Seeing What’s New At Lyn And Anthony’s Place

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  1. I think grape vines would do well there, they would love the lime rich soil. Surprising what can be done with 3000sq. Metres.
    When and if, would like a similar sized lot!
    Much more manageable. Want perhaps a small dwarf lacatan banana plantation.
    With native pigs as a side line, they would eat banana leaves mostly!
    But asf situation not good in Pangasinan at the moment!

  2. Salt water pools are much better for the body and less maintenance and wear and tear on the pool. East coast of usa they are taking off. It’s not heavy salt like the ocean. Just enough salt so you dont need chemicals to stop stuff from.growing. and the pool pumps and other thing dont corrode.

  3. The flowers they were picking are sold here for flower gardens and beds they are pink and white Gina had some in her plants they will multiply. We call them Binkers.

  4. Oh yes Salt Water Pool is Wonderful I swim in Salt water pool 3 days a week it’s so good for arthritic joints I’ve done this for 15 yrs now .love it

  5. All cool but an explanation as to HOW???? he got back into the PI would be a really good next video Brian, plenty would like to know about how he did that I reckon?

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