Retired in the Philippines, Naughty or Nice? Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks 12/25/2020

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Retired in the Philippines, Naughty or Nice? Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks @Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks Christmas rant about the man buns and a social experiment for my selfish self


  1. Sorry but I unsubscribed after watching most of your videos out of sheer boredom. Got tired of watching you with uninteresting women that couldn’t hold a conversation looking for boyfriends, I did like your chats with some expats, others were just stupid old Men needing a mommy to hold they’re hand at times. Do some traveling around town, get off the couch and out of the coffee shop. You have to lure us in not wait expecting instant free success. Merry Christmas. BTW I have never thought your videos were obscene or should be penalized by Google in any way.

  2. I will update you since you been out of the country insulated from what’s been going on here in the US. The liberal punks at google hate ALL OLD WHITE GUYS WE HAVE CREATED ALL THE PROBLEMS IN THIS WORLD YOU BEING A MEMBER OF THIS GROUP YOU ARE WHATS WRONG WITH THE WORLD TO THE LIBERAL NAZI’S AT GOOGLE! What they see as offensive is you destroying the narrative that ALL OLD WHITE GUYS IN PHILIPPINES ARE NOT SEXPATS you come off pretty normal and intelligent dispelling there prejudicial view of our generation and there stereotypical idea of what they believe to be true all of us are bad. In reality there are some bad apples in every group of people but most people are pretty darn good from my experience. Merry Christmas and I hope you keep doing what your doing I look forward to your video’s as I’m still here banging my head against the grind stone until I have enough money saved to move to the Philippines with my wonderful Filipino wife.

  3. Merry Christmas! There was nothing wrong with your video. I think I In the title the word sexpat got flagged and on that alone they flagged your video. I don’t think anyone at YouTube watched your video.

  4. I just went and watched that video again. Nothing inappropriate there, simply big tech wanting to control the narrative! You made good points you weren’t vulgar; it was performing too well IMHO and they needed to reign you in “stick to the narrative” LOL.

  5. Hi Paul, the reason why your video went into manual moderation is you triggered their adult content algorithm filter. When you create a post avoid any words that can be construed as sexual in nature. The algorithm isn’t smart so it literally is looking at your title, keywords, description, and tag and if it finds in your case “sexpat” which got you filtered.

    Generally, if you trigger a manual review it just gets pulled because the moderator doesn’t have much time to make a decision about the actual content.

    The trick is to use keywords that people are searching for around your niche and use those words. You need to be clever and play around with your titles so they are a balance of searched keywords and interesting text content. It takes some tools and practice to ride the line.

    There are lots of fun things you can do to rank your videos quickly and gain more traction. If you are interested I would be happy to point you down some rabbit holes that will help you grow your channel.

    Keep up the good work. I’ve been enjoying much of your content for several months.


  6. Paul you do what you do! You’re not in this for money! Many of the channels I watch are also posting on other platforms because YouTube will shut you down if you don’t support their views!

  7. Hey Paul, I’ve watched quite a few of your videos. After starting to watch this one, I stopped it and went and found the video expat, sexpat, this and that. Watching it I found nothing offensive. I can only think that the guys in the manbuns and skinny jeans just don’t like the subject matter (sex omg!) But I think we all know they live in an alternative reality anyway. Keep doing what you do. Maybe one day I’ll meet you.

  8. The Manbun’s in the skinny jeans @google probably didn’t like the word Sexpat in the title. Damn rediculous sensitivity… but I guess that’s what Manbun’s do when they are a stock listed company. I thought your previous video was a good one, and the content was just fine and informative. Don’t even try to relate to Hipsters – they don’t live in the real world, so not surprising you cannot relate to them.

  9. Nothing wrong with the video. Don’t change because of the opinion of some man bun wearing, soy latte sipping hipster who lives in his parents basement and has never travelled outside silicon Valley.

  10. You are posting to a worldwide audience through a third-party censor Comrade Old Dog. Why you sweat 1 video ? I have been subscribed for quite a while, enjoy probably 60-70% of them. I am also subscribed to your partner, Bikini Mae. I enjoy 100 % of her vids. Take care Comrade, remember some big brother somewhere is always watching what you do.

  11. Paul, ist’s simply the topic of that video in combination with an US-based platform. You can hold a gun or explain how to use it … but never ever talk about s*x or bo*bs. Know what I’m talking about? 😎

  12. Yes Paul. It’s what your inner voice has been telling you. “It’s not ME, it’s THEM.” They’re just weird. Don’t try too hard to understand them or you might become like them.

