Retired in the Philippines, What Kind of Person am I? Old Dog New Tricks April 29 2020

Retired in the Philippines, What Kind of Person am I? Old Dog New Tricks April 29 2020 I ponder questions about being on social security while the rest of the world grapples with the corona virus and the side effects of it

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  1. The chicks that are mad at you are afraid their husbands are going to leave them for a Filipina half their age. Youโ€™re always going to have those throwing shade at you.

  2. I always like your videos – they seem very real – my wife and I live part time in the US and part time in PI and I too sometimes get frustrated, for whatever reason but bless my wife for not letting me carry on and trying everyday to be a better person – I loved your story about Tommy

  3. What kind of person are you? Hmm well without even knowing you I can tell you are Smart, adventurous, and a self starter. Just my interpretation of course.

  4. Hello Paul …you are exactly correct in your thoughts. I felt the same way about my life journey retiring here in Thailand. I wanted to find myself but didnot know how too. Now I have learnt the meaning of life . I’ve learnt compassion for me to be happy. The world will be the world. There is always a reaction to an action but it’s how you respond . This may not be for everyone but it helped me
    ” Buddhism ” in many ways.

    Appreciate Life !!

  5. Living in countries where people are more patient and understanding like Thailand and the Philippines will divide expats into two categories. Those who are impressed and try to emulate the locals behavior, and those who need to go back home. Any longtime expat here who I have the least bit of respect for has a story and an a conclusion similar to yours.

  6. Paul, you have obviously spent time working on yourself. Takes balls to own up to your authentic self and realize that you get nowhere by blaming others. Its all how you react towards them. To look and reflect on your reaction and accept that you may have been wrong in judging the situation is huge. Don’t feel pressured to post just anything just for the sake of posting and you don’t need to be pushed into something you don’t feel is valuable. I totally get it. Thank you for being honest with yourself. You have been heard and appreciated.

  7. Gaylord is looking good over your shoulder! Thanks for being true to yourself. You have one of the great traits of being human, when things are not as they should be, you look first in the mirror to see the problem. That is wisdom personified, and you sir, have it. Those who complain and give bad comments live in houses without mirrors, they cannot see the problem. Well done!

  8. Knowing your own weakness is a Great Strength,changing the way you interact with people negatively to a positive attitude is something I am also trying. I remember loosing my temper a few times in the Philippines and after I realized what a DICK I was even if they were wrong.Great advise by you on leaving a positive feeling.Great channel.

  9. I’m a fairly new subscriber, but I’ve seen dozens of your videos. This was your best video yet. I’m turning 72 in two weeks and have been happily married to a Filipina for over 16 years (3rd times a charm!). She’s 29 years younger. I retired (teacher) in 2006 and my wife and I moved to La Union, PI from Saipan (Northern Mariana Islands). I’d been going to the Philippines for over 25 years and have traveled extensively throughout the islands. Our son was born in La Union in 2007. I was 59 at the time – I have no regrets. After six great years living full time in the Philippines, surfing every day, we decided to move back to Saipan so my wife could finish her nursing degree. Just a matter of time before we move back to the Philippines. I miss the place. Btw, I moved out of Southern Calif in 1981. I agree with what you say in most of your videos in regards to expats in the Philippines. But you were off the mark for recommending to bring a bunch of clothes to the Philippines. I’m 6′-1″ and weigh 188 lbs. I never had a problem finding clothes to fit me in the PI. Also much, much cheaper there. Sorry, I didn’t mean to ramble on this long. Anyhow, keep on keepin’ on Paul. Life is good! Dance while you can,
    and keep those videos comin’.

  10. I watch your channel, but may not ever get to the Philippines, and that is ok, because you are straight forward, which is rarer today than ever. I try to be like Tommy, hell my name is Tommy, and hearing the story is a good reminder during this time to be more the best Tommy I can be towards everyone. Thank You!

