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Born with down syndrome, Aditi could not continue to attend school with “normal” students nor could she enjoy life like everybody else. After graduating from a special needs school at the age of 21, she worked in an office but quickly grew tired of it and quit. In 2016, her brother gifted her with a cafe which she called Aditi’s Corner, and she is now running the cafe along with several other employees. The cafe has significantly boosted her self-confidence and has empowered her to make her own way in life.

Special thanks to Aditi for sharing her story.

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  1. I never met someone with down syndrome but i was born with autism though. My stepdad and his parents though that people with autism are really bad and they treated me very bad. I even heard my classmates once that i should go to a special shcool.
    I am actually a normal person and i never went to a special shcool. But i went to a psychiatric since 5. And with years i was becoming better.
    Actually i was born with autism spectrum and this type of autism doesn’t affect people that much. Basically autism isn’t that bad, you just need some help from someone.

    By the way seeing the comments i didn’t know it is the down syndrome day today
    Also thanks for reading my comment 🙂

  2. There are also two types of Down Syndrome. One is genetic and one is from “old age” whatever that means. The genetic downs people are much higher functioning then the “old age” downs people. You can somewhat tell the difference since genetic downs have normal necks while “old age” downs have no neck or very little of a neck. ALSO, a genetic downs can speak much better and are capable of much more. How do I know all this, I have a downs syndrome son. After he was born I knew NOTHING about downs syndrome but now I know allot!! I was 37 when I had him so was considered an “old age” downs. When he was in class, there were very bright down syndrome kids there. I asked the teacher how can they be so bright. That is when she explained to me the difference between genetic downs and old age downs. One thing is for sure, they all give you unconditional love, no matter what you do to them!

  3. Thank you for sharing such a moving story with the world Asian Boss. It takes time, effort and most importantly, dedication to conceptualise, source for leads, translate, film and add synced subtitles for a short but inspiring feature like this, and I cannot help but feel appreciative and hold your team in high regard. No other YouTube channel covering the culture and lives of Asians has quite the cachet, insight and heart as Asian Boss.

  4. Life is difficult as it is for most of us.
    But it must be horrible for Aditi to have been teased and looked down on through her life.
    I’m glad that she was able to break through this and own and run her own business.

    No kid should be told (especially by another adult) that they look _mad_ (I presume not angry, but like crazy is what was meant?).
    People should know better that physical characters are only 1 aspect of a person, and that the personality and mindset of a person is more important.

    I agree that the cafe that Aditi is a benefit to her physically and mentally.
    She’s interacting with people, learning to manage money, and generally being more happy.
    She’s being an active member of society and the economy.

  5. What a wonderful young woman Aditi is. I’m so sorry she had to suffer such ignorance from people during her childhood. The children who shunned her I can forgive as they didn’t know any better but not the ignorant adults like the woman who called her mad. Shame on her. Love Aditis Mum she must be so proud of her beautiful daughter ❤️

  6. God bless you honey, my brother attends a school for special kids. I hope in the future I will help him and other kids do something similar in order to feel the way you feel!! All my love from Greece <3

    1. @XAVI it can be divided in 3 parts
      Southern, northern with Punjabi being the most thickest one and Sino tibetic which sounds like chinesr accent

    1. @Msvks Oh well..i guess everybody has a different opinion and experience but yeah man!!!gotta agree everybody here has there own accent…but like where did the Appu accent came from???

    2. Xavi
      Dude ! Did just stereotype the entire South Indian population ?
      As a South Indian I always thought the stereotypical accents are from the North 😆 coz every single North Indian I met literally stressed ‘R’ instead of rolling it.

      Btw all Indians have an accent ! Even in the south we have many accents A Telugu person’s English is different from a Tamil person’s English and a Malayali’s English , same goes for kannadiga’s accent

    3. The stereotypical one that westerners make fun of is from south India and as a typical ignorant they generalise that everybody indian speak that way but every part of India has a different accent!!!

  7. She is extremely high functioning and there is a wide spectrum, so while it’s important for society to support all people with disabilities to achieve their full potential we should also realise that many others with Down Syndrome may not achieve as much independence as they just don’t have the capacity she has. She is wonderful and very fortunate to have such a loving and educated family.

  8. Mumbai people , please spread the word about this cafe to your friends and fam . 🙏💜 I feel ashamed to procrastinate my works after seeing such determined people . Power to you , Aditi 💜 love from tamilnadu

  9. And I fell in love with Asian boss once again for putting such inspirational people on spotlight. India needs to learn a lot from you guys. I mean, instead of covering all the negativity that has or hasn’t even existed in India, I think the Indian media should support people that do incredible job as her.

