Retiring Philippines – Calling Home

MagicJack – One more item to add to your list of things to take to he Philippines when you move is a MagicJack. This little wonder is absolutely perfect for staying in touch with friends, family and business in the United States. The way it works is to plug the device into a USB port on any computer and it will automatically download and install itself. Once installed all you do is plug in a land line phone ( will not work with a Cell phone), I use a Uniden wireless I purchased about 10 years ago for $8.00. Plug one end of the phone line into the phone and the other into the MagicJack and you are done. I call anywhere in the US and Canada Free with no monthly charges what so ever, talk as long as you like. You can also call US MagicJack to MagicJack anywhere. This makes it a good choice to get one for your Filipino relative so they can call you anytimg. The sound quality is excellent even calling from a slow internet connection like you sometimes get here in the Philippines and in internet Cafe’s. And it sounds like I am next door to them, people are sometimes surprised when I tell them I am calling on a MagicJack from half way around the world. It is also not long distance to call the US from the Philippines on a MagicJack. The device goes for $39.95 for one year or $59.95 for 5 years no monthly fees of any kind. Support is also excellent they have techs that can help you via live chat. (I receive no commissions from getting you to buy one of these devices) Don’t leave home without one. If you call from the US to a non-MagicJack line you will be charged long distance fees so get one for you relatives and have one or two for yourself. I actually have three of them call me up some time to see how good it sounds, it will not charge you long distance fees to call me here. 571-970-9195, 571-970-9507, 571-970-9508.

If the fat magicjack does not fit your USB port use the supplied extension chord or pick one up at a computer store.




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