Rules for Men in Pattaya: Don’t Feel GUILTY

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In this video, I discuss rules for men in Pattaya. This rule is, don’t feel guilty after your trip to Pattaya, Thailand. Many men come to Pattaya to enjoy the nightlife and entertainment. Since Pattaya is known around the world for its nightlife and entertainment districts, many men often leave feeling guilty about having a good vacation in Pattaya. There is no reason for men to feel guilty when they are in one of Pattaya’s entertainment zones such as, Lk Metro, Walking Street, Tree Town, or Pattaya Beach Road. These are locations in Pattaya that offer exciting nightlife and entertainment. Go to Pattaya, have fun, don’t do anything that would get you into trouble, and leave without feeling guilty about being happy. I hope you enjoy this travel vlog from the streets of Pattaya. I am looking forward to tourism returning to Pattaya and all of Thailand soon.

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  1. Pattaya is a place of truth. Stop laughing now. Really it is. It makes you discover and face the truth of who you are, what your values are and what antibiotics you’re allergic to.

  2. imo the biggest expense in pattaya is drinking and being ” the shooter ” = ringing bells , buying lady drinks for many girls , even one is super expensive

  3. Totally agree very honest vlog what you say is true spent 20 years coming to Thailand especially Pattaya let’s get real it’s a party place show the ladies some respect but basically they want you you to spend your money just don’t be stupid 👍👍👍

  4. I left Pattaya feeling happy. I don’t give a cr*p what anyone says or thinks of me had a great time and I plan to go back every year. Yes many areas and people are there to take my money but so is EVERY other tourist destination on Earth. I have traveled the world and Thailand holds the most positive memories for me.
    There is a bad apple in every bunch but the majority of Thai people are the happiest and most beautiful in the world. IMO.

  5. It’s like colleges that have the reputation of being party schools. Any school can be a party school if you want it to be. It’s up to the individual. You can spend money and party anywhere. Granted, some places offer more opportunities. We make our own choices and get what we want out of the experience, regardless of where we are.

  6. My last trip after ASQ last month was worth every penny….especially the last week when they open the bars in Patts….I dropped a lot coin in Pattaya for 3 days and the only regret I have is that I had to leave to come back to work…or else I would have dropped a lot more!

  7. The older and more experienced you have…fact of the realisation of only having one life and life is short likely that is why to your change of thinking? No longer the young man about town and yes the only way of attractive female company is to pay for that. Cheapest way short time to the girlfriend experience as the most expensive. Apart from marriage et al and losing the lot as some have succumbed to. It really is what it is so be safe, keep your head and enjoy without regrets. Make some memories…😀

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