Sending/Receiving Packages to the Philippines

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  1. If possible try FedEx. I sent dried calamares from Bacolod City to Riverside, CA. It was like 3-4 days. Can’t remember the cost. Never send anything during late hrs. in the afternoon and fridays. A local saying “don’t do something stupid during fridays”. The court judge won’t be around till next week. Then you’ll end up living in jail till your bail hearing. You’ll end up cleaning the throne thru the duration of your stay. LOL..

  2. Depends on the weight and what the ‘to/from’ countries, which direction it is. To know for sure check out DHL(dot)com for a price check.

  3. Recently got School Transcripts picked up at a school in Davao and sent by FedEx to Toronto. $ 85.00 CDN and took 2 days for pickup because FedEx uses a contractor in that area…then 5 days to Toronto. As far as shipping stuff of any value to Philippines…good luck! If it looks like it may have money or valuables in it… kiss it goodby or be prepared to pay a bribe/gratuity if/when it does arrive.

  4. .com, of course, Rick it would let me put the full address and send the message to you, but I said, check amount. I’m sure you’ll like them. I’ve had great luck with them several times now very affordable and may specialize in the Philippines. But like I said, Rick, you’re gonna only one okay, I may need some help in dealing with my Philippine yeah girlfriend man what a handful LOL.. Check amount and send me a PM. Let me know what you think. Thanks for all your advice! I’m headed there in a year

  5. From CANADA: My wife and I sent two large boxes (approx: 2’x2’x3′ – weight did not matter) from Winnipeg to the Philippines using a company called UMAC. Each box was about $90 and arrived in about 2 months. We’ll be using them probably on a yearly basis, given our experience so far.

  6. Australia Post are the biggest thieves on this planet. Dont ever think anyone can send anything from Australia to overseas. I can buy things off ebay the cost of the item shipped here is cheaper than I can send a domestic letter its criminal.

    1. only in¬† Asia is¬† money stolen from¬† post…maybe its bec the post¬† employees are so badly paid¬† they feel they are entitled to steal their customers money…all my life I have sent cash in birthdays cards¬† via post in western Europe..never , ever was the¬† cash stolen.¬† next time I will be wiser…salamat.

    2. @Tony o seanainn¬†That’s nothin’ new and that’s not the good way to send money either. If you send money to someone in a ¬†/ developing country through the postal system, ¬†guess the high probability of it gone like puff of smoke without a trace, but good the card arrived to the recepient.

    3. I sent a birthday card to an 80 year old in Luzon. I put 10$ in with the card..she got the card but the 10$ bill was taken. The Philippines post service is¬† unreliable and dishonest. Just don’t send ANYTHIBNG to that country by standard post. The post office workers steal from their own people. Its more fun in he Philippines!? yah sure!!

  7. Philippine Postal Service doesn’t function anymore for what it’s suppose to be doing and services they suppose to render to the public. It’s one of the most corrupt institutions of the Philippines that still stands and continue to exist for nothing. They don’t represent anything anymore. It’s such a shame.

  8. I agree with you about USPS. If the US postal service doesn’t steal it then the Philippine postal service certainly will. I have had more problems with the US Postal Service steeling money from ¬†birthday card that I sent. She never received the card because I put the money in another sealed envelope. They must have had to destroy the card envelope to steal the money so they never sent the card on. Also I sent packages to the Philippines and the Philippine post office charged her a fee when she went to pick up the package. I already paid the postage. The Balakbayan boxes are the way to go. Slow but there are too many for the customs agents to open all of them and steal from them. So far I have had nothing stolen. DO NOT send anything other than a letter through the regular postal service. They are all completely corrupt. They are so busy stealing customers that it takes forever to get your mail, if you are lucky enough to actually receive it. By the way I have used an independent for the Balakbayan boxes. I think they go through Manila Forwarders. From Ohio it is $110. Still a bargain no matter how you look at it. No weight limit on the boxes. Thanks forgetting your viewers no about your experiences.¬†

  9. Me and family were on holiday in the Philippines last July- to August 2014, and sent a jumbo box through LBC  in end of May, hoping it would catch us up whilst there with our pasalubongs and favorite sauces for cooking. As promised to 6- 8 weeks arrival time. In our  last week of holiday , the package still remained in Manila, while we are at Negros. Arrival at destination was two weeks on top of the said arrival time. Nothing missing, and no extra charges . Maybe I should have send it much earlier.

    1. @Danilo Marquez¬†if you are sending it from ‘within’ the PH, then LBC is the cheapest, fastest way to ship anything. ¬†same really for sending into the PH from outside the PH, but that can get really expensive. ¬†

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines
      Yeah I’ve been using LBC for quite some time now, ¬†I was referring to the package from PH to USA, I was hoping to send some stuff though :s¬†

    2. @Adrian Zenaku that was for a package at LBC, from PH to USA. i’ve done lots of business with LBC in various locations, never got scammed by them. they’re a pretty legit company.

    3. @Adrian Zenaku that was for a package at LBC, from PH to USA. i’ve done lots of business with LBC in various locations, never got scammed by them. they’re a pretty legit company.

  10. I have a question sir I want to send stuff from Orlando Fl to cagayan de oro I should use DHL for mailing stuff I don’t have a LBC close to my vicinity.

  11. how I can send tshirt (local brand) to u.s.??, because in fedex it should be branded before you can send it to u.s. how about in dhl is it the same way like in fedex when it comes sending shirts????

    1. @Don Consolacion i can’t say there’s another way around fedex’s policy. but it will be fairly expensive to send it either fedex or dhl.. more than what the shirt is worth. easiest/cheapest way would be to include it with your luggage on your next trip to the recipient. or.. find the smallest box that ‘balikbayan’ will send, that’ll still cost around $40 usd, and take about 2 months to arrive.

