Group Retirement Tours, Cebu Philippines

Group Retirement Tour – Island of Cebu Philippines
by M&M Retirement Tours

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$997 Per Person (5 days, 4 nights)

Includes, Hotel, food, and Ground Transportation.


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Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone waiting for you in the Philippines standing by ready at the Mactan International Airport to pick you up the entire tour group and get everyone settled into your hotel or Hotels? Hi!, I am Charles Harman and your Tour Guide for the Cebu island 5 day Retirement Tour of Cebu Philippines. Join the group at the link above and let me know you are interested in this tour, once I get at least 6 people signed up I will schedule the tour. 


Retirement options are very good in the Philippines, you can live cheaper have more fun and enjoy your retirement years right here in the Philippine islands. Please join us in an Air Conditioned,Van for a “Fun in the Sun” five day four night tour of the retirement options available in the Cebu area, I think you will be pleasantly surpriseda as live here can be quite pleasant. Here’s what we are planning for you: We are in the initial planing stages for these tours so, any suggestions you have will be considered, so voice your considerations and criticisms below. I (Charles Harman) will be your tour guide and will be with you every where we go not some hired guy. If you wanted to get dental work done you could extend your stay another 3 to 5 days and remain after the tour is over I will still be available to transport you to the Airport and Dentist although ground transportation is available and quite cheap. I live right here near the airport and it’s all about service. I will be absolutely dedicated to my tour members throughout the tour and until everyone is on the plane heading back home. I once worked for a Auto loan company in Texas, Americredit Corp., where I worked at a help desk call center. I received as many as 50 calls a day on computer related problems people were having out in the company’s filed offices all across America. I was so good at it that people used to call in and ask for me specifically preferring my service over others in the call center. So I am very people oriented. I know there are other similar services out there but I think my travelers will soon learn that I intend to be the best tour company out there with a big personal touch. I will treat my tour members as if they were my own family, taking care their every need. Just ask Larry Haydon of Bantayan Island, I gave him a mini tour of Medellin area which included the Korean investment in two new Condos and a gulf course going up in that are, then we met up with the mayor of Medellin who took us out on his boat, he had a super time..


This is what the leased van will look like usually white or silver in color.

We have a new website just for the tours, please go here


OK It’s Your Turn, So what do you think?



Haven’t seen any Mexican reataurants here yet so I miss the above…




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  1. Please comment, I am interested in knowing what you think about these tours. Is this something you might like to do. Also check out the private tours only 197 per day for up to 2 people in an air-conditioned sedan.

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