  13. If you were dating a guy they would let you put anything on. Your an old happy white guy lol thats dating a happy young lady . Taboo on media today lol

  14. It may have been about the part where depending on what your addiction is, that will determine where you should go. And as an example you mentioned some specific locations in asia for persons with sex addictions – not objectionable IMO but maybe so for advertisers and Google. You’ve been around this earth for a little longer than me, and so you may agree with me when I say, after having to deal with gov’t regulations (and now google, facebook ,and twitter) for so long, I’ve eventually learned that there’s no point expecting them to make any sense at all. Merry Christmas my friend

  15. Maybe it’s because you refer to some of your viewers as ‘Crazy People’. It doesn’t bother me, but it could draw some unwelcome attention. Personally, I like the way you phrase things. You seem very rational to me. You seem to be able to figure things out. One bad thing about people with unfettered power is that they often tend to impose it anywhere on their whim. Keep up the good work, Paul. You’re doing great! 👍🏽

  16. I think that the word sexpats, which doesn’t appear to be in the dictionary, is a clue to why your video has been reviewed by YouTube. They are not keen about the word SEX? (this comment of mine may be deleted)

  17. It’s the title, Paul. I agree with Youtube on this one. Sexpat can encompass many things, including pedophilia, sex trafficking, et cetera. Be very careful with that term.

  18. Paul the objections in my opinion was one word”sexpat” Nothing else was out of line. When I read the title I thought “Paul really Sexpat” Merry Christmas.

  19. A load of fuss over nothing Paul, it can only be the sexpat reference I guess, but I believe you have mentioned that subject previously in a video. Maybe that was back before you were monetised. .? Thanks for all the laughs and entertainment, Merry Christmas to you and Mae.

  20. So, Merry Christmas.
    I am a pre 1000 subscriber, but yes, you should know from selling cars that people want to please others. So, yes, tell us to subscribe 😁
    Sexpat in the title made them look… probably talking Angelos and Bangkok turned it yellow..??
    I always pictured the man buns standing around with their mocha lattes discussing how libertarian they are😬😳😁

  21. Merry Christmas Paul. I think just the s word did it. video was fine. Big tec. is censoring everything. I can’t share u tube to FB anymore. They have total block me. It always says can’t find content.

  22. hey Paul i’m thinking its the sexpat word in the title. you know how when you call a crook a crook and they get offended? thats the same as calling a sexpat for what they are and they act, surprised AND went to cry to youtube. OR maybe its just youtube detecting words in title that might offend the sexpats. anyway, Merry Christmas to you and Baby Mae

  23. Merry Christmas Paul. I believe you got audited due to part of the name or title of your Vlog “SexPats”. It construed to viewers or Google Expats who come to the Philippines for sex from Google’s viewpoint. I would remove the title SexPats off the Vlog and ask Google to remark the Vlog back to green. Shoutout from San Diego, Ca.

  24. One can only guess what is in their heads when they make a call like this. My guess is that the video discussed topics that advertisers don’t wish to be associated with. Sexual and substance addiction, sexual capitals in Asia might be the trigger. I think that what prompted the manual review was either the word Sexpat in the title or someone complained. There was nothing actually offensive in your dialogue but the topics themselves are sensitive.

  25. Confucius say: Man who walk through turnstile sideways is going to Bangkok. Maybe it was that you promoted sex tourism in Bangkok and Angeles. How dare you compare Sin City tittie bars with sex tourism. There are brothels for that.

  26. Paul just watched it again found nothing wrong to speak of certainly no vulgar or dirty talk. I really believe you were going to make to much money off the video and YouTube wants it all for themselves useless libtard pricks Merry Christmas Paul and Baby Mae

  27. Paul my guess is that because there was the word Sec in it, they flagged it. Nothing about content. Let’s say the title was different—there would have been no video being flagged and no creatively interpreting between the lines. Absolutely nothing wrong with any contact.

  28. I enjoy your video diaries because you are a “normal” guy and I can relate to your outlook on life. I almost didn’t watch that video because of the title. My late wife was from Luzon and I just find the whole sex tourism “industry” offensive. Your video was totally inoffensive but did explain some basic facts. It didn’t denigrate anybody or any place. I think it had to do with the title.
    I’ve been a subscriber for about 6 months now and you never had to ask me. I don’t agree that you have to ask for subscribers, some of the best YouTube creators never ask for subscribers,if you create interesting content viewers will want to be notified when you upload so they will automatically subscribe and like. If you do go down that road please do it at the end of your video not at the beginning. I think what works very well for some creators is thanking the subscribers for their interest and comments, it makes nonsubscribers want to join the club. Anyways that’s my opinion for what it’s worth. Keep up the good work, Merry Christmas 🎅 to you and Baby Mae.

