Rice VS Humidity And The Latest Hatch

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  1. BRIAN new pens for chicken ………after one month 70% azzola and 30% food standard and result ecological chicken good price and ask luxury restaurant MANILA if they not want chicken ecologic what grow up with azzola,meat must have very good taste and quality. Chicken have advantage circulation capital very fast at 4months

  2. at chicken mature new zone for make eggs must with small roof and new pens chicken and new incubator second for grow up number chicken ,,,,,,,,after take market ecologic chicken market double price ///////at eggs 60% catch are good ,industry similar 60-70%

  3. May need two loads of rice, dry out one in the oven and switch out. Keeps the amount of rice you use to a minimum. Hope you get some nice replacement roosters out of those hatches. They’ll be enough to chose from.

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