Retiree In Vietnam 2020 – Life in Vietnam better than home?

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  1. from my experience, and I’ve been in n out of Vietnam for the last 4yrs.. you only get in shit with immigration if you overstay your tourist visa, you can get a business visa and run your own business in VN, if that business is based outside of Vietnam, if you want to live and work in Vietnam then the company has to apply for a work permit for you, or you can open your own business in VN then you can get a TRC (temporary Residence Card)… the rules do keep changing slightly so just keep an eye out, if you living there its your responsibility to know the rules and the beauty of the place I find is people actually take some self responsibility and a certain amount of respect for each other as well as a massive national pride. I cant wait to move back to SGN once all this covid stuff is over… I love SE Asia in general.. cant wait to get back! happy travels everyone!

  2. Aloha, JC & Nat from……Da Lat, VN๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„โ—From Hawaii to Ha noi, June 2018 (10 months there๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š) to Da nang, April 2019-June 30th 2020 (15 months there๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘)! Yep, 3 days ago we landed in the beautiful city of Da lat lol๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘โ˜๏ธ๐Ÿ‘‘โœŒ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ’™โ—We stayed in 1 hotel for 1 night and currently in another 2nd of 3 nights stay. Tomorrow we’ll be checking out some villas & apartments with an agent. Hopefully we can sign a 1 year contract then and send for our truckload of belongings from Da nang. Praise God from whom blessings flow. WE are here LOL! Is there any way that we can get a hold of Larry? Can you get a message to him for us. My FB & Messenger is:
    Prudence A. Kong-Rosaldo. Or if he can plan to meet us some where of his choice and time can you relay that message here to me please?
    Don’t want to leave my email or phone number here. We would greatly appreciate. Thank you very much!

  3. Is it usual to find that you might end up with a bad landlord if you move to sw asia? I know when I lived in Italy, for a while, every time I went to rent a place because I was American, there was the belief I could afford a lot more than I could. I spent so much money in hotels while I tried to find someone who would see me as anything other than the rich America. I’m watching your videos because I can no longer afford America

  4. Hi JC, thanks for your nice video about retirement in Vietnam. The interview at the end, which city is that? Also I donโ€™t hear anything about healthcare over there and the cost of it. Do you live in Vietnam, because all your other videos are about Thailand. Hope to hear from you.

  5. JC you ask people to “use logic” when dealing with immigration issues in Asia? Are you nuts?? Asians living in SE Asia do NOT possess logical skills. And this especially true with immigration. EVERYONE who has lived in SE Asia for a while knows this is true.

  6. I lived in Florida for 40 years. Only central Florida is friendly now. We have now lived many years in the Carolinas…huge difference. Most people here are very friendly.

  7. For sure better than Thailand. Actually, any S.E. Asian country will be better than Thailand. Stick a fork in it’s ass, turn it over, it’s done. For vacations only unless you’re already established from years ago. Then it’s a great time to sell while the baht is so artificially strong. Ha ha!

  8. Hi JC, it’s been 2 months in Cambodia for me now, and if it was not for immigration problems I would still be in Thailand! Some of my observations, cost of living is similar, maybe a little cheaper in Cambodia, infrastructure in Cambodia is very poor (rough roads and potholes) Lots of people on YouTube say that english speaking is better in Cambodia, I must disagree. I think Viet Nam might be an option. Anybody know a quiet peaceful place to chill, not to touristy in VN?

  9. i LOVE the big smiles and laughter from the folks you interacted with. just AWESOME! ๐Ÿ™‚ I think, weather-wise Mar-Nov is when I could go. That big fury jacket of Nat’s indicates my precious (a.k.a. wimpy) ability to withstand sub 75 degree weather would not do well. HA! ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOVE THE VIDS! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Ironic how native born Capitalist people ,complain about a basic capitalism principal of supply and demand renting and cost of living in their on country and end up finding solutions for their cost of living problems in a Communist country like Vietnam. Hilarious ๐Ÿ˜‚

  11. How do you feel about southern Taiwan compared to Vietnam? It has cooler weather but obviously costs a bit more, but then you get what you pay for.

  12. I would like to find an asian retirement location for Americans where visa requirements are not oppressive. Why have to run to the border every. year, 3 months etc. The Philippines seems to have the least intrusive kind of visa requirements. I want to own a few acres where I can have privacy and have a nice little garden with chickens.

