Retired in the Philippines Expat’s Epic Fails with Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks 1/18

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Retired in the Philippines Expat’s Epic Fails with Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks@Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks I describe some epic fails by expats involving relationships ,owning a business, and owning a home in the Philippines


  1. there is a way around the property laws, you buy the land in her name and then you lease the land for 25years in your name, problem solved :). if she doesnt want to do that, then run a mile

  2. Thanks Paul. love your videos!!Β‘ I’ve been watching them for a long time now I’m retiring soon and moving to the Philippines I’ve been there a couple times and my brother lives there full-time now and you are 100% correct!!! Keep up the good work I’ll keep watching your videos man God bless you!πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

  3. Great video. I have been chatting with a girl I meet online for about 4 months. She has never asked me for money and I made it clear that I will not send her money. She has her own YouTube channel. Cindy Matol TV is here channel.

  4. Many enjoy listening to ya guy, thanks for that ! Have you ever considered sitting outside overlooking the pool area to improve the back round quality of your video ? Or maybe a walking trip around the market by the park in Valencia, if it’s still there ?

  5. I think the U.S. should get rid of the gravy train. That in itself will save the immigration problem. You can move to the Philippines but You’ll never be one of them. There are good people there as everywhere. There are not good people also. I’ve met people from every country in the world and can honestly say people are people no matter where you go.
    Foreigners can move here and get everything because of the built in gravy train.
    Get rid of it. I was born in America but have always called myself a man without country.
    I don’t believe in the system here. Never voted because I don’t believe in voting for crooks. People say vote for the lesser of the 2 evils. No, I refuse to go to that level. And will remain a man without a country. Have always been and always will be a rolling stone who owns a few homes. I’m content and very comfortable with myself. Never believed in marriage and Ε†ever will.
    I hope you’re doing well.

  6. This was very informative. I been to other videos and learned that women continue to have me men build homes because this type of scam works. To alter their behavior you just have to stop and slow down that type of scam and maybe prevent the next guy from being scam. This is a teaching moment.

  7. Filipina Pea just interviewed a guy who sent his whole retirement account to a girl that he never met after 5 years of LDR…. to buy him a house and set him up!

  8. I’m still in the US and staying off Filipina dating sites thanks to advice from expats. I assume I would meet someone but that consumes a lot of time and thoughts. When I have my ticket to go to the Philippines I will look around online. But many I want to wait until I’m there. I also want to check out Vietnam too. I’ve heard a lot of expats say they were going to travel but met a Filipina, fell in love, and travel plans seem to evaporate. Thanks for the “go slow” advice, I hear you.

  9. Hi Paul. I’m a subscriber who really enjoys your insights on so many topics. I think you are smart, knowledgeable and caring. And occasionally funny! Now for the criticism that I hope you will accept in the helpful spirit I intend: Quit saying “I don’t give advice” This video (and others) are full of advice for those of us thinking of going to the Philippines. Watch it objectively if you can. Just because you don’t start a sentence with “Now, I’m going to give you some advice”, doesn’t mean you are not giving people counsel (advice) throughout your excellent videos. Also, I get a little creeped out every time you call your woman “Baby Mae”. Keep up the good work!

  10. Retraining the Philippines is more than likely a futile effort. Expecting them to understand ‘our’ normal with a menu, etc is silly. They clearly can make improvements, but, in my experience getting that kind of attention requires a bit more relationship building with the wait staff.

    I sure miss home.

  11. You need to have baby Mae and her new guy ( when you are gone) toast you with their thanks to you for the the nice house ( and most likely with your wine) you’ve left her. That guy will have landed in a gold mine. πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

  12. wow!! you can’t buy better advice, and from someone in the thick of things!! I’m educating myself. Not doing any LDR. etc. Your videos are like gold and you’re a good dude. I take back those bad things I said about you last week. Hehehe

  13. Even if the law is on your side, nobody cares. This is why contracts in the Philippines don’t matter.
    A contract is only as good as the court that will uphold it.
    Do not invest money in Asia. Not in a business, not in a property or anything else.
    Rent everything and be ready to move somewhere else, if the crap hits the fan.

  14. Don’t do business in the Philippine. Remember life cheep in the Philippine. And that goes for foreigner and locals. So BEWARE who you piss off.

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