Retiring Philippines – More About Maids

Retiring Philippines – Maids

I wanted to say a little more about maids in the Philippines with this post. For one, anyone can afford one or even two. I have three maids, one is a mother and daughter combo, the mother is in her early 50s and the daughter,  seen in this photo is 25 and the younger one is around 16 and they all help out around the house. They are live-in maids, that is, they sleep on the floor or in an extra bedroom. We have two maids at our house in Bogo and the third is for Marianne’s sister’s family, we pay for her also.  Maids  go for about $50.00 a month you can get a maid or two to clean your house, wash your laundry, cook your meals, and shop for your groceries all of which I prefer not doing. My maids also care for our two young kids and even take them to school, which is a full time job in itself.  What does that leave you with?  Well not much, work on that book you’ve never had the time to write, get plenty of sleep. Or just go lie out on the beach for a change. Like I said so many times in my twitter tweets, move to the Philippines and live like a king, literally. On one trip down to our internet cafe in Bogo City, the house boy or Gardner or whatever you want to call him said about my brief case, “I will be the one to carry that.” You can and often will hire people to do all your “work”, because hiring people for work here in the Philippines is cheap so why do hard work when it is easy to get someone else to do it. The Gardner was a relative of my wife, he cut the grass, helped out around the house, fixed things that had broken, changed flat tires, did just about everything. He was even a bodyguard when we went to the bank. I also had an armed security guard out at the Bogo house, never really needed him, but it sure made you feel safe. He was also such a good friend, Marianne’s family knew him for several years and trusted him fully (see photo of him below.)  So if you decide to retire here in the Philippine, remember to bring along plenty of good books to read, because you will definitely need them. I’ve included several photos of maids doing their work, enjoy…

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