  29. merry christnas to you and your gf …..just the word s…x thats all budd or they put a target on your videos…..i really dont get what you said that was bad…..keep on truckin paul

  30. Hi Paul, Merry Xmas to you and yours 🙂 THESE ARE MY GUESSES: Well, i think your premise of the “man buns” being in charge may be skewed. I really cant see a CEO/Executive walking around in a suit and a “man bun”. I think women have become very powerful in the corporate world and their influence shouldn’t be underestimated. Your Expat/SxPat Video may be subtlety pandering to the MGTOW community. Ironically, I don’t see you as a Loner and pushing that agenda. You yourself said “there have been MANY women”.. when talking about the selfie pictures. We humans are gregarious by nature and I am Happy You have found someone. Sorry, I digress. So if your Video causes Many Men to seek asylum in the P.I., there will be less of a pool(of men) to chose from in their Expat Countries, for those women. __Remember, those women are large and in charge, and that’s part of the reason you left(from one of your first videos). Sidebar, I have 2 years before I retire and catch up to you guys 🙂

  31. Paul, I think it is because you used the wording “Sex-Pat” I concur with some others that said that too. It’s flash advertising… it might offend someone 🙄
    You keep doing what you do. You and Baby Mae are great!!!

  32. I’m going to guess that you didn’t take the party line that all sex-pats are disgusting. That offended someone. It didn’t offend me. I know some countries allow this for their currency accounts (more foreign money coming in than going out). I understand the need that individuals and governments allow/support this for economic reasons. Heck, Nevada allows it. That being said, I while I go to Nevada, I don’t spend money at the ranches. When I come to the Philippines, I’ll be avoiding Angeles for the same reason. That’s not why I plan to investigate the Philippines. What would affect my plans is if the forex drops back down to 40 to 1 on the Peso to the Dollar. Then I have to review my budget.

  33. Merry Christmas Ol Dog
    We are in a world of “ political correctness “
    The days of free speech are under scrutiny 🧐
    The world has gone mad 😂😂😂
    Keep up the great work 👏👏

  34. Hey Paul, love your videos, and after watching this one I am a loss to think you were not aware that google controlled what we watch and hear. Probably because you said sexpat rubbed them wrong. They are sensitive and cannot handle what is real. Like the election, those in media want to control. It’s a shame but it’s real life. This is just another reason I want to get back to the Philippines. Take care.

  35. Paul life is short stop worrying about Google and enjoy your life with your beautiful girl. Absolutely nothing was wrong with your video, maybe jealousy. Merry Christmas we like your channel and you, take care be safe.

  36. Hi Paul and mae. I am watching you both and mark and other’s who make videos from the Philippines.. you are the best coz your stuff is a bout real life stories… and I like that a lot. Any way I don’t give a shit about Google or any other apps that down grade your content.. coz you are saying it as it is.. keep on doing what you do we love you and your group in Valencia..

  37. No damn idea! I even watched it again. Here’s my take on it, that hipsters pants are way too tight. I’m with you. Still stuck in the states, I struggle to NOT kill half these young people. When they open their mouths and speak you just wonder where they got their education. Mind boggling. As for your comments on sexpats, you were very diplomatic. Google obviously has never been there. A long time friend lives in Subic Bay Area. Real sexpat. 70 years old and his goal is to nail every 20 year old on the island. And there are plenty willing. I’m sure you would get flagged and possibly kicked out if you told the true story. YouTube and google sure seem a lot like communist China now. Simply put, censorship. The very thing myself and many of my buddies fought to prevent are now common in America. Sad it’s happening all by a bunch of young educated idiots without a lick of common sense or knowledge. As for your second wish, I’m subscribed. :-). Merry Christmas

  38. Paul, I liked the video but I agree with many of your comments. Sexpats is a scary word in this gender neutral, politically correct, cancel culture society you are operating on the fringe. I guess you have to be in the PI to really get it. Keep going

  39. paul,i did infact watch your video in question. i saw NOTHING objectional in IT,or any video u have poated ! google has recently been brought to life in general. it is a shame they do what they do in so many ways.

