Walking in Cebu City, Cebu, the Philippines to find the required Q Pass or quarantine pass, during the present situation. The Barangay were supposed to deliver 1 pass per household but they seem to have only enough for half of the households and one need to go to the barangay office to pick one up …if they have any available.


  1. My friends in the states asking me whats it like living in the Philippines…i reply…pretty much like anywhere else in the world…crazy…lol

  2. I can’t be surprised at running out. I remember my wife renewing her driver’s lic. and they were out of the necessary materials to renew it. So she got a receipt with a stamp that she kept for years with her expired lic.

    1. @Amazing Philippines First off, thank-you for your videos. When in the US, I watch your channel more often as my heart is always in the Philippines, but need my visits back to the USA for my kids and grandkids. You do a great job on your videos. What I would also like besides the prices you mention, are the condo fees. As they can in some cases be out of proportion.

      Hunger can spark a popular up-rising very quickly and the thought they are playing with those passes . . . wow! And ascribing such planning to government is giving them more credit than they deserve.

    2. It sounds like this “out of stock” was planned to keep fewer people off the street Joe. We were lucky to get one. I have gotten 3 receipts from immigration as they were out of visa stickers.

  3. With all the imperfections in the system, it’s still impressive that the concept of neighborhood organization and governance seems to work well enough to achieve a surprisingly high level of compliance.

    1. I think you are correct Barney. Rice and other food is being distributed. There will always be some bottlenecks during an emergency like this though.

  4. I like that shortcut stuff. There’s one I take behind Robinsons Mall. I call mine ” the tunnel”. It gets me over there quicker & people always seem to recognize me too.

  5. Your title caught my attention today as I have recently discovered the Q thing online. (Qanon) Lots of interesting things about 5g out there on alternative media. Should be interesting to see how this plays out. Right now it looks like 911 2.0 the world version scam.

  6. Rod,.,., I am currently living in Mivesa garden condo in Lahug right now and they gave the front office 20 passes for all the residences here to use, so each designated member of the family here can sign out a pass to use for about 2 hours for groceries, atm and pharmacy.

    1. Interesting and thanks for the update Jon. I have heard of that happening other places as well. As long as some admin is signing them out in an orderly and fair way, it should work for everyone.

  7. Mainstream media is playing this up with videos of crowds in lines at hospitals. People are posting videos showing no lines and empty waiting rooms at same hospitals. Definitely some manipulation being performed by the media.

    1. Yes, who would have ever thought the media would misrepresent something. LOL. I just read an article stating the the actual hospital bed usage is substantially lower than that projected by their models at this time at least.

  8. What time of day was it? That started in a grim looking neighborhood. Lots of graffiti and high walls. Makes me appreciate the safe quiet semirural location of my Winter Palace. We don’t even need bars on the windows.

  9. We’re in Talisay City and my wife got a pass Sunday. The 1 pass could only be her. I’m 65 and not authorized. She has to show a matching ID with the pass.

    1. David thanks for sharing..
      I’ve watched her channel
      before. I’d like to get over
      there next year.. are there
      some nice hotels for
      2,500 or less per night?

    2. @Amazing Philippines My wife’s pass has her name on it and she was told to present it along with ID. For Cebu City, all bets are off. It and Lapu Lapu City are independent cities and not under the jurisdiction of the Province of Cebu. And both are giving Gwen heartburn.

  10. It is good she got a pass! Buy her a bicycle. This could be long term. Bicycle shops are allowed to be open here in California, due to it being a legit for of transport here.

  11. Great video stay safe being a foreigner and over 60 you don’t get a pass here. Thankful my wife got one. We looked up the Barangay name and she found the address here

    1. @Amazing Philippines thanks Rod! Since I was 14 or 15 many if my peers from our generation, ( The Tweeners) saw times like this coming. Remember the movie ( The Breakfast Club) that was us, and the first Xers. Semper Paratus, Always Ready!

    2. “May you live in interesting times,” used to be said to wish some trouble upon someone as you know fatherwolfs and I think we are in those “interesting times”. Stay safe and healthy.

  12. You come across as a tourist with that camera who is violating the curfew. Since their crazy President gave orders to Police to shoot people violating this order you wouldn’t catch me walking around with a camera!

    1. There was a false flag protest brought about in one village in Quezon City, Manila Area. A bunch of people(paid leftists) told the locals that relief goods were present. And when the locals realized there were no relief goods, the leftists instigated a riot with placards already set up to give to the masses. Riots ensued, no one was hurt but 20 were arrested. The president was angry and called out the leftists and the NPA-communist backed politicians to behave and not instigate mass crowdings especially around these times.

  13. Interesting video as always Rod, it’s good that you can still manage to put out videos even during the restrictions.
    I’m sure you are as frustrated at being inside always as the rest of us. Hopefully things will change before too long.

    1. Thanks Brian. I am used to spending a lot of time indoors editing video but I always had the option to go out so it is a bit challenging as you know. The important thing for all of us is to make it through this and learn from it.

  14. Hi Rod, I have never seen Cebu streets so quiet, I would also be tempted to get on a bike or even a motor bike, any other time I wouldn’t have a bar of it. Stay safe and enjoy the quiet.

