Rule #2 (of 2), How To Survive the Philippines

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  1. Hey! Henry, now you starting to discover many negative things bits by bits to the local people in Bohol. Just defend your self at all time and protect your self at all time. Cheers!!!

  2. Rule # 3. Wear a condom. It amazes me how many foreigners get a girl pregnant there and now they are stuck, filipinas are good at making you feel guilty for not supporting the kid, the family, they may not pull that kind of drama on the local Pinoy but on the foreigner, they do great job.

  3. The ones your meeting on the street are street people. Those with a job and family are not chasing foreigners. Remember they don’t have anything literally so they have to be opportunist. IF not they would not survive. That is part of the problem Foreigners seem to meet the wrong folks and then judge all Filipinos by what they meet. Take your time and make every effort to meet educated people with jobs. Not jobless, homeless or useless where the hell can that take anyone.

    1. Agree, I have met so many nice people when I was in Philippines. Also many poor people that was wonderful. With common sense you come a long way. Now I was not looking for one night stand either, then you would probably be more legal byte. I’ve only had positive meetings with ALL people in the Philippines except 2 people. They were the only ones who would like money. But such people have I met at home 🙂

  4. I enjoy going out with a few of my relatives. Most have jobs one is an X-Ray Tech another is a engineer but they still dont have lots of money to spend because they don’t get paid that much. I will usually give Nelson 1000 P and tell him when we are done spending this and what ever everyone else puts in take me home. So far it has worked out great. In Zambales they like to sit on the street corner at night chatting and drinking… Its cheap and fun…peoples wives start bringing nick nacks

  5. Hey Henry, I have many friends of all races. Really and I have been the only white guy at many a party with Blacks, Mexicans, Filipinos, Koreans ect. I have always mingled well. As much as my friends like me I am still different and will always be. No matter how brown your skin may be no matter how nice or friendly you are, no matter how well you can communicate, laugh or even party with different groups you still are what you are. Just the way it is… so set your own limits or be ready4 :>(

  6. You are the man! I had to learn all this stuff the hard. There was no one to give me a heads up. When I first arrived ten years ago. Every word it pure truth anyone listening, believe what he is saying it is the truth.

  7. I enjoy watching your videos. It is really difficult to not become a product of your own environment anywhere you’re at. I would spend more time at a well to do Filipino community. I know It will cost me a little bit more $ but so worth seeing the good and cleaner side of the coin.

  8. wow looks like I won’t hire a maid when I go to the Pi, crazy stories I can’t believe they would do that to u lol. thanks for the info u just saved me some trouble!!

  9. We had 2 maids but no drama. I can only say positive things about them. But both of them were not young women. One was 42 and worked for us for 3 months (because we moved) and the other was 38 (worked for us for 1y and 3m). We kept them motivated with a high salary (doubled the salary other maids earned in their area) and we treated them as family members. To be honest, the second maid I even started calling my “filipino mom” 🙂 All the other expats in our area also recommended to hire an older maid – less drama and they know their work better. Young ones are usually texting more than cleaning 😉

    1. If I ever did consider a maid, yes.. an older one is the way to go.  Younger ones from the city don’t seem very motivated (in general).  My ex/gf (Filipina, wealthy) had the same older maid for over 8 years, the maid was in her late 40’s.  But she had to let her go about six months ago because the maid got so ‘familiar’ that she begin bringing her teenage kids to stay for up to a week at a time and taking groceries from the fridge when she left for her day off.  That and not returning from her days off was just too much.

  10. hey buddy, u have good advice. thx a lot, i am a gullible person and have a hard time saying ‘no’.  sorry to hear about untrustworthy pinoys. their mentally is u have d usd or earning usd and they r not well off so some take advantage and try to take u as far as they can.

  11. Don’t go anywhere with anyone…. Don’t trust anyone…. don’t take anything or carry anything for anyone…. trust no-one…. Don’t tell people where you live or how long you are staying or what you do … because that is how they work out how much of a catch you are…And it is true…if someone approaches you rather than it being a natural meeting.. then be alert. Stay alert was the greatest advice I ever got… Now.. if you are in Asia….they are opportunistic… but if there is a way to make money by making you the victim or themselves then they will try it. Eventually, in places like the phillipines the odds are stacked against you… and you will get tricked or done … What you are trying to do is lessen the chances … and the chances are too you have been done or had without knowing it… Yieks…

  12. Always true right…nobody blindly trusts strangers anywhere these days. If I am asked for a small loan I just give the money and know I will never get it back. That is the way it is here in Mexico sure its the same there. Aways realize you are the RICH alien, the Wallet and the truth is that you are…those filipinas are never going to travel anywhere.

