Retired in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks Less is More June 6 2020

Retired in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks Less is More June 6 2020


  1. Change is good, improvement is good. Glad to see that your channel is moving in a good direction Congratulations on your new apartment……

  2. Jeffery Epstein had dirt on Bill Clinton. People who cross the Clintons don’t tend to live very long. I think their body count is up to 6 or 7 that we know about.

  3. Hi Paul,
    As ever great post.
    Interesting though that you still refer to the US as home.
    I’ve been travelling extensively since the 70s , checked off my 100 plus countries a while back, just sorta happened…
    Originally from the UK, now since circa 20 yrs in the US.
    Agree with you wrt the loss of connection to nicer/grandiose things. I’ve always been a minimalist.
    Hence the less is more…
    Although I’m presently toying with where I will set my roots .. don’t fancy flying about too much when I’m older….

    Again stay safe, stay you…


  4. Agree with you. Don’t need to own there. Cheap enough to live with out owning. As for my wife just leave her enough money to buy r what ever she chooses. Makes it real simple.

  5. You seem in a very good place Paul and obviously have found your niche.
    Have always enjoyed your videos from the early days and your great sense of humour.
    Hopefully you can take the picture and “gaylord” with you as background for the new digs!

  6. Great video Paul…It think it’s all relative to each of us, as to what is important. I’m 3 years from retirement, but taking the first baby steps in getting rid of stuff i don’t use, and never did. I want to be physically and mentally ready to downsize to the bare minimum over the next couple of years. My items of sentimental value, well luckily my son likes those things, so i can pass them on to him. As for Eptsein…that guy didn’t commit suicide, he got caught up in one of the most lethal syndicates in the world. He had dirt on Bill Clinton, and other wealthy people, and he paid for it with his life. For a minute there i thought you were going to mention Slick Willy. If you had, you would have to get rid of the chicken, and get a guard dog!

  7. After I win the 380 million mega millions lottery tonight, I promise to keep the stuff to a minimum. Heck the Ritz Carlton can provide the stuff. 😉 I think alot of what you said relates to getting older (we’re about same age) ; the stuff that means something to oneself ends up being just a donation to goodwill or for sale in an estate sale to others.

  8. Hey Paul – I always enjoy listening to you especially talking about his topic. I live in a TinyHouse (300sf) and can relate to what you’re saying here. Life seems so much better when you can be real, be practical, be debt-free, clutter-free and embraced the more simple things in life. Glad to hear you have embraced your simple life in DUMA without the $50Mil.

  9. If ever I decide to move out to Asia, I don’t want stuff. Getting rid of everything here to buy it all again doesn’t make sense to me. Travel light and just pack your bags and go where you want. Nice laid back chat Paul, don’t forget to buy Gaylord a helmet next time in case he falls off that couch.

  10. Hey Paul, I envy you, you have what we call in Australia The Gift Of The Gab, which means that you can express all your feelings and thoughts thru talking. I have observed politicians have the same skill which makes me think that you may have missed your calling. Don’t get me wrong, I’m putting you up there with the good politicians. Anyway I enjoy listening to you and maybe I’ll have a coffee with you ,I hope to visit Dumeguete when this corona thing is over. I have been living in Angeles for the past 6 years with my partner and we are ready for a change Cheers Ron

  11. Here I was going to give you a million but i see you don’t need it, happy the way you are. lol.. Seriously i am with ya less is more.

  12. Everything is relative…………….I am now a minimalist, but I have always been a little frugal,………….. but once you do have a lot of money in the bank for real, then one’s mindset can change quickly………………I once sold commercial property I owned at age 52 for 1/2 Million dollars……….I did invest $300,000 of it in another commercial property, but other than having to pay 30K in taxes on my profits, I went out and bought many toys that I have since gotten rid of……………………the old saying that “you can’t take it with you” is true…………..aside from material things…………….there is still the issue that many people think other non-material things can make one happy and content……………….truth is that some non-material things can make you happy for awhile, but all too often once you get to that place then it is not all it was cracked up to be………………………..just one example of this is finding a woman to LOVE………..sometimes it can bring happiness, but sometimes it brings only problems and/or heartache…………….

