Self isolation Thailand


  1. Nice livestream👍😊 that plumbing work would cost about $300 aud easy I reckon about $110 a hour plus parts. So good deal 👍😊

    1. Thank you my friend. I’m having the same problem. Just do a livestream or show what you do around the house all day. Stay safe! All the best!

  2. Thanks for streaming 🙂 It was nice to watch you Joe and Gift and to get news from your life. Please get information about rented places near Prachuap beach with good internet and for bicycle renting. I am interested for future holidays, doing the same here in France, mathematics and online chess…but with more fun. Distance from beach to downtown ? Cheers.

    1. You are welcome my friend. Once the restrictions are lifted, I will check out some short term rentals and bike rentals. Stay safe! All the best!

    1. @Bay Bay Prachuap is the province and both HH and Khiri Khan are in the Prachuap province my friend. HH is about one hour 20 minutes north of Khiri Khan. Stay safe! All the best!

    1. The ante is nice but as you said, not much to do giving the current situation. Gift and I find things to do around the cottages to keep ourselves busy. Stay safe! All the best!

  3. When this mess is all over will have to get together for a beer. where you are or in Hua Hin you to be safe , take care of gift too. I know you will.

  4. Oooooooh Gift !! Bit of insubordination in the ranks ! 555 sorry we missed the live stream Joe it was a bit early for us over here in the UK . Its good to see you guys taking it seriously , best to be on the safe than sorry side . If anyone has any doubts just look at the hell here in the uk we are going through right now . Our PM is in a very serious condition at the moment I believe about to go on a ventilator . Please keep yourselves safe as I’m sure you will we hope to meet you when this crap is all over

    1. Lol 😂. There will always be another livestream my friend. Keeping your PM with the rest of the world in our thoughts and prayers. Stay safe! All the best!

  5. Hi joe and gift, sad news about kevin RIP. Nobody has mentioned kevins thai partner and how she is, perhaps someone could mention if they know her situation ??

    1. Yes it is, very sad indeed my friend. I think 🤔 that 20 seconds Rob will know about Kev’s partner. Rob is the only one that Kev talk to on a weekly basis before passing away. Stay safe! All the best!

  6. Aloha from Hawaii 🤙 I “Bumped” into your vids being quarantined at da house. Army retired here too. Wife Thai, in fact linked by family with Pookie and her hubby who you know there.. Is that hat a Ft Rucker flt school hat or Harley? 🤔😁

    1. Thank you 🙏 for your Service brother. You have a great 👍 family there. The hat is a Harley hat and one of my favorites. Stay safe! All the best!

  7. Found it so sweet when gift put the fan out for you,😊 hope you’re both settling into the new house well. Peace (Stay safe and keep smiling)

  8. In the UK for that work $350 as you say – very good work at a very reasonable price

    So relaxing watching this video.. 👍

  9. Sawasdee khrap. Oh man how i miss these words and the awesome friendliness from the Thais. The birds in the background give me a nice feeling. Self isolation is no joke but it’s better in Prachuap Khiri Khan than in Berlin i would say.
    This time will pass. The BBQ looks fantastic. An American without a BBQ isn’t thinkable. 😅 I know handcraft in Thailand is absolutely reliable. I had my experiences in my room in Bkk. They are very talented and ridiculous cheap.
    Stay safe and stay alive.
    I loaded down Gigaton the new album from Pearl Jam. They were supposed to come to Berlin in July. At least i can listen to their music now.

  10. dang sorry i also missed your live stream…..hope you are both doing great….i think you guys make the best couple hope to meet you in real one day……thanks for all the great videos

    1. Thank you 🙏 so much my friend. Gift and I are doing great and enjoying our new home. We look forward to meeting you one day. Stay safe! All the best!

  11. Other than the virus situation do you feel safe. Are you free to move around. Are there groups of natives that hate Americans and hinder your enjoyment of living in that country.

  12. Both of you are very photogenic. Would love to see Gift all dressed up in traditional clothes with her hair all fixed up modeling for the camera.

  13. Hi Joe, I’m sorry I missed the live stream! I was 💤 my friend 🇬🇧 It’s Very sad news regarding Kev’s passing 🙏 You both take care buddy + 🍪 Cookie

  14. Is there a limit on how much money you can transfer? Thinking about the idea that you can’t carry more than, well I should say has to be less than 10K. We have a Thai bank account, but we still live in the US for the time being.

