Retiring Philippines – Having a baby

When it’s time for your wife to give birth in the Philippines – You would not believe how inexpensive it is to have a baby in the Philippines. In 2004 my son was born in Medellin Philippines in a private hospital. The entire bill for 3 days round the clock nursing and the birth itself was just under $200.00.  My wife just gave birth in a Midwife Clinic and a Birthing Home in Bogo Philippines, the total bill for this was P 5,780 or about $134.00. The owner of the clinic is a OBGYN Doctor so you get top notch care. See Photos below. These Midwife Clinics are everywhere but you should make sure there is a OBGYN doctor available in case of trouble. Our baby was about 7 pounds kind of large for the Philippines, our last two were only 5 pounds and a few ounces each.

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Hide Away, Marianne and Stephanie Anne Harman

Hide Away, Marianne and Stephanie Anne Harman #2

Me at Hide Away Medellin Philippines

Me in the water at the Hide Away verry shallow water here high tide it goes to maybe 4 feet.


    1. All of my babies were born up north of Cebu City so I really do not have that info. We used a Birthing clinic in Bogo the owner is a OBGYN doctor this for #3, #2 was born in the US and #1 was born in a private hospital in Medellin Philippines near Bogo. I would log onto some of the active Yahoo Expat groups and see if they know. If you find out let me know and I will post it here.

    1. Our third child cost us only around P5,700 at a birthing clenic in Bogo the midwofe is also a OBGYN doctor and there is a regional hospital across the street for emergencies. Marianne said in a good hospital in Cebu you could pay as much as P40,000. Look at my post “having a baby in the Philippines”

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