Saigon night scenes.

Bui Vien as you’ve never seen it before..Empty.


    1. @Nun Ya Interesting that you still think this way. A month ago I can understand but now the hospitals systems around the world are breaking down. Can I ask what country you from?

    2. @Dennis Durkop – Agreed. This is all a farce. There is no pandemic, I can’t believe people can’t do basic math. Another thing, if people don’t get exposed, when it comes around again, it really will be with a vengeance. People are just stupid. And I had a thought the other day, SO MANY CHRISTIANS afraid to die.. what is up with that? I am a Christian, and if I go, I go. Be better than the NUT case world we are now living in.

    3. @Dennis Durkop or the damage to the economy and the people that will become crazy homeless in the usa after loosing their jobs.

    1. @Nun Ya You’re stupid. It won’t come back with a vengeance because we’ll have developed a vaccine eventually. The hope is that the infection rate slows so hospital systems are not collapse. I bet you’re one of these selfish people going out, mingling like normal. Guess what? The more you go out, the longer these measures will be in place. How would you like it if your grandparents got sick and died from this? That’s what you’re perpetuating by going out. Stay the fuck home.

    2. @BRUCE MF VANE The mortality rate of the Corona virus is probably about or a bit less than 1%. Much higher figures have been flying about, but the UK’s chief medical officer, Chris Whitty, is one of those who believes it will prove to be 1% or lower. The World Health Organization’s director general, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, talked of 3.4%, but his figure was calculated by dividing the number of deaths by the number of officially confirmed cases. We know there are many more mild cases that do not get to hospital and are not being counted, which would bring the mortality rate significantly down. Deaths are highest in the elderly, with very low rates among younger people, although medical staff who treat patients and get exposed to a lot of virus are thought to be more at risk. But even among the over-80s, 90% will recover.

    3. @BRUCE MF VANE Check the population rate within one country only, compare that against the number of deaths between influenza and corona, compare that globally! Do the math! And above all, do your research! The ones who don’t are the Dumbo’s themselves… The yearly statistics is what you need to look at! Furthermore, corona exists since the 1960s, Covid-19 means it’s the 19th version of the corona virus. You clearly didn’t do your research… Hilarious! And you think I’m the dumbass…

  1. Don’t let the virus get you down Troy. That’s the biggest problem with it, we get down and decide to go places we shouldn’t. Next thing you hear everyone there got COVID-19. Stay strong.

  2. ….In lockdown I watch videos from around the world….It’s all the same…Like “War of the Worlds” has happened with alien ray- guns chasing everyone away…wreaking havoc..leaving in their dust a wasteland….

  3. That’s right! There’s still too many out on the streets spreading their germs around. Go home dumbass people. Don’t get sick for being stupid.

  4. Be careful, Troy ! You are coming into contact with lots of people. They say the virus can hang in the air for hours without sunlight. Lives on some surfaces for 17 days. Stay healthy – the world needs you to help the overlooked ones.

  5. Why are there still so many clueless foreigners? I see they dont belong there or its their first trip to asia since they are not wearing masks, also those weird thai hippie pants that scream “SCAM ME!”. Dumbasses.

  6. You could get to see the landscapes here in Saigon. The park ^^

    Its sunny, beautiful and airy here as no virus there^^

    As no night life is openned now

  7. I am concerned about the group of math students who traveled by bus to Saigon to sell souvenirs. Are the all schools closed thorough Vietnam?

  8. Shuts down the spread of the worldwide HIV pandemic (i.e. over 18,000,000 last year) and other STD’s from certain foreigners to unlucky poor naive Vietnamese girls!

  9. The flu (influenza) kills more people then Corona. Look it up… Check the population rate per country, compare that with the flu versus corona. Surprise surprise… It’s all fear mongering for a reason!

    1. @gze88 I don’t judge, seems he does repeatedly. I don’t go around asking who is degenerate. I show more respect then that. I stand by the opinion I have stated. So I respect you for your opinion .

    2. Then don’t judge Troy, you don’t know him. Do you want Troy to ask the guy if he is a degenerate or not?!!! There is heaps there just like Thailand

  10. I’m just worried for the disadvantaged in Vietnam. The most affected are poor market sellers and lottery sellers. How can they make money while staying at home? And Vietnam’s government is poor, they can’t do much to help them.

  11. You said people hassle you for filming , its because they see you and make they’re judgement of you based on the few seconds they see you for . Be mindful of not falling into the same trap of judging people harshly based on the few seconds they pass through your field of view. cheers man, be safe .

  12. lock down in england ,no more than groups of 2 people who dont live in same house,2 meters apart at least, allowed out 2 times a day once for food ,once for exercize over 400 dead yesterday ,dont know how many today its scary.

  13. Wearing a mask over your mouth and nose is pretty useless because unless you’re wearing eye protection, the COVID-19 droplets can enter your body through your exposed eyes.

  14. lmao… Troy is still erupting, spewing !@*#(!$@^. Unhappy with the degenerates… lol… Last time I walked pass Bui Vien was very congested. Not a drinker, just food & culture explorer; so don’t shoot me… haha…

  15. In all my visits to Saigon, I never went to the backpacker area.I just didn’t find it that interesting. Here in Denver, it’s takeaway only. Barbershops are
    closed as well as nail shops, spas, pubs, athletic clubs and yoga centers. Starbucks is takeaway only now. Restaurants are trying to stay alive by
    offering takeaway. Some places are out of business for good. My area is just dead.

  16. i thouht i was seeing other part of saigon, not bui vien. normally at this time around, scooters can hardly be moving across. literally what a economy crisis crash.

  17. LMFAO! 🤪 bro u are like the asian version of me. Anytime I’m in public i just subconsciously call everyone a fucking degenerate and hoping they all just drop dead haha

  18. …..Bui Vien rue or whatever it’s called seems to be a street of decadent fascination(s). Maybe even a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. Not even the Wuhan China plague seems to stop it. Troy, I currently use a GoPro7 which is very modular in components and easy to cannibalize for parts and exchanging of those parts. I’m not sure if your GoPro8 is limited to that sort of thing. The rugged seven seems to work in less than friendly field conditions. Stay cool Bro’.

  19. Still MUCH more traffic than where I live in Portland, Oregon. I am considered an essential worker, so still have to go to and from work, but that’s been the one upside of this…hardly any traffic. I’ve been to Saigon, so I can tell it’s much less traffic in this video than usual, but it is still a lot, considering the current circumstances.

  20. If streets are busy now , next week hospitals will be busy and then the morgues. Please stay indoors. Let’s break the Corona chain

  21. That place is hoppin compared to my town.
    Is nobody walking around or even riding scooters.
    No bars open at all.
    Cant even go to any restaurants.
    Only deliver or pick up food.
    Is cars driving around, but i don’t know what places they are going, sense everything is closed.
    Maybe all of them are going to pick up food from take out window restaurants.

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