Schools in Vietnam Reopening May 5th And Non-Essential Businesses Open! TEFL in Vietnam

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  1. Bun Bo Hue is number one (so mot)! Looks like Viet Nam keeps moving in a good direction. Good opportunity for English teachers! Thanks for the informative videos.

  2. Thanks for doing these videoes, I have been watching for a few years, and you have inspired me to teach in Vietnam after I graduate from University. I am already taking Vietnamese lessons
    I am wishing you and all the future teachers all the best 🙂

  3. Is there any indication as to when the border will open up? I heard from someone on the ground that the it might not be until August that there is a busy recruitment season again.

  4. Some schools opened last month , some last week any some next week.
    It’s depending on location in country,but Don’t expect to travel here soon.
    Any country would be foolish to open borders without vaccine or lengthy conditions.
    Only teachers that are inside the country can return to work.
    So there will be a shortage for the rest of this year

  5. What no one is mentioning is that it will take time for private schools to recruit enough students again to create such a demand for teachers. During the lockdown, parents were off of work for long enough to have lost a significant amount of income, leading them to either a) not be able to afford private language centre tuition anymore or b) decide to switch their kids into different programs. That, plus the fact public school education is always given preference meant that I lost 90% of my students by the end of March, and my school is now struggling just to get them back. I’ve not worked in public schools, nor heard of any hiring right now, so I can’t speak to that. But, in the private sector, on teacher’s side, there is so much competition in Hanoi right now because so many NES & NNES are stuck here with very little work to go around & costs of living piling up. I don’t recommend anyone to hope to come to Vietnam soon to join in on the market – it’s oversaturated. The typical salary has been halved because the language centres want to attract parents with discounted rates. It’s not a good time to be a private ESL teacher (speaking from my 10 years experience in this field). I am seriously considering switching careers. Fewer jobs, lower pay, higher workload & higher pressure to perform (because we are so easily replaceable) = no bueno. Switching to online lessons through a company or private lessons seems to be helping a lot of people, but competition is just as high there.

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