    1. @Time2getgoin I’m not sure my friend. I personally meet the financial requirement because I transfer 65,000 baht or more a month to my Thai bank account. You can visit the official Thai Immigration website and it will provide you the financial requirements. Stay safe!

    2. @Foreigner Joe Thanks for the reply. Do we need the money in the account there before we come to get a Visa. I don’t know at this point when we’ll actually be able to get back there. It’s looking like possibly far from now.

    3. No limit my friend, I transferred the money to purchase my car. The only thing is TransferWise will only transfer $15,000 at a time, but I believe you can wire transfer more. You are correct, you can not carry more than $10,000 when flying to Thailand from the US. Stay safe! All the best!

  15. Hi Joe, great streaming, Gift is beautiful your a very lucky man. So sorry to hear about Kevin from Bangkok May he RIP. Keep doing what your doing, it really helps

  16. Well I am friends with a Plumber and an Electrician and to do both would be 4-500 Bucks. It would be 2hrs a piece plus material. WOW. Side note, when you asked how much here, before I listened to the rest I posted that comment. I guess I was spot on. That’s a first.

    1. Hey brother, yes you were spot on. I hope things are well your way. I guess you guys will have to postpone your trip to see me. Lol 😂 Stay safe! All the best!

  17. When you get out and about again and start doing videos on housing would you be able to ask around about international schools in the area and the price of them. Thanks in advance.

  18. Hi Joe – would it be safe to walk at night on the street around you? Safe from the Soi Dogs? Would it be safe to ride bike on the streets during the day from the Soi Dogs?

    1. It is safe my friend but every now and then, you may have a dog try to chase you. I carry a stun gun and if being chased, I just set it off and the dogs scatter because they are afraid of the sound. Stay safe! All the best!

  19. You were smart on Moving,I found Bangkok exotic only if your interested in the Night life & endless massage parlors,a big % of ex-pats who made there home in Bangkok and owned bars I found they died in the late 50’s or 60’s,of some of the guys i hung with between 2001 to 2007,8 of them passed away before even hitting there 70’s,drinking,smoking and night life got them,there is a book called “Hard men humble”its about the Vietnam vets that lived in Thailand after the War,some lived there for over 30 or more years after Vietnam war.Thailand had 7 B-52 bases in Thailand and a large % of Airforce guys came back to work an live there,most are gone now but once in awhile you will run into a oldtimer or there widow.

    1. Yeah I try to live the easy life my friend, while I enjoy an occasional beer 🍺 that’s about the extent of it. I will have to read the book “Hard men humble” Stay safe! All the best!

  20. Good Morning: I just started to watch your adventures, especially from another part of Asia. Your real time perspective is refreshing, learning about how you are dealing with the virus. You are mild mannered and informative about Thailand, a country I’ve missed in my 30 years of travel. Keep up the good work in and around this country. Never let Gift go, for she adds much to your programs.

  21. Have you had the pleasure of snakes in your house yet. We had many in our house in Bang Saray but the chickens would act as the snake siren. Check your car before you use it as animals especial country rat will make home in your truck.

  22. Gift and Joe you guys are a class act. Can’t wait till you all get back on the road and we can fly to Thailand to visit family. Stay safe

  23. I lived in Thailand for 6 1/2 years so I know. Returned to the US in Feb 2016 with my Thai wife. The whole reason Thailand is cheap to live in is due to very cheap labor costs. The second reason is cheap food. Have fun guys.

  24. Hi Joe, I just discovered your channel this afternoon and spent about four hours watching the videos. They are fantastic, especially the various advice chapters. You are great in getting very accurate info out there without prejudice. I really enjoyed the one on getting a drivers license.
    I’m Canadian, lived in Bangkok about 30 years ago and am gradually considering retiring there. I spent three months in Phuket last summer, a month in December and am coming back to Chiang Mai in August (assuming things are half way back to normal). Phuket was nice but way too expensive especially transportation.
    You really lucked out with Gift. You made it sound so easy! One question. Do you still need the ‘mandatory’ Thai health insurance even though you’re covered by Blue Cross? Bob

    1. Hi Bob, Thank you so much for your kind words my friend. Since I’m on an O Visa with an extension of stay, my BCBS insurance is fine for now. Stay safe! All the best!

  25. you bought the weights at right time have you seen the prices since virus all I got is sledge hammer n tractor tyre beast mode training ll stay strong stay safe joe n gift see you on otherside

  26. Hey Joe, I have not been back to Thailand for 30 years now. I see a lot of videos about how Thailand is no longer “expat friendly” and virtually devoid of foreigners. Does this mean I should rule out Thailand as a place to retire (I am a US Citizen)? Also, how come you are still in Thailand if all foreigners are being booted out? BTW, I love your videos! Be safe!