  15. My wife has a pass issued from the City of Cebu, Barangay Kalunasan, it’s red Home Quarantine Pass. Her two boys, one has a green and a brown Cebu City Government Pass….but like she said, What good are they, you can’t get transportation.


    is much reasonably priced in terms of delivery (grocery items)

    it’s an online shopping

    don’t know if *S&R SAME DAY DELIVERY* is working (during this quarantine period)


    when going out for an important reason, always wear 2 hand-made washable face mask (for added protection)

    2 face mask is better & safer than 1

    wear cotton gloves if you’re a “touchy” person

    eyeglasses, sunnies or shades are an absolute must for eye protection

    upon reaching home and before taking a shower, always *SUN-DRY* 🌞 for 2 to 3 days the clothes, pants, face masks, gloves, sunnies / shades, shoes, etc. to destroy the pathogen (virus)

    you may handwash or machine wash some of them after sun-drying

    money / coins 💰 must be placed in a plastic bag before hanging & sundrying them under direct sunlight (again, for 2 to 3 days)

    the sun’s 🌞 ultraviolet (UV) radiation is “deadly” to all forms of pathogenic microbes (viruses, bacteria, fungi), plus it’s the best *NATURAL* disinfectant

    1. @Amazing Philippines

      yes, money / coins / face mask / gloves / eye protection / shirt / pants / shoes / door knobs / handrails / elevator pushbuttons / delivery goods / parcels / food packs and most of all, dried up phlegm carried via DUST PARTICLES

      in medical terminology, it’s called *Fomite Transmission*

      some of the COVID-19 patients may have contracted the virus via *fomite transmission*

  17. Ne & I received our hall pass here in Davao City. Guess who doesn’t get to use it. The old guy ( that be me). I have one question about home quarantine. If I can’t leave the house to go to the ATM to get the money to pay for the house I won’t have a house to leave. They are protecting us old guys from ourselves because we R not any more likely to get the virus than a young guy, it is just more likely to kill us. I figured out when I was very young that something was going to kill me someday & decided there was nothing to be gained by worrying about it. Great Vlog. Keep them coming. Ron

    1. Thanks Ron and glad to hear you received your pass. I don’t enjoy being locked up either. Instead of sending money to myself, I have started sending it to my PH gf and she picks it up for me. It is a major issue if you cannot go out for transactions like this. Stay safe and healthy Ron and Ne.

  18. Hi Rod, Boy that could be a real problem! It’s good to remember short cuts in general.. I’m glad that your friend was able to get a pass. Out here in the province this past monday, barangay officials came and passed out passes with names filled in to us and the rest of the neighborhood, so that was fortunate. Sheer numbers in the city must be a problem. Good future purchase would be a bike I agree Rod! You and your friend keep safe. Regina

    1. Thanks Regina. It sounds like they intentionally reduced the number of passes to keep people off of the streets and stores but that is creating a problem as well. Hopefully, this issue will be over soon Regina. Stay safe and healthy in the mean time.

  19. Rod thank you for the video on JRC Visa consultancy in Cebu. I actually reached out to him and really like JR. So thank you for that video that was very helpful.

    1. Thanks Doug. They offer several services that can make an expats life a little easier. It helps that they know the system, people in the departments, and speak the same language.

  20. Is the government distributing food in those poorer neighbourhoods, through the BRGY Captains? I heard this is happening in Manila. A friend of mine from PI doubts the food supply will last indefinitely. Not wanting to be alarmist, but what happens when certain segments of the society get desparate (for food, basic needs, etc.) with the economy shut down (?) . How long will the streets remain safe?

    I mentioned to my friend that the PNP have been called in, in some areas. However she is pessimistic about how well equipped they are, how effective they are, etc. Take care, and stay safe mate.

    We have a niece in Cebu, so we value your footage, updates, etc.

    1. Thanks Paul. I know the govt has been pretty good at delivering food, mostly rice, noodles, and canned goods recently. Money is starting to flow to the people also. I will cover some of that in an upcoming video. I think things will be okay for a couple of months or 3 but after that things could get a bit nasty if the food diminishes.

  21. Yes that’s right.
    I’ve been stuck here almost since the beginning.
    They would only give my wife a pass.
    They told me to stay home and drink beer😂😂
    I said ok…
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Lonnie. It is like something out of a science fiction movie. Hopefully, it will leave as quickly as it came but it is a wakeup call for many.

  22. It’s crazy times Rod and very hard without your own transport—-I saw Dumaguete Q passes were colour coded for the days and hours that you could go out—but they ran out and started just photo copying with no colour—-those who thought they were lucky and got their coloured pass are limited to their day and hours, those who got the photocopy have no limit—except no one is allowed out on Sunday

    1. I read about that Clyde. “Out of stock” again. Some passes in parts of the country had individual scan codes also so copying them screwed the system up a bit.

  23. Love the Philippines, I live on Camiguin Island, couldn’t live in a big American city and don’t think I could live in a big city like Cebu. Slower pace of life here. Enjoy your videos.

    1. @Amazing Philippines I had a family member that had been living in the Philippines for 20 years and had lived on Camiguin for the last 10. Welcome to stay here when you come, I leased a compound with 2 houses in it on the beach in Mahinog area. You can have a house to yourself. Just the girlfriend, me, and her child here.

    2. I understand Phil. So you did the research for a place that has more volcanoes than towns and Camiguin fit the bill. LOL. I do want to visit there sometime later this year. I have seen lots of interesting video of the area. Those giant clams are amazing.

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