Retired and Moving to the Philippines, What Would I do Different? Old Dog New Tricks April 20 2020

Retired and Moving to the Philippines What Would I do Different? Old Dog New Tricks Sorry Video Cut Off at the End April 20 2020


  1. Just a thought, if you have Amazon AND have taken out PRIME, they have a number of TV shows and movies. Check it out.
    Stay safe my friend,
    God Bless

  2. Nice video….my sitution was…..when I visited my …friend…she and familiy tagged me…you’re it! I got out of Dodge next early morning…..gota feel comfortable. I DO see the charm and adventure there but was not for me…at least in 2006.

  3. Thanks Paul. Retirement to the Philippines is something that I, at 65 and nearing the end of my working years, am considering.

  4. Yep if your anything over USA large, or have a shoe size over 10 or wide width better bring your own! Sun glasses there SUCK!! Hats a must if your opow the sun is vicious, and in the Provence credit cards are useless!

  5. I have my ss and income deposited into my Charles Schwab Account. You can use the atm card anywhere in the world,all atm fees are reimbursed. It cost me nothing to get my money here in Thailand. Might be an option for you or others. As far as clothing, better quality and size selection in the USA.

  6. Old dog you’re the first person out of many videos I’ve watched that says bring a lot of clothes. Not one time have I heard anybody say that. They say bring in as few as possible

  7. Coffee, Hand tools hammer, screwdrivers, pliers ECT they can be hard to find! cordless tools (220 electric there)!! Metric tools,
    Learn metric 50 kilo sack of rice is NOT 50 lbs! Good thing to know before you volunteer to carry a sack up the mountain when it’s 100Β° lol so I hear!

  8. Hey Paul. It’s great that your subscriber numbers are growing so rapidly. πŸ‘πŸ‘. I know that you attributed the growth to people being stuck at home and therefore having more time to devote to YouTube. There can of course be multiple reasons for the growth but my own guess is that the biggest growth factor is the recent monetisation of your channel. πŸ’°πŸ’΄ YouTube apparently is more active in promoting those channels that are monetised because that is how YouTube generates income for itself. Whatever the reason(s), I am very happy for you and Mae. Cheers from Perth, Western Australia πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί 🦘🦘

  9. I did pretty much all you had in the do over, but for banking you can setup a transfer account that will post immediately. The only catch is you have to do the first transaction from while in home country. In my case the states. Then from that point on simple fund transfer with no fees. Meds.. make sure you have at least a years worth of meds because yours may not be available here. If they are here, don’t bring much cheaper here by magnitudes. You nailed it on the clothes, the secret I found is just asked where larger Filipino’s shop, we found my sizes but it did take a while to finally find a source. Underwear is a nightmare, finding something in my size was impossible. Shipping stuff over in Balikbyan boxes is expensive but you can load the box up to 100 pounds with the service I use, and forget USPS, UPS or FedEx. Rates are insane. Mail was simple, I use a mail forwarding service, BUT is costs. Using the Ex is not a go for me… LOL… What I would do over in my case? Not much accept for underwear and clothes that breathe.

  10. I’ve study this this for yrs now Paul. In my opinion u did a really great job. Thanks for the help. One thing I’ve never heard about was the pen number for ssi. Again thanks.

  11. I’ve bought my glasses from Zenni online for years. Very inexpensive. I bought progressive bifocals for like 85 bucks. What kind of fabric if not cotton? I just called Shwaub and will set that up in a couple of weeks. I have a VPN already so I’ll be able to use American Netflix. Mail will go to my sister here or more likely to daughter dear in California. Stellar information, sir!

  12. Do you have a lot of crime.The expats never talk about the crime.The videos I watch show residence with high fence around the property and bars on the windows.The malls have security officers at the entrance and walking the mall.

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