Retired in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks Monday Morning Rant May 25 2020

Retired in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks Monday Morning Rant May 25 2020

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  1. Does the warmer weather improve your sinus problem? I have had sinus problem for years, I am the same age as you and thinking of retiring there.

  2. Your right Paul, it’s not a job. It’s a retirement. Enjoy it to the fullest my friend. I am looking forward to moving to the Philippines to marry my filpina fiancée and to live a nice quiet long happy life.

  3. Let’s start this no was saying normally I despise flagrant clickbait, but in today’s case… my word, now that’s what I call clickbait. LOL.

  4. Baby May Edith…..
    Excellent Video
    Great Perspective..
    On your second topic.
    ” We are more separated by money than we are by pigment “.
    This goes in your Wisdom piggy bank.

  5. All in the Family wouldn’t make it these days! But it was hilarious. We used to be able to laugh at ourselves. By the way, I really am enjoying the Pea’s channel. Thanks for the intro.

  6. Thank you, again, for verifying my thoughts and feelings towards life. You have again articulated notions that I’ve been thinking of and put them into words. Just hearing somebody say what I’m feeling lets me know that, I’m not going completely insane. Personally speaking, The last thing I want to become is the little old man,at the end of the street, that screams at the kids to get “off my lawn!”. Good luck to both of you guys and keep up the good work.

  7. Paul, I have the greatest respect for the working man, however, I believe in the free market system, I do not think socialism is the answer, I have a problem with supporting someone who is just too lazy to work, just my thoughts I like your videos.

  8. Hi Paul Some people live and love to tear someone down, that they think is having a little bit of success, Just to satisfy their own egos . You really cant change that . So its kind of like all those other things that happen in the Philippines I E The Brown outs , The Interrupted water supply . So i guess its better to just be like the duck and let the water roll off your back and leave it on the ground where it belongs. Also everyone Please remember its Memorial Day and please remember all of our lost Veterans and their sacrifices! Have great day there ,

  9. I can hear the audio fine on all of your videos, and that wind noise was really sub level so not a real issue. Can’t believe people critique your audio so much. People that can’t hear you need to update their own audio systems and then they won’t be having hearing issues lol.

  10. I think the whole college vs non-college educated thing in America is stupid and more “real” in terms of discrimination.
    I think this is what you’re getting at. It’s all BS man.

  11. Your videos never fail to lift my mood Old Dog 🐕. Your click bait & her mango dessert are even better! Hi Baby Mae aka Edith 🦘🐨

  12. Yes I understand just what you have said and it’s so true people with Money stay together with others that have money and that’s sad but that’s ok I am not that way because I don’t have money Hahahaha and don’t want it👍😂life is so much easier think less worrying.👍

  13. And now for a little criticism. Why criticism? Because I’m old and I have nothing better to do than to dissect every one of your videos… Apologies in advance. I understand that you have to frame a question to these young ladies because of their inept English skills. But when you get somebody that is a native English speaker or that is very intelligent and articulate like “the Filipino pea”, just asked a plain question and let them give you their answer. You don’t have to give them all these subject options. You are not the only one that does this. Professional interviewers, I see on TV, do the same thing. Maybe it’s just a little pet peeve of mine. What the hell do I care. It’s easy to look over somebody shoulders and criticize. It’s a hundred times more difficult to actually do it. Your little video channel is so good. When I see little indiscretions, they pop out much more blatantly to the surface. And since I’m in the criticizing mode. Please, don’t get into the notion of, “I can make better videos if my equipment was better”. You will make better videos by having better content and presenting them in a logical fun way. Just the way you’ve been doing them. Granted I have to see you clearly and hear you clearly, but after that is accomplished, what you and mae have to say is the reason that I listen. OK, unless you go off the mark horribly, you will never hear another word of criticism from me, again. Keep up the good work. I’m a big fan of both of you guys.