  40. Man-buns aren’t any different than any other mostly one-dimensional stereotypes you’ve dealt with in life; you’re just put off by not understanding what their deal is. I don’t know what it is either. I feel like they might go tampo or get dramatic or squirrely in some other way, so I just avoid initiating any topics not work-related.

    But, that doesn’t help you with the video. For monetization, I think you really do have to think about it like they’re trying to turn youtube into Disney/neuter land, so anything that might cross your mind as being ‘real world’ is probably going to be problematic. That’s just the world we live in today. It’s things like this that make me glad I’m closer to the end than the beginning.

  41. Paul just reviewed that video again. The only thing I think that might have triggered them is. Telling people where to get sex like bangkok ect. Anywho I found nothing offensive and truly think they were thin skined. But with sex trafficking ect it might be there policy.

  42. Paul just watched the video expats / sexpats and I think just for the Fact that when mentioning SexPats and giving information that it is here in the
    Philippines, ( Angeles City ) and #1 in Thailand – mentioning Sex for tourists in Philippines to Google and who ever may be looked down upon and
    a No No They do not want people to Promote Sexual Tourism to others . They rather have you talk about other topics . That’s my thinking . Bye

  43. It would be se* pat in the title. I make videos too and anything supposedly racey like that calls their attention. They’re unbelievably sensitive about anything that could even vaguely smack of und*ra*e aerobics. Which is not at all where you were going but they’re a sensitive lot.

  44. Paul,

    You’re intent is not what decides if you’re right or wrong. Mentioning people’s excessive drinking followed by supporting it was the first thing that came to mind. The second was to say Thailand was the capital for sex, that can clearly hurt advertising. Your friend was right when he said you have to tell people what to do. Now think about that, what’ your videos are suggesting when you say in a noun form”Person, place or thing”? Paul, most of us got what you said, it’s those few people out there that scares away advertising companies. Everything you said in that video could have been said without offending anyone or suggesting a behavior. I’ve said this to you before, you have the talent and personality to be successful doing these videos. I hope this in no way convince’s you to stop doing them, your laugh alone will be greatly missed.

  45. You always put out great stuff I think you should be more inventive journey out.Now please get your vaccine american and tell your side kick GIO I said him to.Our country pure madness please do not condone violence as I know you don’t.But other bloggers have and I file a complaint.On on on I will

  46. I’ll go back and review it a third time but I’m not seeing any comment on there other than talking about sex that might have gotten somebody’s panties in a wad.

  47. I rewatched the video that you are talking about. The only thing that I figure someone could take offence to. When you were mentioning countries where sexpats go and mentioning certain bars where sexpats go in Dumaguete could be misconstrued as advertising. Depending on who the person is at youtube reviewing the content that may be a sore subject. Like a female or someone who has had a bad experience. We could say that the person reviewing is supposed to be more subjective. But we are all human and have our own prejudices. I could be way off base with this comment…..

  48. Paul I saw the video there was nothing wrong with it u gave nothing but good information the guy reviewing the video must have been a priest you know how it goes everyone is a little different

  49. Paul, I just watched that video for 2nd time , I didn’t find anything, but the only possible thing that I could think of is maybe you advertise Thailand more ,,, maybe ? Because there is nothing else there for what YouTube did.
    Also stop apologizing if it does not have info about Philippines on this video most people watch the videos based on the person and person’s personality and stories or normal day to day life when they see a connection,
    Also do ask for thumbs up and subscription specially at the end sometimes people forget to do it, I watch yours regularly and sometimes I forget to like it and go back and click on it. Keep up the good work and be yourself thank you.

  50. I love you channel and Baby Mae’s channel too, I have been subscribed to both. The content is great. Algorithms are hard to understand and how Google uses them. Don’t sweat it brother, liked, subscribed, and hit the bell. God bless and Merry Christmas 🎅 🎄 🙏 ❤.

  51. Didn’t notice anything objectionable, but consider this: you may have been unlucky to hit a nerve with the reviewer. It’s possible it’s not you. You may have shined the light on some one’s secret.
    I’m 70, a vet and the hipsters are quick to condescend. Let me ask you this. If the US had to find enough people to prosecute the Normandy Landing today, you can rest assured there wouldn’t be a hipster on the beach!

  52. When you mentioned Sexpat it’s a red flag then you told everyone where to go to be a sexist it was innocent enough but the context was taken as now I know where to go to be a SEXPAT ,within the video it was innocent but could go into that Greg area that advertising not wanting to be linked to a guide on where to go to find cheap ,?