  11. Hi Paul and Mae, love your content. Thanks. You asked for suggestions, I have a suggestion that will occupy your time and help Mae in the long run
    I don’t seem to be able to PM you. It’s to grow dwarf mango trees, papaya and produce l lot of banana trees. Let me know if this interests you and how I can PM you and I will go into details. Cheers from Australia.

  12. Well done Paul, one of your best video to date I think, I would say you remind me of my dad but it’s funny we are about the same age. It’s true we can’t do much about the past but we can try harder to redeem our self the best we can for what ever time is left, thanks for reminding me my friend.

  13. It’s a shame that Tommy had to put those notes into peoples bags to placate them. They should’ve appreciated Tommy without him having to give them notes.

  14. Paul Iโ€™m like you a little….. Iโ€™m retired still in so what good health…… and I believe there is absolutely no need to get excited over anything that wonโ€™t change…. your not going to change the lunch time…lol …. and your not going to change the color of your pass…. look at like this, you and May got to go for a ride and got out of the house together ….. just getting through check point Charlie would hav put me in a great mood ….. remember your retired thatโ€™s good enough for a great day…..:-)

  15. Paul, I think it’s great that you’re trying to be a better person, not get pissed off as easily, it’s an honorable goal. Don’t be too strict with yourself though, because let’s be honest here, many people ARE rude, selfish, stupid, etc. & that’s not your fault!

  16. Paul, your narration is great and I enjoy your presentation much more than Reekay or Gio who I’ve criticized in the past and unsubscribed from for narcissistically showing their faces constantly. I’m fairly certain that I will eventually unsubscribe from your channel as will others if you don’t provide some background video for your audio commentary. Sometimes I’ll open a different muted more pleasant video in a different tab that shows a hike through a forest or a walk through a city landscape while listening to your audio. I’m sure for a modest price, you could hire a young Filipino or Filipina to film their slow hike through the jungles of mountainous Negros Oriental to use as your background video. I suspect the many currently underemployed diving companies in your area would offer an excellent price to provide underwater video of the area for you; maybe for free if you plugged their diving company. Just setting up your camera in a stationary position to capture the activity on the Dumaguete boardwalk or one of the busy markets could provide pleasant background. Most interesting would be if you staged silent scripted intense dramas in your various PI settings to use as background video. Just imagine torrid romance scenes among the bamboo and coconut trees of Valencia with your voice talking over it all. Maybe reenact the best scenes from classic American movies with Filipinos cast instead. Can Mae and her friends act? I wish I was there with you to share in the fun. I also encourage you to upgrade your camera and audio. I highly recommend the Panasonic GH5. Thank you. I listened to your audio to this video

  17. Paul: You are suffering from a psychotropic nice guy syndrome, this seems to be a very rare virus. What ever you do, try to infect everyone you come in contact with, the reward will be Heavenly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. i feel like Paul is at the helm of this big boat called Humanity.
    with your little vlog you have the power to guide folks through the waves. itโ€™s a big boat that requires big slow turns but as I keep hearing about our consciousness being enlightened with a paradigm shift in this Age of Aquarius it seems like you are making your contribution.
    i love the term โ€œpay it forwardโ€.
    iโ€™ve tried in various humble ways to do my part also.
    it feels good too when you do it.
    warms my heart โค๏ธ.
    it warmed my heart hearing about Tommy.
    my younger sister had Downs.
    she passed away over 25 yrs ago but your story reminded me of her love for people and life always being so positive and caring.
    maybe during this pandemic we can all have time on our hands for a change to finally look deep within our souls, and figure out what kind of person we want to be in this world.

  19. Wow ! 1. Glad to hear you want your vlogs to be of quality NOT quantity. 2. Mae, after so many years of self-sacrifice to help her family, she is just now learning how to be Mae, and she still puts family before self. 3. Your self-reflection, you remind me what a Teacher once told us. CHECK YOURSELF ! before you judge others. Re-examining yourself time to time is good. We all will benefit from a reboot . 4. No wonder you have so much gray hair, it’s because you have so much wisdom to share.

