Sad girl forced to sell toys instead of play.

In Vietnam some kids don’t get to play with toys.
Only sell them.

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    1. @Stomp TheElite oh no doubt I don’t blame ya a bit and send my best wishes to you stay safe. I’m doing okay just taking it one day at a time

    1. It’s a fact that Women in Vietnam are a lot harder worker and have great love for their family and nicer. The men are often obnoxious, drink beer all the time and gambling. Don’t care much about their love one.

    2. In Vietnam, the father/husband is the bread winner. However, there is a high rate of early death or life changing injury in males due to work accidents. There is no strict saftey standards that employers must follow. So sooner or later, men eventually suffer life changing injuries. Even if a male is lucky enough to escape any work injury, they will experience a debilitating health condition due to years of improper nutrition or years of exposure to chemicals or pollutants from their work. That is why you will see young children or young mothers in the streets selling. Either the husband is handicap or suffering from a lifelong health condition.

    3. @Perry Jones It’s not just that, if you’ve ever been to Viet Nam it’s mostly the females you see hustling the streets. That’s not to say you don’t see men, it’s just very rare

  1. It breaks your heart.
    If only people in industrialized nations would eat out once a week less and instead send that money to those in need, it would change the lives of billions.
    People in industrialized nations waste so much money.

    1. Taking the toy also give the girl a sense of pride. She is making an honest living this way and not taking money handouts. Troy paid a premium price so it’s still a win for both involved.

    2. Uncle Ho Thanks for informing me! That sucks that it’s like that, but it’s very heart warming that he was able to buy something off of her

  2. Troy make your own family, find a nice and kind vietnamese wife and make childs, try to have great and happy life and continue to help people but don’t forget yourself ok ?

    1. In Vietnam you don’t just marry the girl, you marry the whole dam village. Been there done that and escaped😀 stay single mate.👌🏻

  3. “hey guys, this is gonna lift your mood after the last video disaster”
    >shows kid working in the streets
    T. Hanks…. Troy!
    What is the crocodile song btw? Sound like the theme from the mortal kombat movie but a little different.
    I knew troy would be using that croc to annoy the cats lol

  4. Troy, thank you for your kindness. Often the poor is overlooked. You have great patience when interacting with the people. Do you think asking them why they are so skinny might hurt their feelings? Pointing out the obvious may cause some insecurities but you make up for it overall. You are a blessing. While in the States we try so hard to be called skinny, oh the irony.

  5. “Dude where is the serpentza doctor training” I want to learn English” LMAO! You not only keep us entertained but you’re doing great work as well!!! Stay safe, stay healthy brother…

    1. @An Other Hello An Other. Yes thats the guy. He says he’s from South Africa but lived in China. He’s married to a chinese doctor who also has her own channel called Hu Knows. They are living in California now. I haven’t seen any other of Troys vids about him. Thats the first mention I’ve heard of him from Troy. I was cracking up at Troys subtitles. Stay safe, stay healthy.

  6. Hello Troy I’ve been following you lately I like what I see. I am Envy you, suggestion; please don’t take no offense but you need to work on your editing. It’s your videos become a little choppy at times you cut when you shouldn’t. Once again Take no offense,

    1. They would have have heard many Aussie accents to know the difference between an English, American, etc, and the who speak english as a 2nd language. So, I would doubt it.

  7. Crocodile needs to be mounted on the handlebars, like Marlon Brando’s trophy in The Wild One.
    (Too bad it wasn’t an alligator, cos then your charity could be called Gator-Aid.)

  8. The famous Axel F crocodile. By the way, crocodiles (and birds) are the closest living relatives of dinosaurs. So she wasn’t wrong grouping them together.

  9. Those toys are really neat in that they move/talk and light up. Don’t see many 3-wheelers (ATCs) since they were outlawed (1986) either (even as toys). Maybe in a few years this light up walking croc will be in the States.

  10. In 2013, the first day of Tet, I saw a girl even younger than this one, in front of Ben Thanh market, I sat down and had a chat with her, buying some little souvenirs to support her, next to her is an elderly woman, which the girl told me Uncle you should give her some money for food,, so I supported both of them, I still keep the things buying from that young lady,. Also at the same time there is a Western man also looked for some souvenirs to buy in the same idea support her.

  11. I think she got a bit scared right when you ask her if she want any food or drink. Probably scared you try to lure her and kidnap her. This poor kid, so young and have to sale toys on the street. Wish you give her a bit more money at the end there.

  12. The conversation didnt go that smooth, you should have asked her about school stuff. She said it was hard work, i wish you didn’t take the discount, but gave her a tip instead. Anyway, it’s much better than the last vid 👍🏼

    1. It is obvious she is not schooling anymore. This kind of subjects are quite sensitive especially amongst the poor. Everyone in Vietnam knows the value of a good education but what can you do when you can’t afford to buy the textbooks and uniforms?

  13. 170000 VD is quite a lot..about 7 USD. For toys to be sold on the street…for Vietnamese clients. is a high investment product to be bought by the parents (say 3 USD purchase times 50 units on the carpet?) to wait for it to be sold.
    If you are poor, you buy and sell lottery tickets.

    If you are bit above can buy and sell electronic chinese toys.
    Still, it sucks for the child to also sell in the evening…
    But, probably she doesnt know better..what can she do at home ? Watch a dark wall while her parents are selling on the street ?
    To improve conditions for these (bit higher off ) people , a lot more economic solidness is required.
    That goes above and beyond buying a few articles, or giving a donut away.
    At least the girl and family is healthy and capable of doing a business.
    They are hanging on.

  14. You need to change your title of this episode. She wasn’t force to sell toys. She have to/ decided to sell them to make money for her family but she was not force to sell them toys. There is no pimp standing by to make sure she sells the toys or else she’ll get severe punishment. You kinda over exaggerating just a bit… lol.

  15. I’ve been to Vietnam four times and stayed at least a week to two weeks each time. My Vietnamese wife comes from the country rice country.
    You seem to spend most of your time in the city and you also seem to spend most of your time focusing on the hardships in Vietnam. Of course Vietnam has its fair share of hardships things are never good when you’re living under a communist government. But you need to focus on the fun things the good things about Vietnam a little bit more. Yes there are poor people but they are a happy poor people probably the happiest people I’ve ever meet. Maybe it’s because they don’t have much to worry about nobody’s going to steal their brand new car they’re not worried about paying for that brand new car so there’s just less for them to worry about other than food and a place to stay. I wish you really would focus on the good things of Vietnam a little bit more not these sad stories. We all get enough sad stories in our daily life we don’t need to add to it.

  16. Put Viet titles next to the English title and add Vietnamese words in the description.
    When people search YouTube in Vietnam then your videos will appear for them and get recommended as well

  17. Troy, i admire what you do but there are things you do that is just annoying.

    You should stop telling kids that they are small, skinny etc…It is logic that they are what they are because of insufficient nutrition. It is insulting and for you who have lived in western society, should know that it is quite rude to say such remarks.

  18. so pity for those Vietnamese kids, they are suffered and hard working children, a lot of them drop out of school because their parents can not afford it, in Vietnam if you go to school you have to pay for tuition, God bless you all!

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