    1. About 6 months ago Thailand began enforcing the laws that were already in place and put measures in place to ensure compliance. I guess some folks were playing the system when it came to the financial requirement. In addition, they added a requirement for anyone on an OA Visa to have health insurance, I guess some folks weren’t paying their medical bills. Due to this many expats had to leave. This is why I believe all the negativity on social media. As for me and many others still living we are following the rules. I feel bad for those that had to leave but rules are rules I guess.
      Stay safe! All the best!

  27. Thanks for the info and updates. It’s a good thing to keep up your self isolation routine. I’m doin the same in Vancouver Canada. Hope to check out more of your blogs and get more honest and interesting info. Take care and you and you gal keep up the good work.

  28. Came across your channel have to say really enjoy it.You got a nice life and a good women.I lost my wife a few years back.Now That I’m alone you got me thinking of retiring To that paradise you live in.Seem so peaceful and can’t beat the price.I liked and subscribed.You be safe with the virus it’s getting crazy here in the U.S..GOD BLESS JOE..

  29. there’s currently no vaccine to prevent coronavirus disease (COVID-19).
    You can protect yourself and help prevent spreading the virus to others if you:
    Wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds, with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub
    Cover your nose and mouth with a disposable tissue or flexed elbow when you cough or sneeze
    Avoid close contact (1 meter or 3 feet) with people who are unwell
    Stay home and self-isolate from others in the household if you feel unwell
    Touch your eyes, nose, or mouth if your hands are not clean
    For informational purposes only. Consult your local medical authority for advice.
    Source: World Health Organization
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  30. High Joe i see you and give have settled in i can see your both happy its sods law though buy a new suv and hen have to do lock down, i miss Thailand i am hoping me Nucharee and my boys can get back next year,anyway pleased to see you both healthy stay happy.

    1. Some livestreams are not planned my friend. I did this livestream mainly to give my condolences to Kevin’s family and friends, after I found out that he passed away. Stay safe! All the best!

  31. Joe Tell Gift – > You are a perfect woman of sincere beauty, beautiful pleasant character that has a perfect heart of Love caring affection and your display of respect of total devotion with a humble mind within your soul and spirit . Joe you are so lucky to find and have Gift . God Bless you Gift ..

  32. Hi Joe, thank you for your answers. Yes, air pollution and traffic in BKK are a nightmare. Me and my wife owning a house in Lam Luk Ka (north of Bangkok). As we are living in the Netherlands now, we do discuss what to do after my retirement. Move within BKK, a condo similar to your last one, or buy or rent a house outside BKK. We have discussed Hua Hin. Mainly because there is a huge expat community. We are also thinking about Rayong. In Rayong you get great value for money. What do you suggest?

    In your live vlog, you have advised Transefwise. I agree. I am using Transferwise for a few years now. Saved me a lot of money. Keep on giving advice. It is appreciated.

    My compliments.

    Kind regards,

    The Netherlands

    1. @Foreigner Joe Prachuap Khiri Khan is lovely. At this point, I prefer Hua Hin or Cha-am. We are checking out properties in that area. There are very beautiful properties for sale at the moment. We are considering a pool villa around 7/8 m thb. You can buy great value for money compared with the condo market in BKK. Unfortunately, we cannot travel now. Stuck in Europe.

    2. Hi Erik, I would suggest that when you move here choose a hub like I did, it was Bangkok for me and then travel around. Once you found your new home, you will know it. For Gift and I, we kept coming back to Prachuap Khiri Khan and now this will be our home. We still plan on traveling throughout Thailand 🇹🇭 but will have our picket white fence here. Stay safe! All the best!

  33. I’ve always dreamed of going to Thailand, considering a move there in the next 3 to 5 years. I have watched a couple of your VLOG’s to get an idea about the cost of living. The country seems to be an accepting place with a lot of kindness. Good luck and stay healthy during this crazy health COVID-19 situation.

  34. I just subscribed as I like your stuff, no smut and sensible grown up stuff. The subs are racking up, you’d be in 100k before you know it 🙂

  35. Joe, I just discovered your vlog today and think it is amazing. I have subscribed and am going through them 1 by 1. Thanks for all of the incredible information. SO detailed. I love it!

