Retired in the Philippines, What Would I Do Different? Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks

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Retired in the Philippines, What Would I Do Different? Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks @Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks I look back as I look forward and examine some of the mistakes I made and what I may or may not change and do differently given the chance as far as Filipina girlfriends, money management, preparation before the move


  1. Excellent advice Paul. It really applies to all of us, but being in the Philippines some of those behaviors and attitudes become more apparent. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I got a loctote in anticipation of heading out to the Philippines, so I am thinking that being there without a loctote is better than having a loctote and not being able to use it while while in the Philippines.

  3. Good advice Paul funny I was talking to a gentleman n his wife her in the Florida keys he owns a few rentals in Valencia n dumagette but I forgot his n her name but it was good speaking to them he was telling me he has rental properties in the Philippines wished I took his information because I’m ready to retire in the Philippines within this new year funny how small this world is ! We had some great conversations about the Philippines and the COVID thing and how much it cost him to leave to come back to the states and how he has to wait to come back to the Philippines thank you Paul for your thoughts it’s great be safe

  4. Thankyou for sharing about slowing down, the locked tow bag, and the Charles Swab Account. Does social security require you to prove that your alive – living abroad? My guess is that you got yourself a resident visa versus a tourist visa? How about medical care? Do you buy private health insurance or is there a way to tap into Medicare/Medicaid living abroad? Why did you decide to move to the Philippines versus some place closer to the USA (e.g., Belize)? I am right now trying to decide between Belize and the Philippines as a place for me to retire to. I am single like yourself. Thank you for your help.

  5. Paul, what you said today in your video really rang true with me. If the Philippines open up in 2021 (we are hearing July) I look forward to coming over there and learning from you and Mark. Peace and thanks again, brother.

  6. Still hoping to get over there and check it out. Will get the vaccine as soon as possible. Will be visiting Dumaguette, Cebu, and Leyte. I enjoy your vlog..keep up the good work.

  7. Being in a “hurry up “ mode is a man thing. You’re no exception. My husband has a good collection of speeding tickets and for running the red light simply because he’s always in a hurry . Up to this time he hasn’t learned his lesson yet.

  8. Wise words indeed…I’m sure it takes every expat time to readjust from the go-go Western lifestyle to the slower pace of the Phils and S.E.A…would that we all be able to slow down a bit and truly enjoy the moment…both PRE and POST retirement! 🙂

  9. Seriously messed-up childhood – then, lots of alcohol, debauchery and hard-core drugs as a young adult, but I somehow made it through university and got a great job – a series of high-powered big jobs, two divorces (both my fault) in middle age, crushing health issue that broke me financially and mentally in my old age. Now out of that dark tunnel but chastened and changed.

    Regrets? Sure, of course, I have regrets. And I still brood about those things, because they never go away completely. But, you have to keep pushing those aside, because otherwise, you’re stamping your own ticket out of here. Regardless of whether you leave quickly or slowly.

    At this point, I’m a living example of the old adage, “The past is just a ghost, the future is just a dream.” Yeah. I have “right now”, and that is it, basically.

    I have an unknown window of time left in which to squeeze some pleasure and contentment out of life. Could be 20 years, could be two years. Who among us can predict the future? I’m not aiming for some existence filled with breathless, giddy excitement every waking minute. I just want a quiet, happy life without forced obligations or needless stress. As you alluded to, I’m looking for the kind of life where whether I do something today or tomorrow or, even next week, the timing is of little concern. And if I can’t always be happy, then I want to at least not be unhappy.

    In a more personal vein, let me say that I appreciate you pulling back the curtain and sharing a great deal of your struggles regarding your individual efforts to jump off the “bad magic” merry-go-round you were on. Correcting course isn’t for the timid, especially at your age (which is approximately my age as well). I have to infer from what you say that your previous life was not like a disaster movie every day, there were not cataclysmic things happening all the time. Instead, it was like my life now, which is sort of a toxic grind, an insidious slow march to feeling very little. Not destruction exemplified by explosions and car crashes, but instead, steady corrosion, until finally, the machine stops working. You’ve been forthcoming about that, and I applaud you for it. I know there are a million guys in a similar situation right now.

