Retiring Philippines – Enjoy the Fruit

Exotic Tropical Fruit There is an abundance of local fruits here some of which you may not have heard, of such as durian, mango,  mangosteen,  jackfruitand, guave, rambutan (see image at the left) and lanzones. My favorite here is the Mango beautiful amber color and so tasty. I did not like mango in the US just didn’t taste good. Mango’s are really only good fresh, they kind of stink if the are old and the taste is bad as well. Marianne and I often go in to Gaisano to the restaurant and order a fresh mango shake, gives me brain freeze every time but they are so good, just have a cup of hot coffee handy. Mangosteen grows locally here and are also only good fresh they cannot be shipped to the US as they will always be rotten before they get here. When you get your first taste of durian it kind of hits you as it has a strong aroma and taste but it will grow on you. I ordered a durian shake at the mall the other day and when I put the straw to my mouse the impression is, indescribable  no words to describe that taste and smell. I thought to myself what is this, but as you drink it you get used to the strong taste and smell and it becomes good. I will definitely go back for another one. Some of these fruits are very high in antioxidants thus very healthy, mangosteen is one of the fruits with the highest content of antioxidants and even has a new molecule called a zanthone. This rich antioxidant content is contained only in the rind, the fruit tastes very good but is useless as a medical cure for anything other than just to enjoy the taste. To get the benifit from the mangosteen, you need to grind up the rind and load it into capsules so you can take them like medicine. This powder can cure all forms of cancer by the way.  Find a medical supplier for things like capsules you can ingest and fill them yourself, if you want to live a long disease free life.  If you have cancer take a lot of this and it will begin to go away. Or you could join XANGO a product that contains the whole mangosteen and let them take care of that for you. This is a tasty juice, take one ounce 3 times a day and see results within a month. You can join XANGO for $35 and get the product at cost, there is never any pressure to work it as a business or quota to keep. You can work it as a busines if you want.  I personally know people making in excess of $5,000 a month one even makes around $12,000 with this product alone. I also know people cured from many diseases with this product. I believe it is a miracle product although it has been in Chinese medicine for something like 3000 years and us westerners never even knew.

You can find all of these fruits and some of the familiar ones like bananas, apples and melons at the local markets.

jackfruit plentiful in the Philippines
Philippine Banannas
mangosteen Philippines known as the queen of fruits.



  1. hi!

    Durian is part of my happy childhood… thanks to my grand father who grew durian for us ( his grand kids) During durian season is bonding season among us cousins.

    thanks Tatay!!

  2. hi!

    thanks for all the post. My boyfriend plan to retire here hopefully by next year. I forwarded to him all the post you have here especially ” Retiring in the Phillppines. It is all there what we discuss for our future plan he was very delighted. With your new post i am sure i will forwarded more to him.
    More power and GOD Bless to you and to your family.


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