Rules for men in Pattaya, Thailand Securing your Valuables (Alternative methods)

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In this educational travel vlog, I continue to discuss rules for men in Pattaya on holiday or vacation. This video explains how to secure your valuables in Pattaya, Thailand, using alternative methods. I talk about my tips and tricks for securing my valuables in Pattaya. This series of videos should be a Pattaya tour guide, as it pertains to the safety of your trip, holiday, or vacation in Pattaya. Most travelers simply use the safe provided by the hotel, and think that will be good enough. In most cases, that is true. However, depending on the hotel you stay at, there may be staff that are willing to steal your valuables. In this case, you will need alternative methods for securing your valuables. I suggest multiple layers of luggage secured with TSA approved locks. Place your valuables inside the center piece of luggage, securing each section with a TSA lock. In addition, hotel safety should be a strong consideration. You don’t want a hotel that implements safe hacks on your valuables.

Go to Pattaya, Thailand and have the time of your life. Pattaya really is a city where fun and safety are the two priorities.

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  1. Private security guard with taser would be nice so you can leave money out and good stuff too like model airplane and lap top. Private bonded guard on stand by is best but expensive and maybe not available in Pattaya.

  2. This was an Excellent Video, I loved the intro and your advice about making sure your stay at a nice hotel is the first step with securing your valuables and overall safety, Perfectly explained,
    Damn, I miss Central Festival Mall Starbucks

  3. Nice points except I’d skip any TSA locks. China sells TSA keys online. #7 TSA is most common. I use a thin wallet in the front to hold a cc + copy of passport ( never travel around with the real passport ) and $100 eq cash. I put about $11 in room safe with some change as a “tip”. They think I’m broke. Never bring money to Thailand. Exchange rate from USA robs 10% at banks. It’s best to ATM as you go. I have a checking account that refunds Intl ATM fees so I use it as my security guard as I go. Hide what you still have in a dirty laundry bag. Thai people are very clean and will not search your stinky socks for treasure. Khup. Oh…btw leave your valuables at home, travel lite.
    Laptops and tablets are safe if you use transparent Scotch tape all across display and draw fine cracks with a good pen. Broken devices are hard to sell 😉

  4. JC, I’m wondering how much plastic wrap costs in Thailand.; great suggestion to use a tamper-revealing method. In James Bond’s “Dr. No”, James placed a single stand of his hair across a gap in a folding closet door, to determine if someone had checked his room. I’ll likely be buying a new roll of plastic wrap everyday when I travel to Thailand, if needed (lol). You look upbeat and rested. You were definitely in need of this vacation! CC

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