Retired in the Philippines Independence Day Old Dog New Tricks April 25 2020

Retired in the Philippines Independence Day Old Dog New Tricks April 25 2020, Retired in the Philippines I discover a new attitude for my outlook and discover a new independent way of thinking without the encumbrance of outside thought and manipulation from the media and general population
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  1. Hope you are ok Paul. The economy is going south. Here in Australia there is going to be a very severe recession. People are being supported by govt money, but things are gonna crash .

  2. Great topic today.
    I chose to live in the Philippines. My idea of paradise is what you make of wherever you are. My paradise is probably different than somebody else version of paradise. Enjoy it

  3. Paul everyone loves you. You know why ? Your funny, it gives people time we can just relax and not think about being locked up and your just a regular guy not trying to be someone your not. Your going to be a millionaire soon🥴

  4. No comments ? Great story on life in the U.S. Most Filipinos assume we are all Loaded ! Thanks for the words of wisdom Paul ! Greetings from “Cell Block” Manila lol.

  5. I am leaving Las Vegas soon and moving to Panay. Your thinking and explaining a newly found life vs the old and comparing the two was very profound.

  6. Good one Paul…one of your best vids yet. There are a few vloggers out there who are a bit full of themselves when it comes to sharing their circumstances, story, ect, but I like the fact that your just a down to earth guy who tells it like it is. Currently waiting this thing out in Turkey..but hopefully will make it to the PI soon and would be a pleasure to meet you. Take care.

  7. Wow Paul. Chomping at the bit to get somewhere. Job’s over, lease is up in August. But no debt and I saved $xxk in the last 2 years, and xk before that, so a good safety net when I leave. Probably 1100-1200/month SS. Mexico is still open so it may have to be there until I can get to SE Asia. I’ve lived a very frugal life for a long time and I know I can make it all work. I always have. Take care until I get there and I’ll buy you and Mae a cup of coffee when I see you.

  8. What have you gained from going to the Philippines?
    Paul replied Nothing! But I’ll tell you what I have lost; Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Insecurity, fear of old age and Death!!!

  9. I stopped watching TV 20 years ago. Just because of the commercials telling me what I should own. I was not capable financially to buy this stuff and I was depressed over it. It was such a freedom to break free from that mind set….

  10. You’re a great guy. I’m glad that you finally rediscover yourself. I just hope we can also bump into such a revelation point in life.

  11. I am in kind of the same place as you are. I have a paid off house, a paid off rental for income and I was laid off last month and I didn’t care. I do have to pay taxes, insurance, etc but it is well within my income w/o SS so what the heck. My GF is on furlough from her job and it is kind of a freeing feeling. And so it goes…

  12. I am 35 I have felt the same mixed emotions since I lived through the recession and lost everything as well. I have been stacking cash and 401k ever since I wont spend a dime, will be retired by 50. Wont be a slave to this system a minute longer than I need to!!! no mortgage no debt!!!!

  13. Well said. I left a sales job, also, many years ago and moved to the country. A few times a year people ask me why. The only answer I can give is “I would be dead by now if I stayed.” and like you, I spent the money faster than I made it.

  14. Not enough is said when you become an expat, is just the sheer weight that is lifted, the responsibilities, the stress….I’ve never felt more at peace than I am now….living off of far less money, having far less things……and I’ve never been more relaxed and content. My wants went from” things”…mostly to do I want a Starbucks

  15. Very common problem throughout humanity… as written in the bible… “do not covet”.. not that i’m a bible thumper.. but it is one of those life’s lessons. You came into the world broke.. you will leave the same way. The goal is to look back and say, “what a ride”.

  16. If you have a mucus build up (hence the need to clear your throat often) consider eliminating dairy from your diet. You may have that food allergy.

  17. A serious discussion but one of your best and most interesting. It sounds like you have found true contentment along with the confidence and happiness that it brings.

  18. A man says to his wife “Honey, pack your bags, I just won the Lottery”
    Wife says “The Lottery! Where are we going?
    Husband says “I’m not Going Anywhere…….

  19. Paul, have you ever considered a video on things like what to bring if you plan to retire there? I’m sure that once you got arrived and got settled there were items that you wish that you had brought! I’m also curious about brown outs, how often do they happen? Seasons, the Rainey season, does it rain as often as we think? Infrastructure and reliability of services? Ok dude, have a great one~!

