Rice Field Update 3/10/21

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  1. Spray with Virtako 40WG.( available on Lazarda, but would take too long!).
    Pity that particular seed isn’t resistant ( there are varieties that are and also resistant to tungro virus).
    Those insects also can carry viruses by the way, tungro for example!
    BTW, didn’t know all that, had to look it up.
    Best to spray after dark apparently , as well!
    Best of luck!

  2. Let’s spray some Sevin…before even knowing the name of the target insect. And of course no research into whether Sevin is effective against this specific insect or when in its life cycle it would be effective. It’s bug spray and I have bugs. Hilarious.

  3. We’ve been using “Sevin” insecticide to attempt to rid our dogs of ticks, works well as a powder mixed with flour or the likes, or made into solution and sprayed onto common tick “areas”….problem is dogs tend to lick wet parts of their body, so after experimenting we generally go with the powder application these days. It’s hugely LESS expensive than anything your vet can sell you and works well, but you need to continue a fortnightly application even when you see no more ticks, my usual MO is shower the dogs, allow them to dry outside for an hour or two…then apply the Sevin mixed with flour, collar and leash on and out for an hour long walk….that way if the ticks “abandon ship” they’re NOT falling onto the ground either inside or outside OUR house.

  4. Phew…those Chinese Ads are hard work, 4 mins listening to them is akin to listening to a fork getting dragged across a clean plate!!!!!!!

  5. culture TATAI !!! seed put on cotton sack and humidity with water and make round ,,,,,,,,,keep 5 days at temperature shadow after put in soil at 4 cm deep ,,,,,similar make at corn ,rice ,anything

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