Retiring Philippines – Problem and Solution

One bad thing about living in the Philippines and a Solution – There is one big negative thing about living here in the Philippines. And that’s the power, you have to remember this is a third world nation and with it are third world problems. Power here is not as reliable as it is in the US. We face brownouts daily, where I live they turn off the power for 1 to 2 hours every day starting around 1:00 PM. I have to wait until at least 1PM to turn on my computer or face it going down when the power is shut off. They are called brownouts because the power is turned off in various parts of the city at different times. I’ve gotten kind of used to it now and usually just go out side and sit it out or in front of one of my battery operated fans. You can buy these fan with a bright light combination that contain fairly large 12 volt rechargeable batteries however they only last about 3 hours max. I believe I will get a larger battery and just strap it to the outside for longer operation. The solution is to get a small generator and have it standing by if the power goes out. Then all you have to do is start the generator and simply plug your air conditioner and computer system into it. The internet is still working as they are using generators also, so once you restore power you can continue working on the internet. Since I am on the roof anyway I can put the generator outside make a cover for it to keep it dry. The Lingben on the left is selling for P8,500 (used) and is made in China. You can also get automatic switches that will start it for you and switch over. But this feature is usually only available for larger units that can power the whole house. I suggest getting one that can handle at least a small air-con as they are called here and your computer system I need to do more research on the ratings and what is needed for this purpose more on this later. Normally the internet is still working so you an connect if you can get power to your equipment via a generator that will run all of my computer system and the two 1 terabyte drives and wireless internet, my small office air-con is also made in China as is most of the equipment. I plan to get one soon just need a couple of web sites to build and I’ll have enough to pay for one.

UPDATE: We recently moved back to our big house in Bogo the electricity is more stable here for up to a full month then once a month they have a single all day power outage lasting from around 7:00 AM until 5:00 PM Otherwise it is pretty stable here. Mactan had daily outages lasting from one to three houses. Actually I like it here better.

Gasoline-Engine-Power-Generators-38 made in Korea.

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