    This is TL;DR territory for a lot of people right now, so I’ll stop here and my apologies for the long ramble……

  10. Hey Paul, nice little vid as usual, thank you for that. Curious when you mentioned the Charles Swab account. Maybe you could do a deeper dive into the mechanics of how that would work, possibly another vid for later or just a quick explanation here. The use of an ATMs while in the Philippines along with their banking systems made me a little nervous. I remember that you had a bank account over there and had problems accessing money you put into the account. My previous visits I brought my Credit Card but only has a backup and learned my lesson to only bring cash. Traveler’s checks on my 1st trip in 2010 was huge mistake. The reason I’m curious about this is for my wife (Filipina) and I as we get closer to retirement. Thinking about living in the Philippines 8-9 months and then coming back to the states for the other part. Hopefully they will have the SRRV visas available again by that time, but that’s not for another 10+ years yet.

  11. Safes with a digital code need to be opened with the key if the batteries die. Top tip. If your passport’s inside it, and you don’t want to be hitting it with a sledgehammer, make sure the key works *before* the batteries die.

  12. Hi Paul. All good advice. Bought the large Loctote bag to leave in my room and the small one they have now. The big one can be secured to the bed or plumbing in the room. Thieves don’t usually look under the sink. The small one works great to secure a phone and a wallet or whatever if you go to the beach or somewhere. Charles Schwab has been great. I carry a throw away wallet if I’m going out somewhere in a bigger city that I’m unfamiliar with. You never know what can happen but best to be prepared. Patience is something that we all need to take with us.

  13. Thank you for your videos. I am looking at moving there once this Virus is settled somehow. Just wanting to slow down and live and quit the rushing all the time.

  14. I learned a lot from this Paul thank you for making the video. I do have a question though if you don’t mind. Ok so I have a world debit card that will work anywhere but my Filipina girlfriend has told me that many ATM machines etc over there are not so safe to use. What would you recommend and where is the best place to exchange dollars for pesos as I have heard a few different stories? Thanks I appreciate it

  15. Life in the US programs us to stress ourselves. But in the Philippines you were finally able to see it. You are now bettering yourself. Most Americans will never know there is another way.

  16. Just ordered a Loctote. First I’d heard of those even though I’ve watched more than 100 moving to another country videos. Seems like a good product to have an affiliate link to. Thanks. This is useful even when staying at home, easier than having a safe.

  17. I’ve been retired 19 years here in the US and I found it really does take a long time to adjust. It was such an alien concept for me that I was done earning money, that wheel in my head saying “earn, earn, earn”. A few years ago I was walking to the grocery store which I did almost daily and I was thinking “I love walking. Wish I could walk more.” And it finally occurred to me “dumbass, you can walk as much as you like”. I spent 3 or 4 years walking 3-4 hours a day and loved it. It seemed like wasting time, but it wasn’t.

    What has made me happiest and able to understand the concept is looking at my life up to retirement as a game, or race. It was competitive, but I made it. I’d squirreled away enough nuts to live out my life. There’s no point for me to keeping gathering nuts. I won the game.

  18. I can identify with your “hurry up” mode. While raising kids, running a business, and trying to have some “me” time, I was in this mode for decades. Then my late wife contracted cancer and everything came to a screeching halt and the only thing that mattered was getting her well. Unfortunately, after a valiant fight it was not to be. But if there’s a saving grace, I had no choice but to slow down, and realize what really matters in life. And it’s not running around with a never ending list of things to do. For me, it’s just appreciating family and friends, learning, and letting life happen at it’s pace and not mine.

  19. Hi Paul
    Since I’m thinking of travelling, and possibly staying long term to the Philippines, I listen to every advise I can find. This in mind, my question to your experience is: why would a bag as you’ve mentioned help to secure my valuables, if the whole bag can be stolen ? Thanks in advance for your help to explain.

  20. i am still working here in the us and although i get what you mean i still cant slow down because my job is still pressured big time. and to that extent i envy you. but it wont be long. i can hardly wait. soon and very soon. thank you for this insight.

  21. The hurry up thing is a Western mindset Paul as we know. Anyone who has been used to living with appointments and deadlines, finds it hard to change. I struggle with the concept of “Filipino time” it still feels disrespectful to me.. I would like to get that mindset one day, but it will be hard because of constantly travelling between there and the Uk. Filipinos have a much more relaxed and carefree attitude to life that I admire and hope to emulate one day …… but it will have to be there.

