Retired in the Philippines Have I ever been Scammed? Old Dog New Tricks April 18 2020

Retired in the Philippines Have I ever been scammed? Old Dog New Tricks April 18 2020 I explain what happened to me when I first arrived in Dumaguete and a scam that was pulled on me after I was here for almost a year in the Philippines


  1. Hi Paul! The answer to that question for a foreigner is almost always yes. Maybe once or twice, then you normally figure it out and that game stops! I myself was stationed there at Clark AB from 86 to 91, found that to be true.My filipina wife, Annie and I, both enjoy your channel. She’s mentioned to me that she finds you easy to listen to. You make things interesting on a very basic level. I think she called it right on the money! This may be the reason in your sudden success at new viewership. Your very “modest”, in other words you dont have a problem finding the faults in yourself. Genuine and honest very hard to find in today’s world, most trying to outdo the other. Watch out, Baby Mae’s channel might just pass you up, good luck and take care, both of you! Thanks a bunch for the videos. Dave H.

  2. Hi Paul, I’ve heard the same kinda of story’s the guy with the 3 houses thats just plan stupidly and yes he deserves it,but kinda sounded like he didn’t care. The girl that I meet back in 05 was from Davao and she would tell me before I went too the Philippines for things too watch out for,but I guess the biggest was taxi rides from international too domestic flight at MNL,got taken a few times there,cabby just driving around and well I think ya know the rest. But other then that,oh and the on line things kids are sick,have no food and in MNL the street kids kids big NONO in giving them money. Good video Paul. Take care buddy.

  3. Hi Paul. Not good to be scammed. I was scammed by an American , big time ! I wish at the time I knew someone like your friend who clued you in to the scam that was committed against you. Life can be very difficult at times. Good to know God can see us through these difficult times. Chris in Australia <><

  4. Hi Paul. I also learn the the hard way the first time in cebu . Never loan money they never pay back. Now I tell them I am not Santa 🎅Clause. LOL.

  5. Ok Paul, let me tell you something,.. YES, you got lucky. Of course you will get scammed, it’s how most of them are and they are very good at it. Last week I saw a movie of you and you asked yourself a very important question : “will I start a business here in the Philippines” or something like that. I didn’t react on that movie, but now I do…. The best ANS fasted way of being scammed BIG TIME, is to start some form of a business,…. I know because I did. With or without a business, you WILL be scammed and that’s a fact. But with a business,… it will be 100 times worse…..
    Oh and before you ask,…. I am here for 12 years now,… and lost 16 million over the years,…. just for you to know…

  6. Hi Paul. 🦘🦘 You are doing a great job pumping out the videos during the lockdown. I won’t comment on the scams here and now but I intended pointing out that you have now passed the 6,000 viewer milestone. Then you mentioned that you picked up 300 new viewers in 2 days. My guess is that YouTube has started suggesting your videos to more viewers now that you are monetised. That would explain why your “numbers” are improving. By “numbers” I am referring to both the number of subscribers and the number of views for the videos. Cheers from Perth, Western Australia 🇦🇺 🦘🦘PS You should ask Mae to put a link to your channel under her videos so you generate more revenue, which can flow back to her. ✅👍😃

  7. I had a girlfriend before my wife. I was single for about 3 hours 😝. But everywhere I took this new girl, they told her I had another girlfriend. Every single place. Now if I go out without my wife, everyone will report to her what I did, or they saw me. Everyone, store clerk, guy on the street, everyone. They look out for the filipina. Be advised 👍

  8. I got scammed a few times on (Christian ✝️ Filipina ) dating site and I also struck gold a few times. In fact I still have one of the gold nuggets…hehehe

  9. Philippines time means an hour late, Philippines relationship means steady in a day, engaged in a month, married soon after. Slow down is right, chill out a must

  10. YouTube celebrity star Paul 🤓…… 🤓…….. 🤓Hahaha you are so funny and famous for your laughter and humorous words thank you for your comedy as every minute is worth watching hehehe.

  11. Thank you Paul for trying to teach some guys a lesson. I’ve come to learn it’s the guys who are honest and trustworthy, who think that everyone thinks the same way, who get scammed the easiest. Keep sharing your wisdom!

  12. This guy needed to attend Red Pill University. Live for your own ambitions, not women’s ambitions. They are there to hitch a ride in the direction your already going in.

  13. So true ! But can happen anywhere. But your correct my issue was when building a home finding honest contractors . But that’s another time when we meet I’ll tell some stories lol

  14. Good info Paul, forewarned is forearmed. Although I’ve always had a thing for petite Asian women, so I’ll probably get suckered anyway. Just have to limit the dollar amount for any one failure! Lol

  15. Lol that’s my line Paul
    ” I’m an idiot take my money”
    I got scammed in USA for 27 years! Then cleaned out as she left! Just didn’t realize how much I had oppressed her fortunately the court showed me the error of my way and made me pay for my crimes!
    And by the way your not fat lol

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