Saigon’s most expensive supermarket.

Second shopping spree for Truc.
Thanks to DAN TRAN.



  1. I’m with her. I don’t get a thrill by overspending and trying to be trendy. Anything that has “organic” on it is going to cost more in the US. Doesn’t really mean better. The street markets would be more interesting than an overpriced grocery store.

  2. when I saw the cash exchange it reminded me of how I haven’t used it in 20 years. But today my son paid back $400 in cash that I loaned him.. I felt odd with it. So I put it away and hope I can remember that I have cash stashed somewhere.

  3. It’s not just the fact it’s a supermarket that appeals to shoppers. It’s also the shopping environment and experience. It’s a clean environment and all-in-one convenience experience that made this style of store popular around the world. I’ve lived in countries where the wet markets are king, but the shopping environment is unacceptable. The best supermarkets I’ve shopped in were in Spain. The government enforced very stringent minimum packaging laws. The best wet market environment I have shopped was in Japan.

  4. Very pleasant. Some of the foods you showed on the camera were so pricey though. Even for her in California. But like you said, taxation etc. it was so nice of you to take the effort to help her get food and have a new experience. Your so much more thoughtful than someone who just throws money at a problem. Even though I know even for you some times that can’t be avoided. But at least you make the effort when it’s possible or appropriate. 👍😊

  5. Annam is geared towards the expat community
    Mostly high end delicatessen items and good quality meat etc
    General supermarket items do tend to also be more expensive there
    Status symbol market for Vietnamese and a taste of home for expats

  6. Truc seems healthier mentally and physically with each new video of her. I hope your newly refreshed spirits will embolden her to flourish and thrive to one day pay it forward to the next downtrodden soul.

  7. I think it’s worthwhile to visit those places even if it’s just one time… Even if it’s only a couple items at the supermarket, a tea or dried fruit, a coffee… it’s an experience — all those places. Those places are so different from the things we see in other videos, the rest of the city and streets.

    … That being said, seeing this woman I believe that she deserves to have a happy life but I don’t really know all the details behind that. She seems active and vibrant, only that she has no money… What could be done to boost her up in a sustainable way, or simply give her sustainable help?…

    Maybe some day we could start a business there… If it was done ethically and fairly it seems like it could help… A business could be compatible with your worldview.. Something better than just lotto tickets… Thanks for the videos 🙏

  8. Troy cringes when poor people worry about the price of things? He must’ve (and perhaps still does) lived a very privileged life back in Australia. The high prices is how the corporations pay their CEOs’ one daily salary, which is the equivalent to the average person’s yearly salary.

  9. Everybody deserves a treat once in a lifetime….. Very good video Troy , I didn’t know they have this kind of supermarket in Saigon…

  10. My favorite supermarket chain in Saigon. They have several locations around the city (I shop at the ones in Thao Dien, An Phu, and the two near Nguyễn Hue). Kind of a Vietnamese Gelson’s (SoCal reference). Great bakery! Very expensive for Vietnam, but they have many hard to find items all in one location. It’s the only place I’ve been able to find the vanilla chai flavor black tea bags that I like.

  11. The sardine can is a French product,
    I saw a lot of packages of biscuits of the brand “LU” it is also a French product.
    Can I have the address of this supermarket?

  12. Its a pity to think most of that organic food wont be bought and will be thrown into a bin when it expires. A local food shop where i live used to inject dye into the meat before throwing it out to stop employees and homeless people from using it. What a fucking sad world we live in!

  13. I just saw 30 minutes of some Vietnamese people buying stuff on the liberal lgbt supermarket of vietnam, while sitting here in my house in mexico drinking some beers at 1am, this is what the internet was invented for.
    The girls at that market are next level. The prices are ridiculous tho.
    BTW troy, i was watching the other video on my phone and my dog who hates motorcycles got mad because of the motorcycle sounds, LMAO.

  14. The woman is not use to this kind of upscale supermarket. If you wanted her to be more EXCITED, you could have picked a few things that you knew to be REALLY DELICIOUS TO EAT !!!!

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