Setting The Water Pump Back Into The New Well

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  1. The hell with the rice ,plant many different vegetables in that field see what grows best..dry season is going to kill you .save the well water

  2. I think the well water causes the brown. Something about surface water going into the well picking up some mineral or whatever. All that rain flushed out the pits and the Azola greened up. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it?

  3. Instead of breaking it loose every time why not put a Y in it and a shut off valve going to the rice fields. That way no need to take apart all the time!!

  4. Re the rice, still think using the last two three azolla pits, would have been preferable for growing the seedlings now the whole field( at least the section growing the seedlings), needs flooding!
    Amazing how quickly it has dried out!

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