  12. another option… the VFA office in Angeles city….if some of your audience are prior veterans, they can use a service called SAMS…..i forgot what the acronyms stands for…but its very cheap (i think)…..the pkg, basically is sent from Phil to Japan via military flights….so, imho…..thats very safe, and it does take quite a while to get to USA….but its totally secured and cheap…..Rekkay….thanks for all the videos u post….so much contribution to all pending their trip to the phil….thanks again…keep making videos……luv em!!!

  13. Beware of using Fedex. I sent some docs and a 16GB flash drive in a small package and they charged me almost $100 here in the U.S. and then they charged my receiver in the Philippines another charge of 3 times the price of the items in the box. Absolute extortion! They will hold the package in a Fedex location somewhere in a bigger city since they have limited places of operation there, and not only you must travel to the location, if you live in another town or an island, but you’ll have to pay the extortion fee in order to get your package. After I learned what my receiver in the Philippines paid to get the package I sent them, I complained to the Fedex consumer affairs office here in the e-mail and they didn’t even bother sending me their pathetic “cookie cutter apologetic e-mail/letter to say ..”we are sorry..”. No respect and acknowledgement from Fedex! Terrible company to deal with when using them to send stuff outside the U.S.!! Use DHL or LBC instead, period..
    P.S. Fedex has practically no oversight or control over the procedures/dealings/ operations of their affiliates in many countries and the offices which receive Fedex packages in those countries, realize that the sender has paid a lot of $$ to send the letter or package by using the Fedex services and therefore, they want to get some “piece of the action”..if you will..;-)
    You are better off, planning ahead and putting all things you need to send early enough (30-40 days before you need them to arrive in the Philippines and include them in a Balikbayan box. It will take “forever” lol (40 days aprox.) by ship, but at least it will be cheap as dirt. However, sending important documents is another story…LBC or DHL is probably the best bet.

    1. Just went through very similar experience. Sent my girlfriend Xmas gift, value of $550 CAD, 3 pound weight box.. Fedex charged me $298 right away, before delivery, they charged my girlfriend another 10,700 PhP (aprox. another $300) for taxes, custom, storage …. No mention that address was in metro Manila, just 20 minutes from Fedex office in Pinay city. Ridiculous service. No more.

  14. I have a question: I’m sending a small package (snacks/chocolates) to Kansas from Manila for the very first time and I have no idea which type of shipping service to go with. I figure it’s gonna be less than a 5kg box that contains about less than 100USD worth of goods. What is the safest bet that’s not gonna rip me off completely? Also, I really don’t want the receiver to pay for anything when it arrives. Also appreciate it if you can fill me in on how well they handle the package. Don’t want the box thrown and crushed before it gets there.

  15. hi can any one help me I want to send a parcel for the first time from the uk to the Philippines but when it get to the Philippines will my girlfriend have to pay any custom charges to get the parcel

    1. At the moment my son’s package still not arrive,they are waiting.I send the package since Dec.22,2016.The DHL post said it will take one month,I said ok,but now is already 3 months.I think it is there in the Philippines.I complaint here and they complaint there,don’t know when it will arrive.The 2 small packages has already there for my 2 sisters which is only half kilo.The biggest 2kilos with DHL nice yellow box is missing.Now they asked for tracking no.Which it doesn’t have for it is not registered,and registered is expensive.And I don’t usually do,because it is also arrived.

    2. marisse o. I sent the parcel to the Philippines by DHL and it got stop by custom so in the end I had to pay custom charges which cost me all most as much as the gift it i was sending and I could not pay the charges on my debit card at my end it had to be payed in person in the Philippines so I had to send a money tansfer by western union and had to pay the money on delivery

    3. Yes that is true,you better go for door to door.Not post office to post office.And since you are first timer you will send new stuff which will ask you to pay more as if you are buying again your stuff.

  16. OMG! I needed this!

    Thanks Henry, my greatest fear was mailing a package and then having someone go through it. So since DHL is secure in your opinion, then I’ll go with it.

    Do they deliver to the door like hear in the states? Is there a delivery charge?

    1. yes, they will deliver to the door. personally, i have stuff shipped to the nearest DHL or LBC office (usually in the mall). this way i can go pick it up when i’m ready instead of them missing me when i’m not home.

  17. I sent a birthday card April 1st of 2017 to my fiance’s oldest son whose birthday is May 27th which is the same day as mine surprisingly the card was there in 3 weeks they attempted delivery now I spent extra money quite a bit of extra money and sent it registered the local Filipino post office wanted to charge her 200 pesos to get the card this game went on for several months when I flew down for a visit at the 1st of August 2017 they still have not given that birthday card to her son I made a little visit to the local post office place there and probably got the card handed to me with a ton of apologies telling me it was a mistake all they never ask for money and I told them to their face if it ever happens again with any piece of mail that they ever saw come through from the United States to that address and they don’t immediately deliver it as they should I would fly back down there and bust my foot off in there ass haven’t had a single problem since having mail delivered to my fiance’s place

  18. Uhhm..Do you know a way how can I deliver or ship my product directly to the house of my customer in US? Or is FedEx a good option to do that? ????? Pls reply…

    1. generally, shipping between the PH and USA is pretty expensive. i’ve paid $20 just to ship some documents. a shoe-box sized package can be over $60 easily. but you can check into a service called and see if they can do it for cheaper.

  19. Don’t trust FedEx. They will hold a package claiming it requires customs inspection. Then charge you P245 a day that they hold it. There are cases they hold it so that the storage fee exceeds the value of the shipment and the shipping cost already paid to FedEx to ship it. Some have paid the extortion fee only to find items missing, tampered with and/or used. Check FB customs and FedEx page to see similar complaints. Also web search. Seems it is a common problem no one wants to stop.

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