Retired in S E Asia on Social Security, Philippines or Thailand? Old Dog New Tricks May 4 2020

Retired in S E Asia Philippines or Thailand? Old Dog New Tricks explores the positive and the negative of both countries for retirement May 4 2020

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  1. I lived in Thailand for 3 months when I was on active duty. My biggest problem there was communicating, not many people spoke English.


  3. First…..Hello Paul and baby mae,im a new subscriber to your channel,i find your channel very positive and very funny also,your very lucky to have found such a beautiful lady,have a question for you paul,could a person survive on €900 euro a month that’s like 50.000 peso right?.thank you for your time…savings included from euro to peso 4m..40yrs old

  4. Really like to put the ear bud in, put the phone down and just listen to the ol dog. I’m torn between the Philippines and Thailand as my home base. I plan to travel extensively but not sure where to call home yet. Thanks so much Paul for your insight. 🍻

  5. I’ve lived in several countries, asia and Latin america – there is a lot to be said to be able to just pick up a paper or look at a sign and be able to read it. It takes a long time to be able to communicate like a native. Over time it wears on you. I agree in the Philippines, even though they like to make ‘white guy” jokes – you feel like you belong. Although I have to say – if you spend more time in Manila there really aren’t a lot of brown outs – things like that. There are some very big malls and places to see – I spent some time in your area but found it to have too many expats – maybe I’m wrong but quite a few expats seem like the cranky old guy in the muppet show 😉

  6. Paul, I love your stories…! The stores in South Carolina are starting to open back up again. I am afraid to go out because I don’t want to get sick. I am 59 years old. I have been cutting my grass and working on the house. I have been doing this for 3 months now. I have a really nice area and my house is the best. Everything I do I take it to the next level. There are lot of states that are opening back up. They still did not open up the beaches. Everyone is really made about that and starting to show up and have signs and fighting with the government. What is happening with you….Are you aloud to go places…..? Are the stricked about traveling around….? Say safe….! Be Good…! Al Sautner

  7. I’ve been in the Philippines for about a year… living in the province on’s a difficult life for the people here… very poor.. not great living conditions… I live on a dirt road that has daily traffic of people using carabao… but I love it here…mainly because of the people..they are friendly and always have a smile for you.

  8. Here are some facts that expats refuse to accept about the PI:
    Here are the murder rates per 100k inhabitants of the Philippines, Thailand, and the United States.
    The murder rate in the PI is 11.1
    In the United States it’s 4.9
    In Thailand it’s 5.1
    These are facts, not opinions

  9. Paul – been subscribed for several weeks. today’s message has been another good talk. my favorite. my last serious girlfriend is Philippine/American “beautiful”. one of the points with the breakup was our spiritual connection.

  10. love Thailand, im going there more times. but i thing im going to go to Vietnam cheaper and i thing it is the same Thailand/Vietnam. do you Paul or subs traveled to Vietnam and if so, is it good?

  11. Hi, I have been watching your videos since beginning. I worked in asia for most of 20 years. I was based in SG for some years and for more than 10 years based from Vietnam, a year in Malaysia.. I worked everywhere, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, India, China, Indonesia, PHP also. I found everywhere had some very interesting things. Many maybe not bad or good but different. My biggest problem in ever case was not the work, it was good communication. Even many times, I had a translator but, just one word could totally change your understanding. So, many, many times simple misunderstanding was the issue. Oh, and also, even when you said wrong, people woulc not correct you out of courtesy, losing face,etc. an issue

  12. Paul, I have been to Thailand many times. Beautiful country with awesome food. They really don’t want expats unless they are rich.

  13. BY FAR the Philippines.
    1. Ease of communication
    2. PHPUSD
    3. Ease of staying long-term
    4. Women are a lot more genuine and sincere

    I’m sure there’s more

  14. Considering the current state of things it should be interesting to see how each country make changes to immigration in order to attract expats.
    Not really excited about TH or PH, but I’ll be paying close attention for future developments

  15. I first went to Thailand to check it out for possible retirement. There were English speaking Thai’s there but I couldn’t understand their accents. Then there was driving on the left side of the road, that turned me off. As soon as I got home I started researching the Philippines, I visited there and that was it for me. There are some inconveniences there but like you it is about the people, Thank you for another informative video…

  16. Most of the Thais I know speak good English…..that doesn’t mean all do but what you say about the Philippines is correct they are nice people easy going and fiendly

  17. Hey there Paul. 🦘🦘🦘 I enjoyed the video and thought your explanations were very sound. Thailand does become more enjoyable for those who make the effort to learn at least some of the language. It’s great to see the surge in your subscriber numbers. Cheers from Perth, Western Australia 🇦🇺 ✅🇦🇺🦘👍

  18. I’ve lived in Thailand for a year now. I was going to return to the USA last month, because the recent changes to immigration made staying here unaffordable, but the CV made me stay put for a few months longer. I live in far southern Thailand. I love it, but I’m going to check out the Philippines next year.

  19. Hello.. I was inspired to watch your videos about my country.. I am from Colorado USA.. and made me to liking to watch all your videos and learning a lot from my country… I was in USA for 20 years and have a friend from Thailand and yes they hardly can speak English and it’s true they are friendly but after a month’s or so..they were so different as their culture perspective.. the Philippines was more on speaking English whenever you go and rich in good culture versus Thailand.. With all your videos I’m learning a lot and informative.. I’m impressed about your opinions and knowledge about Philippines. I would say, all your videos were pure and true saying about my county, the Philippines was better place to retire.. Thank you so much for all your videos and love to watch it.. I feel proud and blessed to have a person like you that stay and love my country.. Philippines.. Mabuhay!