  22. Hello from Washington St.
    I missed my travel due to Covid by 2 days, and have been waiting ever since. Watching your channel has been great 👍 I just cannot wait to get there and experience the Philippines 🇵🇭 full time. I have been coming there for a few years, and like you pulled the trigger, sold home, down sized and ready to go and be with my fiancé. Dam I missed it by 2 days flights shut down. Just wanted to say hello 👋 enjoy your candid conversation. Hopefully soon I will be there and buy you a cup of coffee. I to seek out a good coffee shops when I am there also.
    Merry Christmas to you and Baby Mae…hope I spelled her name correctly.
    Typing this message a drew a blank, haha I 64 now. Keep them coming….!

  23. I’m in a hurry to get things done Oh I rush and rush until life’s no fun All I really gotta do is live and die Even I’m in a hurry and don’t know why? Don’t know why? I have to drive so fast My car has nothing to prove It’s not new But it’ll do zero to sixty in five point two. I’m in a hurry to get things done Ohh I rush and rush until life’s …

  24. Morning Paul. Covid has certainly added another level to slowing us down.

    Bought the aussie version of the loctote bag as my xnas present to myself 😊

  25. Thanks for the Lock Tote tip. Heard about Charles Schwab before, so nice reinforcement. And I get it on some mistakes: without them we wouldn’t have learned what we needed to learn, or the mistake might have happened later and been even more expensive. Let it stand.

  26. yea….Locktote bags are great! I bought the small one, holds my passport, 2 phones (if needed), cash, etc… fairly easy to attach to anything, and very hard to break into. Great product for travellers

  27. Hello Paul and great insight from the past. We all have our regrets and made past mistakes but keeping our sanity will help us move forward. Stay safe and healthy and good things will come along!

  28. Why a 2 hour video of all the things you did wrong? You’ve got so many things right! Just this video is so enlightening. Add this to all your other deeply insightful vlogs. We learn 2 ways – vicariously, through other people, and by our own mistakes. Sadly, sometimes it takes other people admitting their mistakes, that we gain insight into our own similar mistakes, and learn a valuable lesson. So there it is – I learn so much from you admitting your mistakes, because it makes it hard for me to deny my own similar mistakes. That is the only reason I would like to hear about what you did wrong. You are a very generous teacher/master, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Merry Christmas!

  29. Paul that was a great video. I too, need to slow things down a bit, as I was in a job where everything needed to be done yesterday!
    I’m going to visit the Philippines when possible, with a view to retiring there.

  30. I’ve never heard of ‘lock tote bags’. I’ve always just used the hotel room safes – perfectly fine. Last year I spent two months in Vietnam. I used to leave my laptop out on the desk in the room while I was out all day. It never occurred to me someone might steal it (they didn’t – it was fine).

    What would I do differently? I think I’d have a better idea of what I wanted from my stay. I literally rolled-up in Saigon without a clue, knowing nobody, not speaking a word of the language. My naivety led to some close calls, but I was fortunate. Turns out there are more good people than bad and I was treated, almost without exception, with courtesy and honesty (no small thing when I was asked to part with my Passport to have it sent up to Hanoi for a Visa extension stamp – two weeks of anxiety which turned out to be utterly unnecessary; it came back without a hitch).

    Would love to visit the Philippines – absolutely on my ‘to do’ list once the world tilts back on its axis.

  31. Can you set up a Schwab or Fidelity account now online? It’s great to be able to direct deposit your SS payment into your account and then access at an ATM with no fees.

  32. The two things that I’ve been contemplating before I come to the Philippines, loctote bag and a Charles Schwab account. Great video Paul and thank you for sharing.

  33. Hey there Paul. Yes, 2020 has been an absolutely crazy year for most of us but one of the highlights for me was meeting up with you and the delightful Baby Mae back in February to celebrate Mae’s milestone of reaching 200 subscribers on her channel! 😃👍 Of course, she has more than 10 times that number now. Merry Christmas from Australia and THANK YOU once again for your assistance with my small channel. 😃

  34. I ask myself often…”Why am I in a hurry”….”You are retired now.” When someone is slow with food, or if I am stopped because of road construction I want to hurry. Decades of hustling to review charts and fill orders in the pharmacy. And at the same time I was farming at night, often till midnight or 1A.M.. The seasons moved so fast. Those little windows of time were rushed…preparation of soil/seeding/weed management/harvest/ marketing/transport and storage/quarterly tax payments/ filing deadlines/ loan due dates/ piles of mail and emails. All stuffed into a short 90 day Montana growing season. Up early, hustling, never caught up. I know the feeling Paul. You cant shut it off right away. Even three years later I am impatient. My wife reminds me. I just got my 13A visa and we sent our big boxes yesterday to come over to the Philippines by container ship. We can’t go right now because my wife has the virus and I am nursing her. Maybe I can drop that hurry mentality like you did on the other side of the Pacific. I sure hope so. Thanks for the video. It sure hit home for me.