  13. By the way ……did expats living permanently overseas receive a Stimulus $1200 check.??????????????…………….I had heard that they were not meant to because it was a quote “STIMULUS CHECK” which was meant to help the American economy……………….as opposed to helping the economy of foreign countries where those very expats were living……………….just curious

  14. I think most restaurants will be hurting in the future?? People now cook at home and for the most part–feel better on the home cooked meals

  15. You don’t need to win the lottery to live there,, just budget and use common sense. The people there live on a lot less, just sardines and rice….and that is if they are lucky!

  16. Nothing wrong with being rich. It just becomes wrong when you overvalue money and it becomes your sole purpose to acquire more for the sake of having more. The richest man in the small town I grew up in wore bib overalls, drove a beat up pickup and lived on a hog farm. Very unassuming. Yet he used his money to bring jobs to the community by forming partnerships with other business owners in retail and restaurants. This was his way of giving back and being of service to his town. That always stuck with me. In Texas we have a saying….”All hat and no cattle”. Young people call them posers. Big house, expensive leased cars, always attempting to impress others by placing themselves precariously near bankruptcy. And for what? Good for you Paul. You “got it” whereas a lot of folks will never “get it”. Be blessed.

  17. We always say we would give millions away if we won the lottery but we hesitate to give $20 to the poor from what we have now.

  18. Dream on old man. All Filipinos have the same dream and how they would share it among their family and friends my wife tells me that all the time.

  19. Since the Pandemic……I’ve noticed that my credit card balance has been hovering right around ZERO! It’s hard to spend money when all the restaurants and most of
    the stores have been closed. This is not great for the economy, I guess, but it does make me realize that a lot of my spending comes more from habit than real need.

  20. Seems that sweet girl could use a chance at dual citizenship has she ever experienced the states before you become a silent partner paul

  21. Hi Paul ,Thanks for coming and buying ukay² also the ladies and your friend its nice having you here and laughing for the bags and watches price😂😂.Maybe nextime in store if when i dont know cos realy busy like a machine😂😂My restime taking photo to post the only time i can seat😁.Nextime dont rush and maybe we can have BBQ 😂.

  22. you have found happiness and love, Paul. the love of baby may and the love of friends and YouTube subscribers. when love and happiness are present, not much else is needed.

  23. Hi Paul, thanks for the video. I have personally lived with all the comforts and have chosen to live a very simple life bc, of what i was exposed to. Yes my friend, less is more!!

  24. Great Video Paul, Just about everyone myself included ( when I lived there) dreams about winning the lottery in the US. I rarely bought a ticket but I dreamt about it. I agree less can be more if you are at peace with God and yourself. People are always more important than money, You can always get more money but if you lose someone you can’t ever bring them back.

  25. Hi Paul. Yeah… not buying out there and no business ambitions. I’ve seen other vlogs showing peace interrupted. What can you do and where can you go? Well it sure ain’t in the USA! Lol. Covid is gonna lift and I’m coming out there to see what is what. The bar is set low…

  26. Had to do estate sales for my dad and sister’s stuff when they each died. It’s the worst seeing their lifetime purchases going for pennies on the dollar. You really see how the world values other people’s stuff. I’ve vowed to not put my son through that with I die, and am trying to off load my stuff to bare minimum.
    Plus why have to worry about some house when you’re off travelling? Better to be light on the foot.

  27. Good points Paul. I stayed in the United States because I am done traveling. I paid for my house and have enough money to last me the next years I have left. When you get to certain ages the money becomes less important because there is no body left to impress anyway. I could buy a new car but why bother?? I just live very simply because it feels better. Enjoy the time you have left with Baby Mae. It will go faster than you think. I hope its at least twenty years.