  13. Hey JC great videos and channel just found u…curious how do u live in se asia full time without working…do u just live off a pension…or do u have any other sources of income…i visited vietnam 3 times and loved it…i wish i can retire there…only 25….. thnks

  14. $12.50 isn’t too far fetched in some areas of the country. For me, a Large #1 Wendy’s Double meal is easily over $10 and this is in the DC Area. I also have Seattle as one of the territories that I cover for work so I’ve seen how expensive it can be.

  15. This may sound weird but maybe the change of laws and the new regulations have to do more with Chinese than other western expats.
    China is invading south east Asia and sending hoards of
    Emmisaries ( Chinese hooligans) to every city, town and tourist spot to settle down and start moving in the local economies. Thailand is the jewel of se Asia and the Chinese government wants to have a foothold or more in that country, so in order to slow their assault they had to come up with something.
    There are so many of them
    Is like locusts, also in Cambodia, Vietnam myanmar, no one can stop the invasion.
    I think most Europeans eventually will leave not because of the visa but because they won’t want to live surrounded by chinese neighbors, they are vulgar, noisy, no education or manners and they cheat in everything, the have no respect for cultures or civilizations.
    Poor Thailand they don’t know what they got into signing pacts with the devil, I know they already regret it but they already owe the tons of money in loans and investments and China is ready to collect.
    So you can not expect the Thai gov to pinpoint the finger at the obvious problem.

  16. Now that Larry sold his condo, what is he using for a U.S. physical address? This is required by financial institutions, tax agencies, Real ID driverโ€™s license renewals, Global Entry renewals, private health insurance and Medicare annual enrollments, voter registration and credit bureaus. And to JC, how are YOU meeting this requirement? (Donโ€™t say itโ€™s in the members site, give us the hard-boiled truth please).

  17. Watching this made all my ketones run and hide in the corner…
    Anyway, it’s $1,600 for a studio in a suburb north of Seattle & over $2,000 for a 1 bed old house.

  18. Anyone can retire anywhere, if they have the MONEY ! I,m Canadian and I desperately want out of this country, the government here rapes me financially.

  19. He is so correct. I pay $1300-$1500 for everything, but rent and heating , rental insurance is about $1260. Phone and wifi is about $62. I am being overcharged, so DaLat, here I come. I will cook, but not pork, since I am Muslim.

  20. I had to laugh when they guy was quoting costs in the US. Those US prices are half or less Australian prices. The cost of petrol in Australia today is $4.86 USD per US gallon.

  21. Youtube does have an increasing ammount of vloggers saying they will leave Thailand to find better countries to stay in, it strikes me that even if they have a monthly income of four times a Thai this is not enough for them to live.
    Constantly running arround Asia to find cheaper places probably have a cost too?
    Many anti Thailand vloggers are promoting dating sites, but claim that cheap girls are not their cup of tea, still they seek “more fun” for their money, not to mention those who comment on their videos.
    I think Thailand will be better without these men, let them have what they want and enjoy.
    And I have met better women in Pattaya than those who are professional dating site users.
    The best thing about Thailand is that the people are not submissive to a god or political religion, neighbouring countries are quite different, you might make some videos on this topic?

  22. Your home is where your heart is, so many men (allways men) seem to run arround all over the cheap parts of the world, but they allways seem to look for greener grass . . . .

  23. Wow! Iโ€™m a Whopper lover as well. That is expensive. I just ordered a Whopper-Hashbrowns-Soft Drink for 254 Baht or around USD8.46 via an mobile phone application delivered to my door here in BKK.

  24. Great vlog Kevin I live in Los Angeles and rents are out of control in fact the state just put a rent control measure of 8% increase which is not cheap if you are already at $2000.00 a month !!!! so every year you are looking at large rent increases…! I have been to Thailand so many times I have lost count and there is no question that you can live better for the money you have in places like Thailand and Vietnam but also in parts of Europe like Spain And Portugal… as you say More Life For Less Money and that is a fact…. L.A Rob

  25. Just after hearing the news about Chinese taking girls to sell as bride slaves to single Chinese men. No it isn’t safe for Vietnamese girls

  26. Another whopper from the loon in Da Nang . Thai Food Sucks And It Will Kill You! I guess downing huge amounts of alcohol and eating nothing but foreigner food is better for you. Over 250 pounds and is out of breath climbing the stairs. Please tell me how your diet is so superior to others.

