind Stay safe mate.

  39. I’m really glad that you have given her money again. It doesn’t matter what happened to the money you gave earlier. Maybe it was lost, stolen as she said. Or maybe she HAD TO make a big payment for something and after having done that, needs money again. She might have been too ashamed to ask for more money during the first time, so she came up with this story. But in any case, she needs the money, and all the money that Troy gave helped her. TBH, I would have given her money even for a third time! She’s an old woman living a very though life, she needs it.

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