  53. Paul, don’t overthink it — the manbuns just didn’t like the word ‘sexpats’ in the title of that video. And I suspect that it is the pretentiousness of hipsters that bothers you; you seem to like down-to-earth folks.

  54. 1. I have no experience with YouTube moderators, but, I have a tremendous amount of experience with Google Business platform moderators, and they are always suspending accounts for mysterious reasons. This wipes out the business listing in Google Search, so it’s pretty devastating to a small business. And they won’t EVER tell why your account is suspended. You’re just supposed to figure it yourself. All you get from them is “Review our guidelines” when you ask them, “Why is my account suspended?”. It’s insanely frustrating.

    2. My guess is that a viewer reported the video as objectionable – manual reviews are rare.

    3. Hipsters are, in their own annoying way, smug, pretentious and condescending while maintaining a veneer of openness, egalitarianism and community spirit. Maybe that’s why you want to smack them.

    4. I’m already subscribed; have been for a while. I enjoy your content.

    5. Happy Christmas to you and Mae!

  55. it was “manually reviewed” because the algorithm flagged the word “sexpats” …and it wasn’t reviewed by a human…next time use camouflage… like “seqqspat”… 🙂

  56. 7:59 “3% of you who are total dicks”. YT has flagged, and de-monetized.😅 What causes Paul’s aversion to hipsters? Some mild aversion is natural, but wanting to slap ’em? That’s a sign of C.O.M.S. Cranky old man syndrome. There but for the grace of God go I. Thankfully for Paul, he doesn’t COMS a lot. Just on the hipsters. 😐

  57. Get used to it. It is happening worldwide. FB, Instagram, Twitter and Google they all censor and ban free speech. That is why i left all of them except YouTube. They all prefer Chinese model. They are Aholes. Fact check this one Google.

  58. My take on your video is this, take “sexpats” out of the title and it becomes squeaky clean. As for subscribers, if YouTube can use an algorithm to suggest your channel, in the first place, why can’t, on your third visit to your channel, you automatically become a subscriber? If you don’t want to be, then opt out manually. Also, to avoid questionable titles, just number the videos, like #132 or 98.

  59. You-tube has gone after certain groups over the last couple years , their political correct / extreme left thinking / woke attitudes is out of control . I could be wrong but i hope they arent targeting the expats as you guys give value to people thinking about moving / holidaying etc to the Philippines .

  60. Welcome to censorship. They are deciding what is appropriate and is no longer a platform for the individual. Merry Christmas. God bless you and baby Mae

  61. Paul – you are one of the most smoothest talking / honesty projecting guys on the whole internet. You never give advice, or talk some narrative, just report what you did and what happened to you. Very straight forward. But you are, like me, a classic baby boomer…maybe the younger generation just doesn’t like us? As for your ‘slap’, sometimes I think my adults kids need one…but that would be assault now and they may have me arrested. Life has strange and funny twists. Have a good 2021 and best wishes to you and Mae.

  62. Hey Paul my friend, I looked at that video, and I don’t see anything objectionable or questionable content. I can’t figure it out either. I think that Google has issues with themselves, and have no clue on what’s really objectionable. They just need to chill. Merry Christmas to you and baby Mae, and God bless you and baby Mae always my friend.😊 😊 😊 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  63. Paul…I subscribed to your channel when your videos first appeared on YouTube. I did not need to be asked to subscribe. I subscribed because you impressed me as a rational, clear-thinking and honest American that had a channel theme that I was interested in hearing. I am unable to recall a video of yours that would offend anyone. My characterizations of you are in stark contrast to the phony, selfish, global Marxists that have infected, probably forever, the media enterprise in America. The media and their corporate allies are unwilling and, to a shockingly substantial extent, incapable of recognizing the truth, let alone telling it. That is my analysis, however vague and imprecise I have expressed it, why a recent video of yours fell out of favor with the ‘do gooders’ at YouTube. I hope you and Mae, to borrow a phrase you have used in some of your videos, ‘Keep on, keepin’ on’. Be well, both of you, and thank you for the time and effort you put into your channels!

  64. My brother is one of those Skinny Jeans Silicon Valley Bun Hair Hipster. He says because of your title on Sexpats implies your video will have information on the sex industry in the Philippines.