  14. Everything there is not rainbows and puppy dogs. When I was there and caught in long lines at the stores, or loud roosters or dogs barking and no water or brown outs…..I tried to remind myself that I wasn’t invited to come there, I came on my own, so I needed to adjust and not the Philippines, I needed to take a deep breath, and go with the flow…….If international flights ever start back up, I will probably head back over, and need to take a deep breath again.

  15. Paul… I’m right there with you buddy. My brother and his wife both make double what I do and just have a whole different life and mindset than I. One time me and my now deceased wife were on his sailboat and he says I wonder what the poor people are doing. Without missing a beat my wife said we’re sitting here on your boat. Peace brother

  16. “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump then you ain’t black.” Joe Biden. “Meathead, Dead From The Neck Up” Those Were The Days. If Mae gets on your nerves just tell her to Stifle It!”

  17. Social divide happens within the same race that’s where that saying come from the wrong side of the tracks that’s just mean one side of the tracks I better then the other side because they have more money education whatever black man and happens in our race come up with a college degree their own business it makes good money don’t really deal with the ones who just has an high school education and a regular job Ambe remember George Jefferson talk about Archie Bunker he was the next door neighbor and once he moved on up to the east side did it look back

  18. Paul all the family was my dad‘s favorite show. As a matter fact it was the only sitcom he would watch. He completely related to it, some of his, friends were those type of guys, the people that worked with him were those type of guys. He just howled at Archie Bunker and couldn’t believe, a network had the balls to produce that show.

    My father grew up in the 20s and 30s listening to that kind of attitude. My father was raised in Elysian Park right next to the grounds of the future Dodger Stadium and he could walk to Chinatown in Los Angeles.

    He went to a Catholic Church in his neighborhood and sat shoulder to shoulder with Italians and Hispanics. They were all from the same economic background, people that actually worked for a living.

    His Irish immigrant father was in construction and his Irish immigrant mother was the head maid in a huge hotel in downtown LA. His father actually built the house that he grew up in.

    My father grew up in a diverse neighborhood. Went to high school with whites, Hispanics, Italians and Asians.

    I’m not gonna say what industry he was in but he rose through the ranks to become a production manager.

    He hired the first black woman ever work in that industry in California. He also hired her brother and sister. Her name was Alberta she could barely read and write but when it came to work she was a mule. She was the daughter of a sharecropper and physical work was nothing to her.

    After my father passed away and I went to work in the same industry, I met Alberta. She told me that in 1975 when my father hired her, she was the only woman working in the industry and my father had to close down one of the men’s restrooms and created a ladies room just for her. She was a single mom with five kids and after my dad hired her it changed her life. She had a great pay, medical insurance for her and all her kids and she was able to buy a car.

    I heard numerous stories from other single moms he hired and from non-white employees, he was tough but fair

    You and I grew up in the San Fernando Valley near Los Angeles California had no choice but to be diverse. My schools were never segregated. Thank god, because some of the hottest chicks at school were Mexican, lol.

  19. Meathead. 😆 My grandfather had nicknames for everyone. He never called you by your name. My dad’s name was Meathead.
    ” Oh, shut up Meathead” 😆

  20. There is such thing as a “hidden law of compensation “ …we are all creatively equal but not in terms of a wealth of a country …there is no perfect world

  21. The video with Filipino Pea was muffled you said it was a microphone problem. She is uploading a video now. Economic separation is correct. People don’t care in the US what color you are as long as you are the same economic class.

  22. I agree about the economic divide. When on vacation I prefer street food and simple hotels, I have a friend who only wants the best, she offered to pay my way, but that is not my style.

  23. Great content once again Paul. The most frustrating thing about the social wealth gap is the assumption that the rich are wealthier because they work harder, the truth is that the poor are probably working twice as hard just to scrape by and put a roof over their heads and food on the table.

  24. Hey Paul, I’m recently retired and am trying to figure out what the hell to do with the rest of my life… so does Edith have a sister? LOL You got a good one bro! Enjoy your day!

  25. Great attitude . First , let’s remember our veterans for Memorial Day , their service and sacrifice . And another great idea , can you update us on how the Philippines has changed you so far ? How do you view the States from afar?

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