Retired in the Philippines, Feed Your Head ,Old Dog New Tricks August 21 2020

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Retired in the Philippines, Feed Your Head,Old Dog New Tricks August 21 2020@Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks I discuss how influenced I have been over the last 65 years as a baby boomer

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  1. Garbage in, Garbage out. What you put in (to your mind, spirit) is what will come out. The more I detach from social media, news, politics, ect…. the happier I am. Excellent video Paul 😇😇😇

  2. Paul, I think you lived your working life in the wrong job. I’m a baby boomer myself and I totally agree with you a 100%. And yes I was in the automotive business as well. I’m holding a German Masters Degree and worked as a mechanic at first and then ran my own shop for awhile before immigrating from Germany to Canada. Now I’m at the point, although quite happy where I am, thinking of visiting Asia for at least 6 month and see what else life has to offer before it’s all over. Maybe, and I certainly hope so, maybe one day we get the chance to shake hands. Until then, continue doing what you’re doing and be happy.

  3. Paul love your content today, trying to be connected and be aware of your well being is really smart coz you will start to see the beauty you have around you regardless how simple it maybe…

  4. Amen Paul, I was born in 1960 and agree, stopped watching mainstream TV 20 years ago. My coworkers used to discuss shows they watched the night before. Would tell them I was reconsidering turning my cable on again and the 3 of them all said I shouldn’t and wished they were able to turn theirs off but couldn’t because of their families. Keep on truckin!

  5. So very true. I thing your my brother from a different mother. I watch baby Mae feed the poor and thank God everyday no matter what happens. Thanks man I wish you the best.

  6. Watching and typing. I joined the U.S.N. during Carter: back when you could get a mortgage for 21% interest IF you had great credit. Was barely making it so joined so at least I could eat. The main take away from then for me was never think all will always be well. From 1981 forward I turned into a very conservative man when it comes to money.

  7. There is real news. It comes from channels like yours. Mainstream channels are not. Oblivious is another option, but also sets you up to be a victim of the chaos around you when you have no idea of the game being played upon you.

  8. Hi Paul
    I’m the same age as you I live in Thailand but about as far from the city as you can get today I was in the hills picking bamboo a great day my motorbikes is 30years old
    I never wanted to live the western life again
    Love your YouTube site

  9. HeyPaul. I agree with the simple mind path. I haven’t had true peace since I left the simple life of Thailand. I also hate making car payments, paid my car of early and had to bitch slap myself for looking at new cars every time I get my cars oil changed at the dealership. I am glad you don’t speak of religion and politics for I don’t push my ideas on others and have left many vlogs, including your friend Mark’s, for voicing their opinions on these matters. When I eventually hit the silk and land in the Philippines I want everything simple except air conditioning lol. I will buy a Jeep as my final car because I don’t like riding a scooter in the rain and soaking the twins. I totally agree with staying positive and migrating towards those who are. I have had such a serious life that I also follow comedy. You should try Fluffy, Gabriel Iglesias, as he uses daily living as comedy. As usual your vlog hit dead center on my thoughts and feelings. You are the best brother. God Bless

  10. People fall into 2 basic groups: leaders and followers. Leaders are about 2%. If news bothers you then don’t watch it. Current mood in the U.S. is base tribalism: in the major population centers. In other areas it isn’t so prevalent. People are stressed by the virus and the resultant piss poor economy and they tend to gravitate to what they think they can control. Whatever cause it may be they will join in to “protest” and or riot to gain a sense of control. They are doing something for a perceived change so life is good again,or so they think.Back to the 2% of the population being leaders: if they lead for a good cause life is good. If they lead for chaos then life ain’t so good.

  11. I hear you. I am a baby boomer too. I heard all my life is if I had this thing, I would be happy. I own less things here in the Philippines with my GF and I am happier than I have ever been in my life. Expats on Messenger are always sending me political & conspiracy stuff. I don’t even read them. Hey I am happy & who can say that is wrong.

  12. Re TV you mentioned Paul. I actually decided weeks ago to stop watching TV due to the propaganda and negative influence it has. The best decision I made for a long time. Chris in Australia <><

  13. This is a link for meditation music that I listen to to help me “block” out all the noise around me…maybe itll help Mae…u can listen n let me know what u/she thinks….
    Watch “HEALING AFFIRMATION – Guided Meditation for Health (10 Minute)” on YouTube

  14. You are quite a sage,OD.. It’s a real compliment and an admiration.. your philosophical take on Baby Mae and her morning prayers resonate with me.

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