Retired in the Philippines is it Just for Old Men? Paul McGill Old Dog New Tricks April 21 2020

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  1. Your putting out great videos and the single guys can learn a lot from you. Skip the first american divorce and go to the philippines to look for a first wife. Saves time and money!

  2. Thank you for having such an entertaining channel. As soon as this crazy virus is over I’m heading back to Cebu. I loved living there and really miss it.

  3. Hi Paul. 🦘🦘✅ Your channel is on steroids at the moment with your subscriber numbers surging accompanied by increased views on your videos! It was only 2 months ago that you reached 5,000 subscribers and now you are racing towards 7,000 subscribers. CONGRATULATIONS!! Cheers from Perth, Western Australia 🇦🇺 🦘✅

  4. as one old fart to another, we’re probably funny because we watch YOU LOL!!!!!
    before even watching this vid I can tell you us elder retirees got a fixed check and/or pension to fall back on!!!! younger bucks aren’t settled down yet. still sowing oats with no regular flow of cash UNLESS they’re some dot com genius…and then you wonder why come to the province for a gf!!!!! WTF?
    bottom line: the ladies like us older types!!! the young ones will spend a week and be gone down the road for other pastures!!!!
    happy lockdown y’all!!!! 😷

  5. Hey Paul, are you satisfied with Dumaguete, some are now saying that there are too many expats there and locals are weary of all the expats.

  6. My wife and I have been married for 3 years here. We are getting along fine and as you said help out their family a little. So far nothing crazy has happened, she is loyal, loving, down to earth. not asking for anything out of the ordinary. She is younger so I understand sometimes she wants to go out with her friends and have fun or visit family in Cebu – we live in Cubao Quezon City. I took her to the USA for 3 months for an extended visit because I still work – she was amazed how rude people were in public, staring , talking , ect because I’m 63 and she is 25. It was great to get back here afterwards. The USA just isn’t as accepting as the Philippines.

  7. Great video Paul, I agree with it all 100%. We think alike about many things, maybe it’s an age thing. The dirty old man, or sex pat thing is just trotted out by people either with no personal experience, or people who have had a bad experience with women. Men like that don’t settle with one girl, and build a relationship and improve her life, they just find as many as they can and don’t get involved with any of them. Some people refuse to believe that a younger girl can love an older guy, but it happens and often. Filipinas often see past a guys looks, and love him for having a good heart, being loving caring and faithful. In other words, they love him for who he is, not just for his looks. A lot of them have been burnt by the younger good looking guys. You treat them well, they will treat you well, unlike Western women.

  8. Good Morning and Happy Earth Day, Paul and Mae. Enjoying all your entertaining videos from Fort Collins, Colorado. I hope to visit the Philippines once this chaos is over. Congratulations on your subscription success and monetization!

  9. Hey Paul. Just like you, 65 and retired and completely fed up with the U.S..Was here in 1975 when I was in the Navy. Fell in love with the country and moved here for good about 3 months ago. My girlfriend is 40 and we click good right now. Enjoy your channel. Living here in Tagum city.

  10. Hey Paul .. Im retired in Thailand , I’ve gone through some on them days and thought about going back to America . Now I couldn’t be happier in Thailand. I think it’s really a culture shock. S.E. Asia is so different from the western world in every way culture, customs ,language , food and more. It takes time to adjust so can be frustrating. I was told by my girlfriend to empty my mine from my culture to fill it with a new culture , so true.

  11. How funny that you said about people watching. I did that from Bo’s Coffee over there when I was sitting down with the window view. Lol

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