  20. hello to you sir just found your show and said to myself cuz it just me here lol,, i said wow a guy who thinks kind of like me had sort of the same thing going on in the past , wow i am not alone or think i maybe not be so dumm after all.. so thank you for your posting and your show,, hope you dont mind that i am dropping a plug about you and the show on my tiny tiny tiny youtube show ,not that you need it but think my few subs and views would like to see you ,, so thanks for sharing ,,

  21. It certainly appears the political system has transformed into the authoritarian state, which can be fine if all things being equal it feels right, but if not, it can really get a person down.

  22. Always enjoy your videos bud. Spending my night at work….but on a positive note, itโ€™s one night closer to retirement…..thanks for the insight ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿป

  23. Paul, you always sound amazed when you mention how many new followers you have. But I don’t think you realize…
    – you’re funnier than almost all
    – you’re more likable than almost all
    – you’re more honest than almost all
    – you’re more determined than almost all to make the most of your remaining time (which fits many of your viewers to a ‘t’)
    And, of course…
    – your girlfriend is more adorable, more likable and more hilarious than almost all. I’d compare you two to Lucy & Desi. Except that in real life Lucy & Desi hated each other, and I’d argue that it showed. But it’s obvious that you and Mae think the world of each other.

    So I think you can stop being so amazed. You’re one of the best shows in town.

    And thanks for the Tommy story. It helped remind me of what I want the rest of my life to look like.

    (Years ago, I arrived a bit early to a Meetup, and the room was still in use by a Downs Syndrome group. They were having a birthday party. I’m embarrassed to say that at first I was dismayed, thinking that they talked kind of funny, so I sat far away from them. But they saw I had no cake, so ran up to me, saying “We have cake! Come have cake with us!”, taking me by the hand and getting me some cake. By the time my ‘real’ Meetup started ten minutes later, I was practically crushed that my time with the Downs group was over — they felt like the first real friends I’d ever had. It’s probably been thirty years now, and I still remember them and their incredible kindness like it was yesterday.)

    P.S. – Keep following your instincts, and don’t worry about ‘expert advice’. I want to know when the ‘Paul bell’ goes off, it’s because he has something he thinks I need to know or will make me laugh, rather than something that he’s heard will goose the algorithm.

    P.P.S. – But, what the hell, he’re’s my own bit of ‘expert advice’, lol: I think if you can figure out how to do a livestream you’ll get a big audience and a lot of donations. Including from me. And then you won’t have to worry again about saving up for the odd Vietnam trip.

  24. So you’re gonna give COPS some DONUTS and seriously expect there’s even a 1% chance of problems getting through the checkpoint? ;-)))

    PS. Good vid. Had a similar moment at a supermarket the other day and as easy as it usually is for me to maintain my “oh well, just another day in paradise” attitude, I caught myself giving the guy the “eyeroll” while turning around mumbling “whatevs.” Got home and realized I was being a bit of a dicknugget.

  25. i felt like i was in church. i like your videos. i can do some work and not have to look at the monitor. i’m curious what their reactions will be tomorrow. i know that filipinos are always grateful.

  26. Look you cannot keep people locked up like animals.
    Then with no money .
    I have 85 acres in Missouri 3 miles off the main road
    The gravel road ends at
    My property
    My son built a house on the property my 4 daughters built homes and my Sister has a home there .
    Were not on lock down they go out side they go to Walmart .