  65. Wow I’m subscribed and it did not pop up. I just watched. Nothing offensive. Only thing could be the word “#itty bar” might have triggered a manhunt. Cheers

  66. I’m Admin on Y T I Re watched your video I think its because you mentioned Sexpats haha why it got flagged my opion Only I had Nothing to do with what google did !! That’s my personal guess only I love All Your Videos Paul…Google is Strict on ads ect

  67. Its the liberal media,,welcome to the new bullshit pussy America,,,,asking to subscribe,,,, its aggravating hearing all the time,,but maybe necessary,,haha

  68. Hey Paul, Merry Christmas to yourself and Baby Mae. I’d guess that someone who watched the video probably reported it to Youtube as it offended their sensibilities or maybe they’re one of your 3%. Either way I wouldn’t worry about it too much and just carry on doing your own thing.

  69. from memory, the clip was great and informative, if anything, it said “don’t move here if girls is all you are after…” which i would think to be a clean message?

  70. Merry Christmas! I watch all the time, but can’t subscribe. The last thing I need is my wife or kids finding out I’m watching videos on ‘escaping’.

  71. I found nothing offensive at all, but I am 58 yo man that is not easily offended. Maybe the man bun reviewer had his top knot too tight. Keep doing what you do.

  72. Paul , i just think that both facebook and “google” alias youtube really want to be politically correct and somehow both are constantly hitting the wrong button. And apart from that Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  73. The man bun, skinny jeans wearing, gender confused moderators at Google and YouTube don’t think the true to life talk about sexpats is appropriate. I didn’t find a thing wrong with your video myself. Those kind of people will attach some unrelated “cause” they claim to support, to expats and/or in this case to sexpats to try and proclaim their own righteousness. Then they’ll go home to their own screwed up life and perversions and shoot heroin. @#$&’em

    I love your videos and all of their content. Please don’t change a thing about what you do, Paul.

    From the urban dictionary “Man Bun”
    “The way of showing the world you are a twat without having to speak. Also known as Douche Donut.”.

  74. Paul I watched the video and can’t think of why they would rag on ya about anything. Please consider and I’m sure you know this. The man bun and skinny jeans guy doesn’t like a conservative look at ANYTHING, yet again, I don’t see anything wrong! Rock on brother! I love’em ALL!

  75. I watched the video and enjoyed it. Heard nothing offensive. I guess you can’t please everyone. I love watching you videos. Merry Christmas from Boston Massachusetts

  76. That video affected me so much that I’ve been pissin the bed ever since 🤣🤣🤣🤣 . Merry Christmas Mae and Paul.
    Sincerely Bruce Tattrie Edmonton

  77. The title includes Sexpats and that is a red Flag. The powers at Google/Youtube see that as questionable and will demonitize that just like when Covid 19 first came out they would do the same with that in the title or even saying it in the video. It is what it is

  78. Paul, watched the video and there’s nothing objectionable in it . Maybe its because you told the truth that some expats are into sexual tourism, which I personally think are morally corrupt people who give American men an unjustly bad reputation. We’re the same age & I’m sympatico with 99% of what you say . I’m old school & sick of everything now being filtered through a Politically Correct screen , I want to bitch slap & snip off their man bun too 😄

  79. The title is your problem, America is puritanical, the reviewer probably has no life, or life experience, there no adults in politics or positions of power in the US, beaver cleaver would be demonized

  80. Paul,
    I watched the video you are talking about and found it to be offensive in any way. The manbuns were no doubt offended by the title and the sexpat reference
    David from Maine

  81. Yes, a call to action works on youtube. And than… I think your content and thumbnail were the problem. Youtube knows everything that happens in your videos. Youtube knows what images are in your video and what you say in your videos. … You have to consider… Youtube is scared shitless that someone will show an execution or something like that in public. That’s why Youtube is very sensitive.

  82. Speaking of ability to peddle products / being tweaked….mentioning being a Libertarian and hating on Google man-buns isn’t good for your channel either IMO. Don’t recall if you’ve mentioned these before but perhaps the “manual review” was related . They’re human too. Right? Merry Christmas by the way!

  83. If you really want to conduct an experiment, put on a white lab coat call yourself Dr. Paul and tell them they must hit the subscribe and like button if they know what’s good for them. The Milgram experiment or as close as YouTube will allow. You probably can’t put a gun to a dogs head and tell them if they don’t subscribe the dog gets it. This was a National Lampoon famous magazine cover. All this was said in jest.😁

  84. What really surprises is when a 24 min add for a 12 video. I tend to watch the add if they 2 mins or less. If I see one that is 5 mins I can not hit the “Skip” fast enough. I don’t understand the Manbuns at all.