  28. Hey Paul, your videos are great, and sometimes very funny, you offer lots of helpful real life stuff in the Philippines, and we totally appreciate it here in the States. I’ll be honest too, and I say this with the greatest respect, lately there seems to be a bit too much talk about your girl and all the girls in your vids. We get it. It’s all good I understand but it’d be nice if the topics were a bit more interesting. Keep up the good work.

  29. totally right, less is def. more! 👍

    can you do a video on what’s goin’ here in the u.s. and the chaos happening here, as opposed to what’s there in the philippines…..

  30. Hey Paul, another very good video! Funny how individual perceptions can change over a few years. Mine did after a few vacations to SE Asia. I’m looking forward to seeing the Philippines for the first time hopefully in January.

  31. Can’t we attribute much of of your recent awareness of how unimportant money and material possessions are be due to you finding a sympathetic and supportive mate?? I’ve been to Dumaguete and can’t imagine being happy there as an elderly white male without one. As a expat who has been fortunate to have lived in various countries all over the world, the take away for me is that the only thing that matters in life is family and friends. That’s why when Americans visit much poorer countries we are mystified why people with so little are so happy. The Philippines is a great example but there are many more countries where that is true. Material possessions are not inherently evil, its just in pursuing them we lose track of what is really important in life. Life in America has turned into a terminal case of buyers remorse.

  32. Hmmm? A little bit of quarantine and your head shrinks. Funny ,you would think it would grow after your numbers double. Lol
    Oh yeah if ya don’t get it…. it’s just the fact that your helmet grew

  33. Who needs a big @$$ house? All we need is a young hot girlfriend … and a little bit of virtual signalling to all those losers who are still in the rat race 🙂

  34. “Old Dog” you sound like you have reached a point in your life where you are totally CONTENT with your “lot in life” which I commend you on.l am the same age as you and am quickly beginning to understand exactly where you are coming from, we are in the twilight of our lives and it is important to learn to slow down and appreciate the Good and simple things in our world. Cheers from Oz 👍

  35. Good life lesson. The more you own the more it owns you. Just retired to Arizona from Midwest. Sold and gave away everything except a few clothes, a few sentimentals, etc that fit behind the back seat and moved me my wife grown daughter and 80 lbs dog in one car. I owned the same as when I was in high school. Couldn’t have been happier! Great job on chats as always!

  36. Paul, Loved the video. I’m beginning to understand the value of simple loving the older I get. Really understanding how much is really enough to enjoy life. Thanks for the video

  37. Start island hopping 6months per island… For ever!!! Broadcast from each location “Old Dog On The Move” or ” There Goes Old Dog” or “Here Comes The Old Dog”…you get it. Your channel would explode……. Just saying. All the best from Canada

  38. Hey Paul don’t kill my lottery buzz! LOL I play all three draws every week. LOL But my joy does not involve drinking, smoking or partying so I guess the 7 bucks a week is my vice. LOL Pray for the best but Plan for the worse. Play the lottery for the fun of it like scratching a one dollar ticket. If you take it too serious you will make yourself mad. LOL As a minimalist all I need is a backpack and one suitcase. The military has made me a nomad and a minimalist so if I can’t carry it comfortably I don’t need it. Thanks for the insights. God Bless

  39. Hi , does your new place have a pool?.If not that would be a big “give up “ for me. Great channel, Mae is a superstar.Good luck.

  40. Hello Paul. Great video and I couldn’t agree with you more. Besides the bullcrap going on with this virus my blood pressure has totally gone down since I have moved to the Philippines. No more house payment, car payment or credit card payments. I only pay 8000 pesos ($160.00) a month for my 2 bedroom apartment and budget of $800.00 a month I am able to save even on my small pension. No reason to buy a home and the hassle that comes with home ownership. I will get my social security in 2 years so I will be able to afford to travel more. Thanks for the video and God bless to you and baby Mae 🙏.

  41. You have such a laid back attitude,, it’s awesome 👏.. You just have a way of explaining how life is but with out the negativity 😀😀.. Thanks Ol Dog…

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