  27. I am 69 still working in the Middle east the reason I dont come home to the Pgils to my family is the lock down .
    For what I think it’s crazy it time to go back to work

  28. Great video Paul ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ loved the positive thoughts and message you were sharing. Youโ€™re exactly right, we need more Tommys in this world. Lets all be like Tommy ๐Ÿ˜Š

  29. Paul, you meant so much so much truth i could not finish the video. I allmost teared up I love you man, mae is lucky,,she will learn from you,,,and dont kid yourself,,she is taking it all in…quietly. you know,,i also planned to retire there,,i sold everything , and lasted 3 months,,,but may give it another try yet,,,in that regard,,i am proud of you

  30. You should block all the comments. Your channel is growing and thereโ€™s a world ๐ŸŒ full of idiots out there…๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  31. You are a good man. I knew this the first time I saw your videos. You are real. You are the kind of guy that I wish to meet next time I go to PI. Never been to Dumagheti, but it does sound interesting. Wish to introduce Baby Mae to my Filipino. Drink a Red Horse or 2, and….see that Scooter that makes you so proud. Ha!!! Just to pass along….girlfriends apartment in Tanza….cost her $76 per month! Very basic, but….its got me thinking….I could live like that. Thanks for The Tommy story. I needed that.

  32. You mentioned an increase in female subscribers…of which I am one! My guess is that we gals like the idea of potentially retiring. I won’t be able to retire in the U.S…..but maybe I can retire in Thailand sooner rather than later ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Sure theres going to be deaths .
    The death in flue and Cancer and other diseases.
    Yes the number in the USA is a Million but that’s not a million deaths .
    It’s like cancer that dont mean you die from it .
    It’s time to make America great again

  34. President has done a great Job . Lowest unemployment in 3p plus years .people working . And it will be back . POTUS has been doing a good Job .
    I work in Iraq and Afganistan I see the new war machines
    I talk to Solders they got good pay raises
    Trump 2020

  35. great talk, 55 in 7 year looking to check out the Philippines early retirement at 62, at the moment single parent with a 15 yr son and 13 yr daughter,enjoy listen to you,I can tell old school,speaks your mind and blunt. Great day to you look forward to more.

  36. Thanks Paul for another great story and video, I think you and Mae do a great job with your videos, it doesn’t matter when you do them everyday or every few days is awesome.

  37. Well I don’t believe you were negative .
    As long as you were not carrying on on . That’s why I am not coming home in R & R . To be quit frank I dont care . I would be negative a little .
    Being locked down 6 week .please 2or 3 ok .
    Anything over that crazy .
    I am not a home body .
    I cant say just 15 days what the heck .
    I would fly back to my home in the USA in the country freedom

  38. Paul, I loved your Tommy story! I like when your share your thoughts and reflections. I think we could all try to be a little more positive in our lives and spread positivity instead of negativity. I have been watching all your videos even before the Corona virus started!

  39. Paul you are a wise and caring soul who brings joy to everyone you meet ๐Ÿ˜€we all have our flaws but it is not hard to be nice to each other , I deal with the corporate world on a daily basis in customer service and the way I see it is, if someone is grumpy or is not nice to me they have the issue and they need some encouragement or help.

  40. Paying it forward…it goes a long way and can cause a chain reaction to feel good inside and encourages the other person do so as well…well done Paul…

  41. We are coming to the point soon, very soon that the latent deaths and personal hardships from the lockdown are going to outweigh the same from the actual Corona virus

  42. Magandag Hapon Po! Walang critical thinking,logic,decision making,Walang command presence of government representatives. Very frustrating indeed.
    Maraming Salamat for sharing reality in the Philippines.

  43. Thank you Paul married a great girl from Davao City saving my $$$$ looking forward to retiring in the Philippines in the next 5 years or earlier. Thank you for your experiences they encourage me in my journey toward retirement. Maayong gabii.

  44. Hi mike here from kauai. Good points. Often we run into an angry person and itโ€™s hard to not respond in a negative way. I try to remember itโ€™s most likely not that event but some other bigger event triggering it.

  45. Ultimately all we can control is our responses to events. Most negative situations are out of our control. I feel pretty much burned out with my job of 35 years in healthcare. I’m considering a “reset” lifestyle like you’ve done.

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