Retired in the Philippines, Spending time with a Working Class Hero Old Dog New Tricks June 26 2020

Retired in the Philippines, Spending time with a Working Class Hero Old Dog New Tricks June 26 2020

Baby Mae´s Bikinifund:
Baby Mae’s cooking àdventures:
Mae Espraguera:
Paul Mcgill:


  1. Paul today we received our kids grade cards and the thing the private school was concern was the money owed from the months that was cancelled! We have one child will do the internet school the other 2 will attend public school, no contact

  2. That’s right sir Everything is Affected atlest he have A Land That he can grow Vegetables an he could eat it but I have 9 apartment here in Indain with no rent since 4 months per month 1000$ loss 4 months 4500 Loss

  3. is there a major lockdown now in the Philippines as the girl i have been talking to has just said its a hard lockdown for 15 days and no one can go out????

  4. Thanks for the info about the land purchase / corporation explanation.- now I know what to do. Gréât informative video OLD dog and happy birthday to your dad, I wish him many years to come. ❤️

  5. Hi Paul
    As ever great post.
    Without being a pain, I see that social distancing in practice is not being overdone….

    Again stay safe, stay you.


  6. Hi Paul, great video and the interview that you had with George was very informant. Maybe you can have him back again for some questions about the Philippines take care

  7. Would be interested if covid effected any planned developments in the local area. Additionally, what developments are planned in the next 2 or 3 years.

  8. Here’s an investment quirk I discovered if a westerner is going to invest in The Philippines. The top ten companies in The Philippines own lots and lots of property, not unusual. But that means they can only sell 40% of their stock to foreigners, same same as property corp your guest described. That means if the stock market goes down dramatically, and you want to sell Philippine stocks you may have bought, your liquidity goes down by 40%.

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