Sharing What I Saw Today, Walking The Streets of Lahug – Philippines

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  2. Great to know everybody is living life like covid no longer exists. Meanwhile I continue to be locked down tight and can’t even go out with my gf (because we only have like 4 passes for our entire condo). I’m not sure how all these people get out without a pass? Or am I the only person that doesn’t have my own exclusive quarantine pass? Either way it sucks and hope PH doesn’t end up like Florida USA with a huge outbreak when everybody lets their guard down because they’re “tired of it.”

  3. You’re right. Some business open like a regular days but one should not forget the wearing of mask, face shield when you’re traveling taxi, just like that. Traffic is not so much as the usual days. I Live near your area, i know where ayala is, jy Mall. When you planned to travel up from jy Mall, there are checkpoints that taxi occupant has to present either a quarantine pass, company id if You’re Worker, or certificate of employment.

    But sad to say, Bohol my hometown, records a high cases probably due to locally stranded individual who went back to their respective hometown from Manila for having no job at the capital city.

  4. Thankyou for sharing Reekay, by now we have all adjusted to the new norm, but I am still wishing to travel and experience the true Phillippines. Cheers from Australia! 🇦🇺

  5. I have lived in Dipolog City for about 5 years. Unfortunately everything here is running about 30%. Sari Sari and Okay Okay stores popped up everywhere in March, with people scrambling to earn some income. Most of them are already gone now. Everywhere I walk there seems to be more and more for rent signs and boarded up buildings. Even the grocery stores may have only 2 cashiers when they used to have 10+. The shelves are also half empty all the time. I have also traveled to my wife’s province a few times; about an hour out of town. Before and after the pandemic folks out there are all the same for the most part. To them, nothing has really changed. Some don’t even really know whats going on.

  6. Here in argao and dalaguete yes it’s mostly like you describe almost back to normal except for masks I live on the highway between and wow the traffic is even more busy than before the virus

  7. Hello Reekay’s, I’ve been watchin your videos for a while now. I found your channel from your (Cagayan De Oro to Cebu via Philippine Airlines video). Keep making GREAT videos on YouTube and stay safe.

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