  20. Thanks for the great info Paul..I’ve also experienced both countries too and it’s definitely the Philippines for me..because I will say that only thing BETTER than the Philippines as a country are its magnificent people..and it’s the people that make the place more enjoyable..Thailand was similar..apart from the language barrier..going back 2 decades ago..but sadly the country has gone through a number of changes that are unfortunately not so foreigner farang friendly..

  21. Thailand changed me too. I never lived in or close to a red light zone and had no interest in that or the bars. But I thought the land, low mountain terrain, beaches, sea, were beautiful. The weather was great because I lived in the the province and not Bangkok. The food was incredible. And, most of all Buddha and the nature of the people. They were much more peaceful than Americans. Mai Pen Rai and the land of smiles.
    The downside was minimal, but for me it was my paradise.
    My first trip to the Philippines in 2006, I was disappointed. But in all honesty that was my fault because I was trying to compare it to Thailand in 2003 when I first went to Thailand.
    The lifestyle was much rougher in the Philippines including and especially in the city and that is true even more so for the resident people. And this all reflected back on me and my observations. In the Philippines the smiles were gone.
    In 2013 I decided to give the Philippines another chance. This time I spent more time in the Philippines and more time trying to understand the people and the history and why the Philippines was the way that it was. The more that I understood the Philippines and the people, the more I started appreciating their friendliness in relationship to their history that they have experienced. And I developed a deep respect for the Philippine people for how friendly they are and also how tough they are. So both Thailand and Philippines changed me in a way that I’m very grateful for.
    But in the meantime thru the years, Thailand has changed including the people in a more negative direction. They have lost more of their culture and have become more westerized. And, the country is run by the military.
    The Philippines has become much better so in summary if I had to make a choice without a doubt it would be the Philippines.
    And if I settled down with a Philippine woman, she would have to learn how to cook Thai.
    I do feel sorry for Thailand. I do not see it ever going back to the days of the Old King.
    This is a huge loss for Thailand but it’s just another culture lost to progress and western influence.

  22. Disclaimer, I love visiting the Philippines! With that said it’s nothing like America! I stay in the province on Cebu power outages, water on for few hours a day, credit cards pretty much useless, Traffic! If you never seen a bus passing a bus on a curve with two motorcycles passing the passing bus or 8 people on a motorcycle just wait you will lol) Tools and supplies hard to find ( usually working in nipas, pig pens, cr’s, dirty kitchens) customer service lol not! Philippines time ( when they say they will deliver tomorrow that may be a week?)
    And the seasons are HOT, HOT and wet and very HOT lol
    It’s both humbling and irritating
    But the people amaze me!
    So before anyone decides to sell everything and move there i would really suggest a few lengthy visits patients and a real good sense of humor!! It’s not for everyone!!
    Good video Paul!!

  23. Congrats for your belated intro of Jesus
    Christ as part of your vogging.. Your alone doing this… too bad others don’t understand what peace really is.. Take care and keep them coming..

  24. good video… did you ever thought about quitting smoking?? i pray that one day you will, you seem that you are a person full of life why not extended it a much as possible and in the same time make a difference in peoples life………

  25. Good video. I like how you don’t sugar coat things. I am happily retired 6 years now in Thailand. I don’t want to leave. You are right about the visa issues however. I would consider the PI as my plan B if it gets too hard here. It seems that the government doesn’t want/appreciate expats here. They want Chinese tourists etc. Short term thinking IMHO. Anyway, keep up the good work.

  26. Great insights as usual, Paul. I respect you for your appreciation for things that truly matter. Thailand may have the advantage on the material side of the ledger but you articulated well why you still chose the Philippines and it’s because of the heart of its people. In my humble opinion, this is the big reason why your channel is growing. Take care and stay safe.

  27. Born Again………………….interesting…………….I was an alcoholic until age 40 and accepted Christ in 1990 at 40……….searched for a good Church until I found a fundamental King James 1611 Baptist church and studied the Bible intensely,,,,,,got into Alter Call work and was a counselor at one of Billy Graham/s last Crusades……….after a heart bypass in 2008 an d never yet being married I found a Filipina dating site during my recouperation from the heart thing………………and fell in love with a Filipina online………………..after 3 trips to PH (including Duma)…………I altered my faith to include the possibility of loving a young Filipina……………….my last gf from 2015 I still communicate with daily…….I still consider my options with the addition of health issues which limit my ability to live overseas for any extended time…………………

  28. Your 100% correct about thailand, that’s why i live in the philippines. Nothing beats thai food, plus the infrastructure is much better, oh and nicer rentals.

  29. Great video, I agree with much of it after 2 years in Thailand. Can you do a video on internet quality/reliability and telecommuting? A video for those of us that are younger and have to work and need reliable internet to retain a job. Is Duma/Valencia an option for this. I see guys that work when they can, but if you had to work 3/4 assigned shifts a week with battery backup and phone internet backup do you think the internet is reliable enough to work a “real/regular” job? If you have the best quality fiber and telephone data do you think Dumaguate is an option or do you think best to be somewhere more developed like Thailand? Most guys I see working don’t have assigned shifts they have to work. I think an interview with a young telecommuter discussing the pitfalls would make a great video.

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