  20. Hi Paul it is as if you are living inside my head mate because I agree totally with everything that you are saying just to let you know I had add an infection in my eye the other day so I went to the doctor and he looked into my eye and said yes you do have an infection I will prescribe you some medication for it put these drops in over the next 7 days and you should be ok I said to the doctor will I be able to play the piano he said yes of course I said that’s brilliant because I could not play it before

  21. I sold my house back in 2013 and never looked back. It was paid off, but in a place I didn’t want to live. I will never buy another house, because to me, it’s slavery. I like to roam around and travel, because that makes me happy. To me, life is about experiences and relationships, not possessions.

  22. Simple life….. will bring you happiness because less is more in life ! God bless you Paul . I think you have found your peace and paradise !

  23. Another great one Paul. I’m the perfect example of your former co-worker, just sitting here looking at a bunch of shiny stuff that gives nothing back. It just takes and takes and takes some more. It’s truly draining.

  24. Spoken like a true independent free spirit. I’m in the prosess og major changes, i’ve given my notice were i’m renting and in the prosess og buying a motorhome. What i want is more freedom and adventure. I’ve mentioned this to some people and they reaction is i can’t do this and they think i’m off my rocker, to hell with them. I see alot of retirees where their stuck in their rentals using up their paychecks before the end of the month because they have been doing this so many years and for them it’s the safest right thing to do and new and different things scare them. What you are doing is actually living life while alot of retirees are only surviving in their home countries. Don’t blame you for retireing at 62.

  25. I think it’s a huge message for many people. Balance in life, and regular reality checks can truly transform our lives and open the world for us. Sometimes I think people forget that being happy is important.

  26. Had it all,big house with rooms I never entered,boat, motorhome,jaguar. Lost it all and gained my life. Best thing that ever happened to me. I should have realized what was important, witnessing the joy in the lives of my Italian immigrant grandparents. They had very little and so much.

  27. Time is our most important and who limited resource……..older we get…maybe a bit wiser ,to Be like Water. I need to clean up my house with all this Stuff! Stuff aint filling. Enjoy the Freedom.

  28. Good stuff Paul…I think back to the Great Recession and I think we were on parallel paths at that time. I was making good money, but I also had big debt, and a crap marriage…in 2010 when we did a short sale on our home, I had maxed 3 credit cards, and cashed in my 401K. Ten years later, my focus is now on what I need to get rid of, so I can be ready to retire to the Philippines in 3 or 4 years. Other than some pictures and some paintings, everything else is just stuff. I now have 5 bags of clothes ready to go to the Salvation Army, and another 5 bags I could fill in a weekend without breaking a sweat…I guess the point I’m trying to make is, I’m actually in a better place now, during a global pandemic, than I was 10 years ago during the Great Recession. No credit card debt, I’m working every day, my car will be paid off in a year…I am so damn ready to get the next phase of my life going! Many thanks to you and Gio and the others who show it can be done…

  29. I am one of your new subscribers. I am currently living in Italy, and I have been miserable (from the job, not Italy). I am 53 years old, and am starting to have health issues, I believe related to stress. I have been making plenty of money, but basically doing what you said, spending most of what I make. I am about to make a change soon that will increase my income, and I am thinking that I might try to retire around 57-58, so I am planning to start saving a lot more. I have been considering moving to Thailand when I retire, mostly because that is what I am familiar with, and I really like the food. One question I wanted to ask you about was the food situation in the Phillipines is like. Do you like the food, are you able to get westernAmerican food when you get cravings? Keep up the good videos!

  30. i could not stand with all of those people that had everything and as soon as they bought a new truck they had to come over to rub it in , I saved my money and they spent, then they all got jealous so my last 10 years at work was hell, but so happy now in Thailand, no mortgage no payments nothing and i love it

  31. Very Wise Words…I call it being a slave to your possessions. Live a minimalist lifestyle, collect nothing and buy only what you need and can use.

  32. I’m a Filipino in his 50’s who has been living in the US for 25 years now. One thing I noticed when I got here was how my relatives who have been here since childhood were so influenced by the ads they see on tv and in magazines in the way they live their lives. As you said, it was an endless pursuit of acquiring material stuff and spending money on “experiences” supported by a high level of debt. It turned me off big time and my wife and I resolved to live our lives in a very grounded way. I agree with what you said 100%. You don’t need to spend a lot of dollars to enjoy life in a big way. Thanks and take care of yourself, Sir.

  33. Once more you gave a great show I agree that the American mind Fu*# is definitely a real thing cant wait to shake it off myself it’s good to hear I’m not alone in the the struggle for a real life so thank you Sir Paul keep keeping it real thank you!!

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