  27. JC, have you checked out the Philippines? On an SRRV visa,retirees can work, free mult visa entries, Import a car and much more. Check out the Abalang/ Finivest areas far enough while close enough to Manilla. So far still here,renting three brand furnished houses on 3 Rai of land 28,000THB monthly. Amazing Nature scenery nearby. Yes,I bought supplemental INS to my Tricare and started Direct deposits while wire transferring more than 65,000THB monthly and getting FTT codes per transactions until 2/4 pensions are direct deposited. Was the most unpleasant time at Immigration about one month on my O-A since 2015 that had no issues what so ever until recently…not cute or intelligent Thailand but I support efforts to get rid of threats to your civilization from abroad!!!

  28. JC, your guest is full of s… A Whopper with fries and coke is $6.45. here is Florida and any where in the U.S. gas regular is $2.35 the only State that gas is $ 4.00 is California due to the taxes.

  29. I could be wrong but I donโ€™t think Vietnam has retirement visas. And I definitely donโ€™t think they allow Americans to permanently retire there. It is in fact a communist country. I believe they allow one-year visas, but I could be wrong.

  30. Since you mentioned keto and carbs, I have been seriously considering spending at least some of my retirement in Vietnam but I was recently diagnosed with diabetes- it seems like I would have some difficulty limiting my carbs there with noodles and banh mi being so popular. Do you have any advice? Also, any information you have regarding the availability of diabetic supplies and healthcare would be helpful.

  31. Government just changed the law in Vietnam starting Jan you donโ€™t have to leave Vietnam to change visa or extend you can do in Country
    Lots of expats happy as the border run to Cambodia was getting to be a pain .

  32. $12.50 USD for Whopper in the States ,that would be $5USD in Vietnam Big Mac combo is even cheaper at $3.80 USD burger fries and coke .
    If you want to go local eating is much cheaper like JC says there is always options

  33. Heard the best LIE i have heard in years today from a YT channel currently out of Da Nang Vietnam. Did you know that over 50% of expats have already left Thailand because its so horrible ? This news comes from a guy that claims he is NEVER wrong.

  34. If Vietnam is so good, why are so many young Vietnamese trying to get out and into the UK and willing to pay thousands of pounds to do it, l don’t know much about Vietnam so that’s why I am asking the question ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  35. JC, I live in your area of Thailand. I love it here but I perceive immigration does not feel the same way about me being here. In Vietnam, I had difficulty getting cash advances at a couple of banks. Thoughts? What about the driver’s license even if you are just staying for a month? When I visited Vung Tau, I thought I was good on my Thai license but in one of your blogs you indicated you need a Vietnam license. We will follow you to DaLat in March. Thanks for what you do. Since you will be there a while please share good hotels, extended places to stay. I would like to stay 30-60 days on this trip.. Blessings!

  36. Personally for me I donโ€™t think I can live anywhere for a long period in any Country, at the moment Iam happy travelling, SE Asia and South/Central America are my favourite areas, though Iโ€™ve been to about 6 African Countries, the World is your oyster! Imo

  37. The most important factor that drives the prices in places like Seattle is the cost of living compared to the average wages. In Da Nang the average income is only $400 a month where as in Seattle itโ€™s over 10 times that. I can live in Poland for just over 10 percent of the cost of Vietnam. Monthly cell phone service is $8.86 per month with 10G of data, unlimited texts worldwide and unlimited calls in the EU. I donโ€™t have to deal with the extreme poverty, pollution, and crime in Southeast Asia.

  38. I first went to Dalat just over 25 years ago when I travelled all over Vietnam. I liked it a lot but found it very noisy almost everywhere. I haven’t been back since but now I am living in Thailand it’s so close so I will definitely want to visit again but I am happy to be living and settled in Thailand for sure.

  39. good vid got to check out Vietnam, enjoy southeast Asia, just make sure Nat gets a chance to see her kids, she probably misses them from time to time ๐Ÿ˜‰

  40. Another enjoyable and entertaining chill video Mate ๐Ÿ™‚ Your conversation with our Seattle bro was enjoyable and the discussions of compare and contrast. Yep Vietnam is a good spot in many ways. KIts so enjoyable for me to be reminded of the friendliness and gentility of Vietnamese and Thai folks … as long as you aren’t on the scam with them and are kind and respectful this is how one is received in kind. Catch you soon maybe JC.

