Sappraiwan Elephant Resort – Phitsanulok Thailand

Today we visit the elephants as they go for a walk to eat and swim in their nature habitat. Thank you for watching. Please Like, Share and Subscribe. Follow me on Instagram at joegreenwtf and email me at
Resort Info:
PH +66 (0) 81-533-7288
1/79 Moo 2, Wangthong – Lomsak road @284 km.
Keangsopha, Wangthong, Phitsanulok, Thailand


  1. A very nice video Joe.The drone footage is excellent as usual and the Elephants in their natural habitat is very rewarding to see.I think there is another sanctuary up north that allows you to bathe the elephants.and interact with them as well

  2. Good one Joe: I always like to see Elephants & how they socially interact with humans especially when their handlers are not around, its very different. I was sitting at a small restaurant when a group of young elephants ran by like pranksters snatching the bananas off the table & laughing as they ran along not far from Chang Mia, very amusing.

  3. wow. What a cool place. I love seeing the elephants in an environment like this. I definitely would like to check this place out. thanks for all the info.

  4. Great to see them plenty of feed and water theres a big national park some where in thailand where theres lots of elephants roam free and you can drive through the national park where they are in your car and see them Sunny In Thailand put a video of it on youtube a long time ago hes in phuket mate hes been in thailand for over 17 years mate

  5. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful place. The the resort looks nice and peaceful. The freedom for the elephants and their care is great! All wild animals should be treated like this with respect and dignity. Looking forward to seeing more of your adventures.

  6. Very cool that you were able to get the drone footage at the sanctuary/resort. I love these places, it’s so good to see them in a more natural environment and not as performers for our amusement. Thanks for sharing, many blessings to you, Gift and families πŸ™

  7. Watched Johneys video the other day, but been waiting for your version.
    Just love these animals in these environments ,(There invironment.)
    Don’t know what it is, but they make me feel good inside.
    Thanks for showing I will now watch Gift version. πŸ‘

  8. I like elephants,next time I’am in Chiangmai I’am going there,I bought so many carvings to hang on my walls at home,one I got was really big and had it shipped by ship back to the USA,I like your trip w/ Johnny.Glad he is on the wagon.

  9. Hi Joe and Gift, I could feel the fear on Gift all the way here in the States!!!!!Thank you for the great video and all the best to you both.

  10. Well Presented Joe beautiful airel shots elephant’s are amazing and to get so close with them in there territory must give you all great joy and happiness and to have the Aussie wit of Johnny a bonus Thank-you. Cheers Daz down under.

  11. So glad you guys chose a legit sanctuary to visit. What. A beautiful place it is too!! Sorry Gift was afraid of the elephants. We found a legitimate wildlife refuge and sanctuary to visit in Phetchaburi. We went to the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand. It was an amazing place and we were thrilled to see the work they are doing.

  12. Amazing! Seen both African and Asian Elephants up close. African are much bigger and more aggressive, if you look at the ears of the Elephants you can tell if they are Asian or African. African Elephant ears look like the African continent. Elephants have a amazing memory and they can swim.

  13. Ah there is the elephants. Wow very cool you can get so close to them. Very cool watching them in the water. Nice there is a place they can live the way they should. I watched a movie on netflix about an elephant sancuary in Africa called Holiday in the Wild it was an awesome movie about rescued elephants. If you get a change give it a watch.

  14. Thanks – enjoyed this video – agree best of your videos I’ve seen. Good to see you chose what appears to be an ethical elephant sanctuary. I hadn’t heard of it but have been to Elephant Nature Park (ENP) – the “original” ethical sanctuary I believe – as a volunteer on various programs for a few weeks.This one seems more small-scale and more luxurious accommodation but natural surroundings which is great.

  15. Pattaya has a nice Elephant sanctuary maybe do a video utube on that me after everything is open and safe. I’ve been there highly recommended

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