  10. If this Indian disabled woman had launched her business in the US, she would have been one of the valuable entrepreneurs are being focused by the press or TV broadcasting. Most Americans have some very positive reactions about disabled persons’ vigorous and brilliant life, generally speaking. I hope she would make her brave and meaningful life and her acquaintances should encourage her beautiful try. Despite she has operated the small size business, it wouldn’t become any matters for her hopeful life.

  11. Aditi is inspiring, hardworking, enthusiastic and so cute! I am sure her future plans will work out. She is doing amazing work and deserves all of the success and happiness! Sending love from Toronto!

  12. Indian media should focus on legit contents like this rather those fake contents related Baba’s, celebrity lifestyles or whatsoever..
    great job AsianBoss 👍👍

  13. God bless you Aditi ! Hope your all dreams come true in your beautiful life! Someday I will visit this special Aditi’s corner! 👍😊

  14. Thank you Asian Boss 💜💜💜 Thank you so much for share such a beautiful and inspirational story… Thank you so much for teaching society how to treat each and every human being through this video.
    More power to you Aditi… 💜
    I’m glad now people accepting her for who she is and even encouraging her.
    Thats what I love about Indians, they are open minded and accept people the way they are, bad people is everywhere but there are many good people who accept others with their all flow💜

  15. Hello Aditi you are so sweet , when I come to Mumbai I’ll surely visit your restaurant. Lots of love and respect from North East India💓💞God bless you

  16. Wow she is so sweet…my cousin also has the same syndrome…we also love him…his parents love him so much…he even fights with us ,jokes everything…sometimes even bored us like every cousin do…he talks way too much..we treat him like just like any brother /sister…😍😍

  17. She was there in my dance class when I was in 4th grade , now I’m in 10th
    her cafe is in my neighbourhood. I can’t remember much but she seemed like a very caring ,cheerful person that time

    1. @Msvks to be honest, yes. Up until now, i didnt really notice that i had always been believing in the stereotypes that people around me have about people with down syndrome passively, and never try to understand them by doing proper research. Asian boss videos seriously changed my way of viewing things

  18. My wife’s aunt’s (actually her mom’s best friend’s) daughter was down syndrome so I learn to value her and love her as I dated and eventually married my wife. And also as a music teacher I taught the ME (multiple exceptionalities) class of students with multiple physical and cognitive disabilities. I learned more about life from teaching them than they did music from me. I am grateful. Thank you Asian Boss.

  19. one of the most enraging things I can think is people making fun of and bullying people who have disabilities…must be a tough girl to come out of it so strong. awesome work Aditi not just the cafe but for making people less ignorant and contributing to your community by providing jobs .. love from Canada 🙂

  20. Aditi Behtey, YOU truly are an angel. Beautiful and so smart! My duaa is that you will always prosper and through you, others will be blessed. God bless you dearest. I’m so proud of you. 🥰🤲💐🏆Society must learn to honor these angels and help them flourish. The story of the “Aunty” made me so angry! What is wrong with adults? How dare anyone treat any child like that. If I am ever able to visit India, inshaAllah I will come to Aditi’s Corner.

  21. If you have a time watch the Ghanian movie Children of Mountains , really makes you admire of mother love ))) Thanks to mothers who are keeping and raising the special kids

  22. Congrats to this beautiful and brave women no one should be treated as less are underestimated God Bless her and all People🙏🏼❣️💕

  23. Yeaaaaaaaaa Aditi! Well done!!!!!!! Yeaaaaaa Aditi’s family! Excellent how you worked together! So happy for you all and for the good spirit and loveliness you bring to earth! 🙂

  24. Shame on the people are judgmental to beautiful soul like this. One day i was traveling on the 🚍in Australia, one girl was on the bus talking to her self , the bus driver and one woman started talking and Laughter coming from the front and i heard everything. I got up and went to them and spit on their faces and told them shame on you! What if it was your child? What if it was you people doing what you just did? I made the driver stop the bus and apologize to the girl, or I’m calling the police and have him fired on the spot lose his job. God bless this wonderful person that she’s inspiration to other people to go and get a job. SHE’S ANGEL 😇

  25. I’ve not cried for years like this. She is real inspiration and I wanna salute her for breaking all stigma around people with down syndrome. I wish your all dreams come true. Love you Aditi ♥️

  26. This is an amazing person right here. So many people don’t have the courage to start their own businesses but Aditi created a successful one with a disadvantage. Props to her!

  27. Thank god India is becoming more open minded, especially the youth . I felt so angry when that old lady described Aditi as a mad girl and when the relatives told her about rituals and tantriks .

  28. Hats of to you sister 👌👌🙏🙏,I am a Resturant Manager and chef from past 7 years ,But still I don’t have courage to open my own cafe ,Actually we people have the Down syndrome the so called normal person ,who is having everything in life but does have the courage to fight the odds of the life and take Bold step.

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