  35. When I was waiting in long lines at HyperMart , I would always tell myself that i wasn’t invited to come here I came on my own, and I needed to adjust to the Philippine way and not them adjust to my needs….It was hard getting use to Philippine time. Bud told me once that if a Filipino said they were on the way, then that means they are getting into the shower.

  36. Hi Paul, you mentioned that Bo’s coffee at Robinson’s is now closed 😢 makes me wonder what other favorite establishments, hotels, etc have been closed. Maybe a future Video on these closures and changes for us returning next year so we are prepared? I was in Dumaguete from April – July 2019.

  37. I think all the angst about being in a hurry, the sense of urgency to get things done, is just something we bring with us from our western culture in the US. It seems as though we’re just more uptight, especially those of us from colder weather climates. I know I felt the same way when I first went to the Dominican Republic. There is that whole island time thing, not with everybody but certainly a large percentage of the people. I’ve come to appreciate the more relaxed lifestyle and laid back attitude of many of the people but it can still be very frustrating at times. It’s a love hate thing but mostly love 🙂

  38. Take it easy ore slow down I will remember that before I move to Philippines in the future. Thsnks for remember us in the west very good words thsnk you.

  39. Good information. My valve replacement on my heart has slowed me down in more ways than one.I have a 7 yr mark coming up on that this month.If it doesn’t get done today there is tomorrow.

  40. Appreciate your sensible approach and demeanor to things. I’m about to retire soon, and am sure I will struggle with “getting it done now”, “gotta hurry”, “Im late for this or that”, etc. It will certainly be a change, for sure!

  41. Very amazing you been only in the Philippines 3 and half years I been watching you’re videos I thought you been there more than 10 years with all you’re wisdom.

  42. Your non-advice insights are so valuable, thanks so much Paul for sharing. I’ve been vacationing in the Philippines since I was five, and my countdown to retire in Pangasinan is ticking away. If you ever vacation in the Hundred Islands area, I owe you a hundred drinks for all the wisdom you have imparted from your videos.

  43. Paul, I, and most of us, can benefit from ‘slowing down.’ I am contemplating retirement in a warm climate, low cost, friendly place. you’re an insipration.

  44. can’t wait for three hours of epic 🙂 pls hurry u.1p ! You mentioned about the Charles Schwab in your previous video.. When I saw that video, I opened it from their web site ( that is for their market account which is immediate ) and someone called me within 7 days for their bank account ( FDIC ) . I got their card within 2 weeks. YOu should be able to open the account as long as you have US phone# and address for all the initial steps.

  45. I lost my husband of 22 years last Sept 21 2020
    Starting life over without him.
    I don’t drink, but I smoke and I’m on 20mil THC capsules once a day.I’m feeling good today. No hurry for me, no time limit and all’s good. Making new memories with a positive thinking and energy.
    I wish you peace, love and happiness

  46. Good day Paul. Great information. I’m with you, my biggest challenges will be slowing down & patience. After 22 years in army & 15 years in senior management civilian positions, I’m smiling & shaking my head. But love challenges & still want to visit Philippines. Lmao Les from New York

  47. Thanks Paul,
    I’ve been here in Philippines for 13 months. Charles Schwab turned me down for an account. Never gave me a reason. I might have my 20 year old son get an account and add me on. I’m using Transferwise to go directly into my Philippines bank account and then pulling the cash out of the fee free bank atm. Just a different way. I’ll check into the lock tote. I was on high alert when I got here. Man I was a wreck. Thanks for the video!

  48. You say your lighting changes are due to being outdoors… It is changing like a nightclub! Need an epilepsy warning for the sun in this one haha. Great vid as always, honesty is the best type of videos to watch

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