  13. All good advice,sadly i did not follow to much of it, so i paid the price.
    I meet many pinoys who would not take anything from your house to those that would take the shoes you may leave outside.
    The the whole my friend thing is also a red flag for the most part, but i guess i was lucky with that, and yeah you can remove the i guess form even that i was lucky.
    Like you said there are so many things to watch out for.
    Like the beggar children.sometimes i could get surrounded by these children, really hate they done away with the centavo which by me having a handful and just throwing them up in the air seemed to be my only way out, again these things happen only in the bigger cities
    I am kind of a hot head, not cocky but if i see someone do something bad i tend to get involved and you just can not do that in the Philippines for the most part.

  14. Excellent advice ,again your videos are very informative. You are more articulate and down to earth then many of the anchors and commentators that do the Daily News broadcast. . lol

  15. Why would anyone date such a random poor girl who or whose family keeps bugging you for money and steals so bad. There are also other independent, educated and smarter girls with better financial status in phily who i am sure would be open for date/relation. But such girls won’t date random older guys though.

    1. +MV N not all poor, or wealthy, filipinas fit one mold. it’s really about personal integrity. a man has to be alert to the ‘red flags’ and act accordingly. i always recommend taking things SLOW, to give their true personality time to show itself, whether good or bad.

  16. So Henry your saying that even when I am on holiday in the Philippines that I should not bring them back to my hotel room and that I should pay for another hotel room? But if I am seeing a woman each night than I am not using my hotel. Hope that you answer my question.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question Henry and yes I see your point and a short-term hotel for 400P room seems like as you put it good insurance. I have been watching you since you started your channel and you were my first source for Phil info and now 2+ years later at the age of 53yrs I am finally going over there. Thanks again for taking the time to answer my question Henry.
      All the best from OZ

    2. earlier this year i read an article about an expat who took a young lady to his hotel (to spend the night). he had met her that afternoon at one of the malls in Cebu. when he woke up, his passport, wallet, backpack and money were all gone.. and so was she. that’s how sure you better be that she’s “okay” for the White List. that’s what you’re gambling with. in my travels, only maybe one in ten ever gets to spend the night, and that was after we’d become friends. some might call me paranoid, but i still have my passport, backpack and money. 🙂

    3. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Thank you for the reply Henry as I am going over there next year and it is my first time traveling overseas. One last question so even when you deem them to be okay, you think it is a bad idea to let them stay the whole night?

    4. i’m saying, “never trust a woman you just met”, so a short-term hotel for 400P is good insurance. now, if you meet with her several times and have a good gut instinct that she’s not a thief or drama-queen.. then consider having her at your hotel room.. provided you’ve already hidden away anything of value. these are women i call who have made it to the “White List”. not that i fully trust them, but i trust them enough for a few hours at my place. but until then.. best to entertain at a short-term hotel.

  17. In the “being molested” part, you could at least escape from that night by asking the girl for a test. I’m a Filipina and everything that you said is true. But not everyone is opportunist in this country. Girls who are educated and came from a decent family are far off better than those who live in slum areas. Well, I’m not saying girls from slum areas are all opportunists, some of them look for foreign guys on the Internet, date and marry one, well they just want a change for their lives and live the American dream. And also I’ve been with a foreign guy (Emglishman) for 4 years LDR and we never encountered money or trust problems because in the first place, I never ask for it. So yeah, best of luck to everyone who wants to find their soulmate. I already found mine☺️❤️

  18. When you get a maid. Get the older ones. Above 40 or more. The young ones have dramas! The only time you need a maid is if you have kids.

    1. i agree, single guys don’t need a maid and it’s only a liability. it’s not uncommon for a girl i’m dating to come to my place and voluntarily clean up my place. it’s part of how they show they care.

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