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Charles Harman at an internet cafe in pampanga ManilaA friend asked me today who this website and blog is for so I want to try to answer that here. This site is for anyone of retirement age from 40 or less to 80 and up. For anyone with a source of money they can live off that is large enough to sustain a family of 3 in the Philippines or at least $1000 a month. Or for someone with an online  internet business and you can run it from virtually anywhere. Some specific cases are: Someone who has retired from active work and you are in your 60s probably married and your children are all grown and living their own lives. If you are on social security you can make it here and use that for your retirement. You can live here and your dollar will go a lot  farther than it would in the USA. For others you are a military retiree retiring at age 40 or so. When I retired from the USAF I was 40 years old my daughter was 9 and my son 7.  I opted to go on into a second career in computers. But you don’t have to, you can stay in early retirement move your family here to the Philippines and live the rest of your life here. Therefore this site is for all retired military with young family’s. you can make it here on $1000 a month or less. You can also add to your income by creating a business see my post on Q&A and 7 reasons on the side bar. This website is for the out of work older adult 62 and up because you can apply for social security early and then move here. This website is for the divorced or sep0arated, you can retire here and who knows start a new relationship if you so desired. If you have a medical retirement you can also make it here. I know of an 81 year old man who moved here looking for a change in his life and a little adventure he was in a wheel chair when he arrived here. So this site is for anyone in a variety of situations where you can retire, and at any age. Things are getting pretty bad in the US especially for the older folks trying to make ends meet. Come here and you can live on a lot less, eat for less and medical is less,. For the military retirees there is a VA hospital in Manila, you would want to live somewhere near there if you have a medical condition that needs hospitalization. doctors are cheap here and there are retirement communities her as well.

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