  41. Hi JC,
    Another enjoyable video….well done. Have just arrived here in Udon Thani, Thailand and are setting up home. So been seeing all of the scare stories about the mass exodus of expats from Thailand. You can imagine how I was feeling. Good to be able to get a balanced view of the situation from your channel. Will be visiting Vietnam soon.
    Thank you so much.

  42. Interesting comments about the horns in Vietnam and loud bikes In Thailand. When I first moved from HCMC to Chiang Mai I was so happy that the people were not constantly beeping their horns. However just within the last few months there are increasing numbers of very very loud motorbikes. To the point where it drowns out everything in my apartment on the 4th floor when they drive by. It’s insane, I thought they were illegal. Anyway, I plan on moving around starting in January to get out of the smoke in Chiang Mai. Looking at various places and Dalat is one of them. So thanks for the video, looking forward to more. Looking at Siem Reap, Hoi an, and Nhatrang

  43. Good video as usual JC. Interesting how your guest emphasized how important it is in Vietnam to get a “good landlord”. Maybe talk about some scams to look out for. I lived in HCMC for one year 2002-2003. The landlord there never showed me an actual electric bill, so I know I was getting scammed. Not to mention the unannounced late night visit from 4 policemen to check my passport and walk around my apartment. I hope they don’t still do that.

  44. Things are cheaper here in Nevada. But a restaurant breakfast usually over $10. But rents are getting out of range for regular wage people.

  45. I love the idea of living in Vietnam… beautiful country, people, wonderful food, great infrastructure, fast internet, low cost of living. Only problem is… hardly anyone anywhere speaks English and it would take me too long to learn Vietnamese. Guess itโ€™s back to either Cambodia or the Philippines.

  46. Seattle is one of the most expensive places to live in the US, please compare a mid range city to a place like Hanoi. Also you are comparing a Burger King meal to the US to street food in Vietnam. Compare apples to apples please. I found that there is a real good app called expatistan that will compare cities all over the world

  47. You have the most informative videos JC . It’s a pity Thailand has gone the way it has especially being from Australia we don’t get good value for money

  48. Lower 50’s at night in the winter? Sounds like Tennessee but we have had some colder weather recently. I remember the weather in Da Nang from 1968. The coldest I can remember was 70 to 80 degrees. It must have been warmer near sea level than in Da Lat.

  49. Da Lat has a wonderful climate. It is around 25C all year around. Fantastic vegetables. The best food I’ve had in many years. Very cheap! Prices double or even treble during TET; which is Jan 25 to about Feb 9 in 2020. I’m not sure about health issues in Vietnam. Vietnam has excellent French Bread! Yummy! Golf fees @ Da Lat GC are $108 USD for 18 holes i/c Caddy.

  50. Thank you so much it was a great video. I just returned home from staying in Thailand Isaan For 60 days. I think next year I will travel to Vietnam with my Thai girlfriend. Again thank you so much for the great information in the video.

  51. Rent’s hell in the UK as well. I bought somewhere last month. They’ll lend me money at 1.89%! The pound’s so flat on its arse that. all things considered, it’s now as cheap in the UK as Thailand. What I’d save in rent is cancelled by health cover and higher food prices. Pity the weather’s lousy in the UK.

  52. Hi jc . Im another george but from brisbane australia . My wife and i were at that festival . I even bought some arrabica coffee from that guy . Wwe would love to meet you and nat while your here .

  53. I know friends who lived in Ho Chi Min City for 8 years, they say the main different between Vietnam & Thailand is that there is a lot of petty crime throughout Vietnam than Thailand. You have to keep everything locked up at night , not something you have to do in Thailand.

  54. Careful hyping the low prices so much, the Vietnamese will catch on and start raising the prices on you. Already the rent prices have gone up significantly in Saigon

  55. You are correct i am sure about the Business Visas in Vietnam . I would bet money on it the two lonesome losers will start stirring the pot once again for more drama and subs for their channels which have flat lined long ago. Logic has nothing to do with their rational to troll and harass your members and viewers. Da Lat looks like such cool place. Maybe give some info how to reach there from Bangkok and the flight costs.

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