  85. You are flagged because you have Sexpat in the title. They didn’t even waste their time to watch your entire video because they got millions of videos to filter. With Sexpat in the title..that means your talking about sex in some kinda sleezy way. Thus, advertisers defiantly don’t want to be associated with that. No conspiracy, no secrete plot, no communist agenda. Just ideas cooked by these-tin foil hat wearing people. Just a simple answer..title has sexpat.

  86. Paul, I think it is just like with any the rest of the social media that they want to control and dictate what you say or not say. I think we’ve any of your videos that you have done I think you try to do it with respect and care

  87. You used a bad word and the manbuns got butt hurt. Another channel I watch uses “companionship” and stuff like that so he doesn’t get flagged. He never uses a terrible words like sex. As for hipsters, hard for an older guy that’s worked his whole life to relate to little bitches that have never done a real days work in their life. Merry Christmas!

  88. The video was fine. Screw the man buns, you’re not doing it for the money anyway. Merry Christmas, pal. BTW Monte is right, It’s called a call to action in marketing.

  89. Hi Paul, I liked that video the first time I saw it, just watched it again, only thing i can think manbuns might pick up, and i’m fishing for something, is the discussion on sexpats and addiction in reference to locations might?? be considered condoning that activity as you talked about places to go and didn’t specifically “not condone” that activity, otherwise it was straight-talking and interesting

  90. Paul have to agree with some of the other comments, the word Sex and or Sexpat set off an alarm in the system. Could not find any problem with content. Smiles

  91. Paul..I will go out and check out the last video….I started to watch it when it came out and only got 5 minutes into it. Not sure but I may be part of the 3% you talked about because I have been dogging you out about concerning Mae…..I know you have your own life… but she is impossibly cute and you guys are great together….just looking out for you.

  92. I don’t recall anything in the video out of bounds. We now live in a woke culture where feelings trump common-sense. Maybe the term sex pat offended someone.

  93. i just went and watched the whole video again , the only thing i seen was , had you said ” Gentlemens Club , and not Titty bar , it seems to me the only thing that could be considered offensive , just my opinion , and a very Merry Christmas to you and Baby Mae

  94. WRT to subscriber count. When I watch a video I’m focused on the video not the subscribe button. You asking is basically a reminder to us knuckleheads to hit the button.

  95. I remember the video I didn’t think anything was wrong with it it was informative and anybody use spend any time on the YouTube or the internet knows about that things

  96. They didn’t manually review it. They looked at the title. That’s it. It might well have been looked at by somebody on a dollar an hour, with marginal English, maybe in the Philippines!

  97. Paul there was nothing objectionable I looked again, everything in the video was the truth, and I am an expat since 1973… I don’t see how it can be rated that way from a person more than likely has never been to the Philippines,.

  98. Google and Facebook are part of the NWO which encompasses the Federal Reserve worldwide monetary system. Bottom line we are in the later stages of eliminating middle class America and creating a 2 tier class of the ultra rich and the very poor. The elite want total control of what you think, buy and do because you are a product for them to exploit. The man buns are simply mindless minions following the agenda. Merry Christmas my friend!!!!

  99. Hi Paul i cant remember a single one of your posts that i haven’t enjoyed. Today’s offering was interesting for its focus on human behavior.
    Having spent 34 years in the Navy in various positions of leadership, i can offer my number one observation about people: “They are just waiting to be led”. Wishing you continued success.

  100. No one watched it at youtube. It’s the title. Censored content that the ultra sensitive and easily offended are in control of…now there goes my account as the overly vindictive attack.😁
    You are now on the overly vindictive’s radar…”man buns”, “soy drinks”… You are making yourself a target! 😂

  101. Hi there Paul and Merry Christmas to you and Baby Mae too. This is a general observation about big internet platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube: They can be wonderfully capricious! I once posted a meme featuring the Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels. My Facebook account got a strike and was suspended temporarily because an algorithm, computer or poorly educated human thought my post was pro-Nazi and pro-propaganda, whereas it was fairly obvious that the meme had the opposite meaning. The unfortunate thing is that it’s almost impossible to liaise with a real person to establish what the real issue is whenever a problem arises. Cheers from Perth.

  102. probably because you put the words sexpats in the title. that’s the only reason i can think of.

    can you do a video on what it takes to get a drivers license there and the pros and cons of owning a car vs a scooter?

