Retired in the Philippines Can I Live on $1000 per Month Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks

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Retired in the Philippines Can I Live on $1000 per Month Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks@Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks I try and Budget $1000 to live in Valencia Philippines for an entire month with my Filipina Girlfriend


  1. Paul, great to hear your dad is improving and hopefully u make it back in March to visit him
    I believe you said you get $1500 in SS and that’s your budget, but if you contributed to medicare part B health care, then that’s $140 approx, so that leaves you with a $1350 approx per month, unless you are waving part B medicare health care costs

  2. Hope dad recovers fully. Your 1500 a month is also paying rent. Ours is 2000 a month but our place is free and clear. Excess money goes into savings. Luckily my Social Security and pension I get from the hospital I worked for cover everything. Blessing to both you and Mae from Ermelita and I.

  3. Hey Paul my friend, first of all, I am praying for your father for a speedy recovery. I think that you can live on a 1000 dollars a month. You have to go down to the bare essentials, but I’m quite sure that you and baby Mae can do it. Stay safe and God bless you and baby Mae always my friend.😊 😊 😊 ❀️ ❀️ ❀️

  4. I hope you can make it back to see your dad soon. My father lived to be 98. He was always an outdoorsman and was still asking me when we were going to go hunting at 98 so big thumbs up to your dad for being a great fisherman. On the budget issue, I was talking to someone in Canada who was complaining that he couldn’t afford a house. He drank 2 six-packs of beer a day, smoked two packs of cigarettes a day, and ate junk food to boot—–is it any wonder why he couldn’t afford a house? There are always ways to live within your means if you are willing to adjust your lifestyle.

  5. I’m glad to hear your dad’s doing better Paul. I hope you can get back to see him this spring.
    Mine will be 97 this coming February if he can keep going and I’d love to make a motorcycle trip back from Vancouver to to Southern Ontario to stay with him for a bit this coming summer.

  6. ALL my good wishes and hopes go to your father ..when i heard your father still worked and maintained him self .. i was so happy and proud of him … WE never think of our parents enough …..or thank them enough .i am sure good wishes will flood in from all corners of the planet …

  7. Thats a good name for Mae’s channel, and can cover all of her activities even cooking sometimes. Best wishes to your dad Paul, I wish him a full and speedy as possible recovery. Good luck with your 1k USD challenge.

  8. you can live in a cardboard box beside the railway tracks ,eat dried fish/ rice and white swan once a day and live on $50 a month …or you can live the life your accustomed to for slightly less..i just notice not to many of these bloggers live like …so called kings ?

  9. Thanks for a very learning and entertaining channel. Idea for new episode: Are there any major differences between the expat nationals living in the PH? Americans, Germans, Koreans, British, Russians, Chinese, Scandinavians, Arabs, Japans & all the others… Are they all living the same life in PH, or is it a lot of differences in culture and lifestyle?

  10. Paul, I don’t understand why you have to transfer money over every month. When I go to the Philippines, I just use my ATM card and withdraw money without any ATM fees (I have a Fidelity account). Why can’t you just open a Fidelity account?

  11. Sorry to hear about your dad Paul at least he’s doing well I know how you feel my mom is 94 will be 95 next year I’m one of the last three left out of a family of eight The US is rolling out the vaccine in two weeks your age group gets priority Make sure you get it when you get back here. I suggest that you and baby mae get popcorn coffee and have a pajama party for the next two weeks Netflix and if you want to know what’s going on back here go to Australian news channel on YouTube. I will keep watching Maes channel Philippine hotties with your host baby Mae…lol

  12. Hello Paul and Baby Mae , good to hear your father is doing better , keeping track of living expenses is good , but remember this month is Christmas , so i`m sure all the pretty things you buy Baby Mae , will be kept separate , Just Sayin , Merry Christmas and have a wonderful day

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