Retiring Philippines – The Weather

Weather Forecast for the Philippines – Hot and muggy highs in the upper 90s, just kidding although it is that here as we are on the ocean. I made a comment on one of my other posts about the weather so i wanted to elaborate a little more on it here. The statement was that most of the Typhoons pass up north missing our area completely. If you remember some recent news of typhoons and flooding in Manila you know what I mean. The typical path for typhoons here is to curve up and over Luzon and often right through Manila area.  They almost always miss the Cebu area making it a great choice for retirement. Take a look at the photo below, this is current weather news, notice it’s path once again is up over the Luzon area.

Click for Manila, Philippines Forecast

This is a typical path for almost all Typhoons in the Philippines. In 6 years I have only seen 2 that made it over Cebu.

Super Typhoon JUAN now at Category 5 heading across Luzon and into China. That is Luzon Philippines to the left in this image.

Super Typhoon MEGI -JUAN moving dangerously closer to Northern Luzon.

Updated sat and rgb for October 17th 2010

RGB 10/17/2010
SAT 10/17/2010

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