  103. Keep up with the great videos, censorship is getting worse.
    I’m like you, if I like the videos I will subscribe and I don’t feel the need to be asked every video.

  104. Son , I watched your video couldn’t figure out anything offensive you were just reporting objectively about different scenarios . Maybe someone was offended… but that would be subjective I guess

  105. Hello Paul…. I don’t understand what might be the problem here I remember watching the video and found it entertaining as most of your videos nothing stands out as being…. Off color .. obscene. Let’s face it most of us that watch you are mature adults… It’s all informative and entertaining. Keep up the good work hopefully I’ll meet you and dumaguete my regards happy New year Joe from Connecticut

  106. Welcome to YouTube. This is the deal with YouTube: Keep it anodyne and uninteresting, or lose monetization. This is the main reason I never bothered with a channel of my own.

  107. Greetings Paul. My opinion on your last video is this; any video on YouTube with SEX as part of the title will draw attention an scrutiny. Why, is a question you will never get a direct answer to. Who knows, the human reviewing your video may not like you. It could be as simple as that. I have seen a lot of videos on YouTube that l wonder how it got past the censors! I would not lose any more time trying to figure YouTube out, just do what you do best and let the chips fall where they may.

  108. Hi Paul, I personally did not see anything distasteful with regard to the video “Expats, Sexpats, This and That”. I felt that it was a good talk. The only thing that may have influenced their decision was possibility using the tern Sexpats. Maybe the overseers felt that this was a bit of a slur on the Philippines in an indirect manor. Aside from that I don’t have a clue.

  109. Paul I just watched the video again and did not hear anything that could have been something that would have been flagged. You weren’t swearing and didn’t promote any kind of bad behavior. I get a kick out of your videos even though I am a over the hill woman from the states who just happens to be bored. Keep up the good work and you and your girlfriend have a Merry Christmas.

  110. You used the word ‘sex’. Your use of the word had not been prior approved nor your use of the word did not demonstrate the prefered lesson. You have commited “Free Thought”. You will be watched for further deviant behavior. Advise from a friend, George Orwell. 🙂

  111. Hi Paul, From memory and without watching it again. I would say it might be because even though you did not judge other people’s personal habits or hobbies, but saying Thailand was the hot spot for ‘you know what’ might have been the reason. Maybe Thailand is trying to distance itself from this image. Thus making it harder for cheap charlies.

  112. Paul. I’m less than expert for youtube for sure. My gut would tell me that since you put Sexpats in your description that triggered the manual review. I don’t remember anything offensive in your conversation. It’s easier for the skinny jeans guy would err on the side of caution than to use his brain.. I believe your overthinking this one for sure. Merry Christmas to you and sweet Mae.. Jim

  113. Paul, I commented on that video. I believe it is the censorship that YouTube, Google, Twitter, Facebook is doing if you say anything contrary to their communist community guidelines. It’s happening to anyone who speaks about the snowflakes. I’m sorry this happened to you.

  114. Hi Cool Paul Love Ur Video’s !!. I saw Ur last Video and there is Nothing wrong with it at all. It’s just that YouTube/Google Gods are all about trying to control the public and what they see and listen too, YouTube/Google Gods live in a dream world on how they thinking that the world should be a G rated planet for some stupid reason . Keep doing your thing and Never bring yourself to obey the BS that YouTube/Google Gods try to put out there!!.

  115. Merry Christmas! Paul I personally didn’t find anything wrong with the video…. Only thing I think could cause concern to advertisers is maybe the term ( sex Pat ) and maybe you describing a sex pat???

  116. Keep doing what you do Paul. The people subscribing like your content. Especially me. Google and Facebook and twitter and YouTube shift peoples opinions every day and unfortunately every election. Waaaaaay too much power and influence. Break them all up into little pieces

  117. I watched it when it came out. I didn’t see anything wrong with it. They shadow banned it. They do that when you post things they don’t like. Thats why Trump wants the 230 protection removed from them. They can sensor or downgrade (not pay you), but have total protection from being sued for doing so. As well as protection from being sued if you put out something too.

  118. I watched the video. I didn’t see anything specific other than the subject of Sexpats and that you indicated Duma not have any brothels which is sensitive.

  119. It was a great video & the only thing I can think of why Youtube/Google came down on it, is the word ‘sexpats’ in the title?

    In my opinion, nothing at all wrong with it.

    Happy Xmas Paul & Baby Mai

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