Room Tour at the Nigi Nigi Too Resort – Boracay

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  1. I get the feeling you enjoyed the hospitality from the Nigi Nigi Too resort Henry hahaha it looks like a very nice hotel great videos please keep them coming enjoy them all thanks for taking the time that you do awesome Henry 

    1. @Ryan Darcy my room was downstairs, but instead of a view, i had a big patio and slightly larger room.  i really enjoyed my stay there.  gotta get back again.  🙂

    1. @Dean Smithers some late advice….don’t stay at the ‘All Son’s’ hotel approx three-quarters of a mile down Mango Ave and diagonally to the right of ‘Jollybee’s’ cos they stole approx $1250 from my wallet, whilst I slept!!!!!! Kind hearted bastards didn’t take my bank cards though, bless their cotton sock’s.

    2. @Dean Smithers i am mostly familiar with the Colon district hotels.  but i hear there are other good deals just past the Larsian, near the Robinson’s mall.

      in colon district.. there is the Mercedes Hotel for about 1,100p/night, but you can often get a 10% discount if you show an Oceanjet ferry ticket stub.  their single rooms are about 900p/night.

      another favorite of mine is the GV Towers hotel, a few blocks away.  double room is about same price, but single room is only 799p/night.  good decent rooms, but no ‘guests’ allowed.

      and another option is the SoGo hotel.. about same prices but it’s more of a ‘quickie hotel’, yet still a very decent franchise and interesting room layouts (neon bed lights, mirrors, etc.)  perfect also for a layover, sun-thurs they have 10-hour rates for about 500p or so.

    3. Henry I wander if you could give the heads up on any reasonable hotels in Cebu and macton Coz I am looking at,a trip for two weeks of may next year. kinds Regards Dean

  2. Is this a holiday for you Reekay? I believe you are at this resort to escape the storm or that motivated you to take this trip from Dugagete. Do you find yourself having to budget a lot in the Philippines? By what you relate, the living is not that cheap. 

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines  Yeah I know it’s a part of their culture. I only made the comment cause you walked straight in the room as she hit her brakes to remove her shoes. But I did find it interesting that she took her shoes off even though she was already walking indoors with her shoes on.

    2. @Derrick Washington even i’ve gotten into that habit once i moved here.  since most all the floors here are tile, it keeps from tracking dirt into the house.  (or sand, when near the beach)  🙂

  3. Haha…I was in Boracay with my Filipina wife and 2 yr old little girl, her mother and younger sister..(you know how that goes) back in April 2014. We stayed at her friends cottage a little back off the beach. Almost directly in line with that shrine.  The cottage had a decent kitchen/living room, air con, nice bed and complete shower etc for about 70 a night. We didn’t really eat out so we just cooked in the cottage. We just got her sister to go down to the local market and get fresh sea food etc there…and then there’s that little corner convenient store where we got cream and nick nacks.  We had to send her sister to the market because I always got the “tourist” price and she got the “local” price. My wife couldn’t go because they figured out she was with me.   Also, I learned to kind of hang about 5 ft from my wife when waiting for a trike.. They always gave her the 20 pesos price..then I’d sneak in behind her and pay the same price instead of 60 pesos. 😛  You aren’t kidding when you say it’s like walking into a screen saver. Absolutely beautiful scenery on the beach..

  4. A couple of years back we stayed at the Mabuhay House in Station 3. Super private home also with an amazing view of the beach. We took the upper room so we could watch the sunrise. Go ahead and ask if we want to go back again.

    1. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines very lucky. ill make sure to stay at this hotel when im in boracay just cause they give you that comp!! 🙂

    2. the owner and i had met in dumaguete prior to my trip. we met by chance at a restaurant and it just happened that my date was a prior desk clerk at his hotel. we got to talking and he invited me to stay there for a week complimentary and that’s how i found myself in boracay. 🙂

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