Sad end to homeless Chinese woman saga.

Despite my best efforts, we couldn’t help her.



  1. You’ve done all you can possibly do for her, Troy. You can’t force her to take help. Time to move on and allow her to do the same. She actually appeared as though she didn’t even want to speak with you. So be it…………..EDIT–the thought has actually crossed my mind that she is not really homeless, but simply, for whatever reason, (mental health, social experiment, etc.)—just enjoys being on the streets. Maybe she has a family that cares for her needs, and she has a place to go when she wants to. Just a thought….I guess we’ll never know for sure.

  2. You did a lot for her Troy, some people don’t want to be seen as needy, we have no idea what she was doing 40 years ago, what she was doing during the war, its sad but put your faith in the Lord, He will keep all his promises.

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