  36. Joe first thanks for your service. I am still in the army 30 years. I enjoy you and Gift, take good care of her you guys look good together.

  37. Hi Joe and Gift. I just came across your channel this week and I’m so happy I found it. I have been watching a few vloggers from Thailand and Philippines and I want to let you know that your channel is definitely my favorite. I love your content, how relaxed and honest you are and that you include Gift in your videos. Since finding your channel I’ve been binge watching all your videos during the lockdown. I hope to travel to Thailand when all this settles down and would love to meet up with you guys and get some info on retirement or relocating to Thailand. Stay safe guys.

    1. It’s being controlled like much of the world my friend. self isolation and distancing, Curfew, Canceled Songkran (Thai New Year) and temporally banned alcohol. Stay safe! All the best!

    1. Foreigner Joe Thank you joe. You and gift stay safe and just in joy. Thank you a good information. Person. Please keep it comeing. Ok. Love your videos. And I got gifts Channel. Now two. You or very helpful. Thank you!

  38. how about a list of websites there that are like Amazon, Cragslist, User, shopping sites, delivery, package policies at condo’s, moving serive to take your personal items from condo to condo… Thanks!

    1. Thailand is known to use for on line shopping my. You can pay cash at delivery or use your credit card. Delivery companies will always call to let you know that are on their way. All the other sites you mentioned you can goggle. I’m not familiar with any moving companies in this area. Stay safe! All the best!

  39. Hi Joe n Gift, its me your follower, ben tan from SG. I’ve lost my hp, when i was out, just found my spare hp, n thus I could watch YouTube again. Really enjoy n like your channel, please take care during this period of covid19. Kind hearted Joe, to adopt cookie.. Joe, get cookie a bed instead of a blanket, lol. 😊 Stay safe take care n GOD BLESS YOU BOTH, Joe n Gift. 👼Cheers!

    1. Thank you for watching again my friend. Cookie belongs to the owner of the property here now, however she has taken a liking to me, so basically I take care of her now. We did order her a bed on line and it should be here any day now. God bless you. Stay safe! All the best!

  40. Just found you both a couple of days ago, and have enjoyed watching your videos. Will sift through all of them for a happy moment each day. Wish the best to both of you. USAF veteran 1st Special Operations based at Hurlburt Field, FLA.

    1. @Foreigner Joe Joe, thanks for the quick reply. Thank you as well for your service (and continued ambassadorial service) to our country. Will click and watch your career video and your retirement ceremony. Stay safe, healthy, and happy both of you. Go ARMY!

  41. Hi Joe, Garry in Phuket. Locked down in Prison, 5555
    We got the word yesterday that Phuket will open up on May 1st.
    I decided on an MG HS, full sized SUV. I will take off to start my trek of Thailand the middle of May. I’ll start with Phang nga, Krabi, then across to Nakhon Si Thammarat visit some friends I’ve met on line.
    Then up the coast to BKK. hope to catch you in June if your still there.

    BTW, The best way to transfer funds to your Thai bank is thru Charles Schwab. $25.00 flat rate and if you have a debit card from Schwab they pay for ATM charges.
    You can have your direct deposit to Schwab bank and then transfer as needed online. I found TransferWise very expensive.

    I own a condo in Laguna Phuket on the gold course. 5 minutes to the beach. Envious of your place on the coast. Nice area.

    Hope to see you in the coming months. Take care. Stay healthy.

    1. Hi Garry, congratulations on your new MG. Sounds like a nice trip planned. Gift and I are no longer in BKK, we recently moved to Prachuap Khiri Khan. Safe travels! All the best!

  42. Hi Joe and Gift, I enjoy watching your channel. I am retiring in 2-4 years, and starting to seriously think about moving to Thailand at that time. What is the best advice you can give me before I move? Thank you.

    1. Thank you 🙏 my friend. Come visit for a few months on your desired budget, get to know the country, requirements for retiring and the culture. Then make a decision ,if Thailand 🇹🇭 is for you. Stay safe! All the best!

  43. tell me how you got Thailand passports or visa because I planning to go to America while I am in Africa please😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    1. I am on a retirement visa in Thailand. Visit the official Thai Immigration website for information on the requirements for all Thai visas. Stay safe! All the bet!

  44. My mother always told me you can tell a good person how they treat animals how right she was you are good people I use to go to Bangkok in the late 60s quite had girlfriends there and in Vietnam finally had to quit parting and married a Vietnamese girl that was fifty years ago

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